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My Name is Akhilesh Kumar .You have collect the charge of 79.00 from my A/c. 1 28-Jun-2015 20:16 BST
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Kindle for Mac download 10 28-Jun-2015 15:59 BST
Bottom quarter of Kindle screen is blank and frozen 1 28-Jun-2015 15:54 BST
kindle unlimited 1 28-Jun-2015 14:31 BST
Kindle says it is unable to connect but there is the wifi symbol at the top 1 28-Jun-2015 13:48 BST
How do I reset the date and time on my kindle 2 28-Jun-2015 13:47 BST
battery life 6 28-Jun-2015 13:15 BST
screen has gone black, wont restart when screen is touched keep getting voice messages like 'time and date' 1 28-Jun-2015 12:09 BST
Kindle Fire keeps restarting now won't turn on 1 28-Jun-2015 11:43 BST
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can't access books 1 28-Jun-2015 09:58 BST
Kindle paperwhite 2 28-Jun-2015 09:57 BST
my account 2 28-Jun-2015 09:55 BST
Share books from kindle paper white to kindle fire 2 28-Jun-2015 09:07 BST
BBC iPlayer downloads will still not play on Kindle Fire HDX 5 28-Jun-2015 07:13 BST
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kindle fire hd charges but stays on 0 % 2 27-Jun-2015 22:12 BST
Change from amazon.CO.UK to amazon.COM 7 27-Jun-2015 22:01 BST