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What Is An HTML E-mail?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a universally recognised Web-programming language which is used to format text, graphics, sound and video.

It enables the production of Web pages on the Internet and can also be used to create e-mails.

HTML e-mails look similar to Web pages--they allow the use of graphics within mailings and include many of the things that our subscribers have asked for: pictures, colour and links.

Generally, an HTML e-mail takes a little longer to download than a plain-text message. We know that some of our subscribers are concerned about this so our HTML e-mails have been designed to keep download time to a minimum.

If you've ever received an e-mail that included pictures or graphics then your e-mail program probably accepts HTML. Some people use older programs that can only read plain-text messages. If you use a text-based e-mail client, you should subscribe to the text-only versions of our e-mails.

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