Deliveries to Forces Post Office (BFPO or AFPO) Addresses

If you want to order for delivery to a BFPO address there's a specific format for entering the address.

Did you mean VAT refunds for orders sent to BFPO and FCO addresses?

BFPO Addresses

AFPO Addresses

How to enter BFPO Addresses

BFPO addresses must be entered into the fields in our online order form in a specific format, as shown below, ensuring that the BFPO number is entered into the postcode field:

Full name: Service Number, Rank, Name

Address line 1: Company

Address line 2: leave field blank

Town/City: Regiment

County: leave field blank

Postcode: BFPO ### (eg: BFPO 123)

Country: United Kingdom

Phone number: enter a contact number, either your own or the recipient's We ask for a contact number in case there's a problem with delivery. If you don't want to enter one, type "N/A" in the relevant box. This will allow you to proceed.

Note: When entering a BFPO address, if you've followed the guidelines above you may see messages under the "Town/City" and "Postcode" boxes asking for valid entries or that the entry in the "County" box is invalid. Please disregard these messages and click on the Dispatch to this address button. Please note: BFPO addresses are eligible for FREE Super Saver Delivery. See Terms & Conditions.

Prohibited Items

The BFPO website contains a list of goods which can't be dispatched to BFPO addresses: Prohibited Items.

Amazon delivery restrictions to BFPO addresses:

  • Items that cost £200 or more
  • Items that are heavier than 11kg
  • Items that have package size larger than 61 x 46 x 46 cm
  • Items that have a girth of 139cm or more

If you receive an error message during checkout, it means the item can't be dispatched to a BFPO address.


Customers who get items delivered to an International BFPO address can get their VAT refunded.

Customers who get items delivered to a UK BFPO address can't get their VAT refunded. Your VAT refund request must be received within three months of the order being dispatched.

AFPO Addresses

Using the APO/FPO mail system we can only deliver within the US, not to forces outside the US.

If the item you want to purchase is offered by our American store,, you can order the item there and pay a local dispatch rate to have your item sent through the APO/FPO system. However, if you can't purchase the item from, you can buy the item from and ask for it to be delivered internationally to your APO/FPO address in the US. This would involve dispatching your order from the UK to the US, and you'll incur an international dispatch charge. See International Delivery Rates.

BFPO addresses must be entered into the fields in our online order form in a specific format...