About Amazon Instant Video

With Amazon Instant Video, you can instantly watch digital movies and TV shows on your compatible TV or streaming device.

Amazon Instant Video Amazon Instant Video (Amazon.co.uk full site) offers thousands of movies and TV shows for rental or purchase. For more information about Prime Instant Video, go to About Prime Instant Video.

You can watch Amazon Instant Video titles from your computer's web browser or an Internet-connected streaming device, including Fire Tablets, iOS, and hundreds of TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, and game consoles.To view a full list of supported devices, or to see if your device is compatible, go to Amazon Instant Video Compatible DevicesAmazon Instant Video Compatible Devices (Amazon.co.uk full site).

Amazon Instant Video titles are also available for download on select devices, so you can watch when you're not connected to the Internet. For more information, go to Downloading Videos.

All Amazon Instant Video purchases, streams, and downloads must be completed within the UK by customers with a UK credit card and a UK billing address.

Note: To purchase Amazon Instant Video titles, you must have an Amazon account with a valid 1-Click payment method. You don't have to enable 1-Click for all of your Amazon purchases, but you must have a valid 1-Click payment method to place an Amazon Instant Video order. For more information, go to Purchase an Amazon Instant Video Title.

To get started, go to About Accessing Amazon Instant Video & Registering Your Device.