Promotional Code Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotional claim codes can only be redeemed on and towards purchases made from the seller(s) specified in the Offer.
  2. The promotional claim code can't be used to pay for Gift Certificates.
  3. The promotional claim code has no cash redemption value and isn't transferable or assignable.
  4. If the order exceeds the amount of the promotional claim code, the balance must be paid by credit or debit card.
  5. Please use our Shopping Basket rather than our 1-Click ordering method when paying for an order with a promotional claim code.
  6. Promotional claim codes expire according to the specific terms and conditions of the applicable offer or promotion.
  7. If a promotional claim code is specific to a particular item it can only be redeemed against that particular item.
  8. Normal terms and conditions of use and sale apply to the use of our website.
  9. Please note that some products available for sale on the website may not be purchased by persons under a specified age.
  10. A single promotional claim code can be combined with Gift Certificates.
  11. If you've applied more than one promotional claim code to your order, we'll automatically use the first claim code you have entered.
  12. If a promotional claim code has been entered but the order hasn't been completed, the code doesn't need to be re-entered when completing another order that qualifies for the same promotional claim code.
  13. Unlike Gift Certificates you won't be able to view any unused promotional claim codes.
Read this information about Promotional codes.