VAT Rates

The table below reflects the VAT rates charged by Amazon on physical goods dispatched to EU destinations as well as digital content supplied to EU-based customers. VAT rates are charged in accordance with the local legislation of each country.

VAT rates applied to delivery charges will vary depending on the content of orders for all the below countries except Bulgaria where it's levied at 20% for all products and services.

Note: For customers based in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, a VAT rate of 8% will be charged by Amazon for digital products and services ordered.

Note: The standard VAT rate for Kindle eBooks in Luxembourg increased from 3% to 17% on 1 May, 2015.

Country Reduced VAT Rate Standard VAT Rate
Austria 10% (Books) 20%
Belgium 6% (Books) 21%
Bulgaria n/a 20%
Croatia 5% (Books) 25%
Cyprus 5% (Books, Children's Car Seats) 19%
Czech Republic

15% (Children's Car Seats)

10% (Books)

Denmark n/a 25%
Estonia 9% (Books) 20%
Finland 10% (Books) 24%
France & Monaco 5.5% (Books, Kindle eBooks, medical items, certain groceries) 20%
Germany 7% (Books) 19%
Great Britain & Northern Ireland

5% (Children's Car Seats)

0% (Books, Children's Apparel, Protective Boots and Helmets, certain groceries) - click here for more information

Greece 6% (Books) 23%
Hungary 5% (Books) 27%
Republic of Ireland

13.5% (Children's Car Seats)

0% (Books, Children's Apparel, certain groceries, pharmaceutical products)

Italy 4% (Books, digital audiobooks, most Kindle eBooks and periodicals) 22%
Latvia 12% (Books) 21%
Lithuania 9% (Books) 21%
Luxembourg 3% (Books, Children's Apparel) 17%
Malta 5% (Books) 18%
Netherlands 6% (Books) 21%

8% (Children's Car Seats)

5% (Books)

Portugal 6% (Books, Children's Car Seats) 23%
Romania 9% (Books) 24%
Slovakia 10% (Books) 20%
Slovenia 9.5% (Books) 22%
Spain 4% (Books) 21%
Sweden 6% (Books) 25%

For more information about the VAT rates on digital products and services sold by Amazon, please see our About VAT on Digital Products and Services sold by Amazon help page.

For more information about items that qualify for a UK VAT rate of 0% please see the Items Eligible for 0% VAT Rate help page.

The table below shows the VAT rates charged by on goods dispatched to European Union (EU) destinations. The VAT rate is displayed as N/A (not applicable) for countries to which does not dispatch that particular type of product.

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