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Listing Your Item & Managing Inventory

Amazon Marketplace enables you to list an item for sale on the page on which displays it new. Listing is free--you only pay a fee if you sell.

On each product page, you'll find a blue box called More Buying Choices on the right-hand side of the page. Click on the Sell Yours Here button to get started selling right away.

Alternatively, click here and search for the item you'd like to sell by entering its UPC, ISBN or ASIN identifier in the Search Our Shops box.

Search for the item you want to sell at When you've found an exact match, click the yellow Sell Yours Here button on that page.

  • Describe the condition of your item, specify how many you have to sell, set your price and register to receive payment from the buyer via Marketplace. (All we'll need are a few details from you to ensure all your future transactions go as smoothly as possible.)
  • You can set absolutely any price, but to maximise your chances of selling, we recommend that items should be priced below's price for the same item, unless they are collectable or rare.
  • Select shipping method. You can choose to dispatch orders to buyers yourself or, if you are a Pro Merchant, use Amazon's fulfilment services to do dispatch for you (Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) fees will apply).
  • Lots to sell? Learn about our Pro-merchant Services, including listings tools.

All Amazon Marketplace sellers must be registered for Marketplace--the only accepted payment method for this platform.

Please note: The maximum item price for a Marketplace listing is GBP 2,000.
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Seller Support

Please use the e-mail address associated with your Seller account.