Pay with a Promotion or Gift Card

You can redeem a promotion or gift card from any Amazon Instant Video detail page.

When you redeem an Amazon Gift Card or promotional certificate to your account, any available balance is applied to your digital order(s) before your 1-Click payment method is charged.

To redeem a promotional credit or gift card:

  1. Click the Redeem a gift card or promotion code link underneath the purchase button on any Amazon Instant Video detail page.
  2. In the pop-up window that opens, type your claim code into the Enter a New Code box.
  3. Click Submit.

The balance is then available in your account and automatically applied to your next eligible order. Even if you're using a gift card or promotional balance, you need a valid billing address specified on your account to purchase Amazon Instant Video titles. For more information, go to Purchase an Amazon Instant Video Title.

Note: Some or all of your promotional balance may be restricted to particular stores within Amazon, and may not be available to use toward Amazon Instant Video purchases. You can view details about your gift card and digital promotional balances under "Your Balances" in the Redeem a gift card or promotion code pop-up window. Your payment details are also reflected in your order confirmation e-mail and Your Digital OrdersYour Digital Orders ( full site)Your Orders.

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