Installation Issues

If you're experiencing issues installing or running your game or software purchase, here are some common solutions that may help.

Check the system requirements for the game or software

Make sure that your computer meets the necessary system requirements for the game or software. To find this information, go to Your Games & Software Library, and click the title of the game or software item to return to its detail page.

Note: You may need to complete the installation process via the game or software publisher's external site or client. The system requirements for an item may also indicate that you need a separate account to activate or install your purchase.

Uninstall and reinstall your game or software

If you were able to install your game or software, but are experiencing performance or gameplay issues, try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

To uninstall:

  • On a Windows PC: Launch Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features. Find the game or software item from your list of installed programs, right-click, and then select Uninstall.
  • On a Mac: From Finder, use Search to find your installed game or software, right-click, and then select Move to Trash. To completely remove the item from your computer, empty your Trash. This also removes any other files, folders, or programs in your Trash bin.

To reinstall:

Go to Your Games & Software Library to download and reinstall your game or software. For detailed instructions, go to Download and Install Your Game or Software Order .

Tip: If you're using a PC running Windows, you may want to try re-installing your game or software in Compatibility Mode. Once the download completes from Your Games & Software Library, click View Folder instead of Install. Right-click the setup file, select Properties and then open the Compatibility tab. Check the box next to Run this program in compatibility mode for, and then select the previous version of Windows (for example, Windows XP SP3).

Temporarily modify your computer settings

If you're still experiencing performance issues, your computer's system settings or drivers may need to be updated. Your computer manufacturer will be in the best position to help with this, so you'll need to contact them for further assistance.

Tip: Some digital games require the latest version of DirectX to support gameplay. You can go to Microsoft Support to download or update DirectX.

Contact the game or software publisher

If the steps above don't resolve the issue, you may need to contact the game or software publisher directly for additional help.