About Migrating Your LOVEFiLM Account to Amazon

LOVEFiLM Instant is now Prime Instant Video and LOVEFiLM By Post is now an Amazon Company.

Frequently asked questions about your former LOVEFiLM subscription

Is it possible to reactivate my former LOVEFiLM.com subscription?

It is no longer possible to reactivate your former LOVEFiLM.com subscription. If you already have an Amazon account you can create a new subscription straight away by visiting either Prime Instant Video or LOVEFiLM By Post. If you do not have an existing Amazon account you will be prompted to create one.

I still have LOVEFiLM discs at home, what do I do?

Please send the discs to the following address using a LOVEFiLM return envelope or a normal envelope:



PO Box 1315



Do I need to close my LOVEFiLM.com subscription?

No you don't need to do anything. If you have not already moved to an Amazon subscription, your LOVEFiLM subscription will have been automatically closed.

I have already moved my LOVEFiLM subscription to Amazon. Am I affected by this?

No, you will be able to log in as normal on Prime Instant Video or LOVEFiLM By Post using your Amazon login.

Click here to sign up for Prime Instant Video or LOVEFiLM By Post or contact customer service.

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