Set Up Your Amazon Instant Video PIN

To purchase videos from a compatible Internet-connected TV or device, or to bypass Parental Controls, you need to set up your Amazon Instant Video PIN.

To purchase videos from the Amazon Instant Video store, you must have an Amazon account with a valid 1-Click Payment Method. For information, go to About 1-Click Ordering.

To create or change your Amazon Instant Video PIN:
  1. Go to Amazon Instant Video Settings and DevicesAmazon Instant Video Settings and Devices ( full site)Amazon Instant Video Settings and Devices (
  2. Under Amazon Instant Video PIN, in the Parental Controls section, type a 4-digit number to set up your PIN, or click Reset your PIN to change your current PIN.

    Note: Your Amazon Instant Video PIN is not the same as the 5-digit registration code used to register the Amazon Instant Video app.

  3. Click Save.

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