Purchase & Install an App

You can instantly download games and mobile apps from the Amazon Appstore to your Kindle Fire, Android, or BlackBerry OS v10.3 devices.

Customers in the U.K. can order free apps without a payment method, as long as they have a valid U.K. billing address in their default 1-Click settings. To set up your 1-Click payment method, go to About 1-Click Ordering.

To purchase and install an app:

  1. Launch the Appstore on Amazon.co.uk, or from your compatible Android or BlackBerry device.
  2. Browse or search for apps, and then open the detail page of an app you'd like to purchase.
  3. Select Buy Now or Get Now.

To access the purchased app:

  1. Launch either the Amazon Appstore or the Amazon app on your Android or BlackBerry device.
    • For the Amazon Appstore app: Open the menu, and then tap My Apps.
    • For the Amazon app for Android: Open the menu, expand the Apps & Games submenu, and then tap Your Apps.
  2. Your apps appear under the Cloud tab.

  • If your app isn't listed, tap Refresh to refresh your list. If you haven't received an order confirmation e-mail for your app purchase, try checking your order history and update your payment method if necessary.
  • Some apps require up to four times their listed file size in free space to install successfully. If you encounter an error, clearing some space on your device before trying to install the application again.

Trouble accessing or installing your purchased app? This video can help guide you through some common solutions:


  • At this time, the Amazon Appstore app and its associated content are available in nearly 200 countries and territories. For more information, go to Countries & Territories Eligible to Shop for Apps.
  • For information about purchasing apps on Kindle Fire, go to the Appstore, and then select your device.