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Navigate Using the 5-Way Controller

Use the 5-way controller to navigate Kindle menus.

Image of 5-way controller

Navigate the Home Screen

Manage and organise your Kindle books, newspapers, and magazines from the Home screen.

  • Go to the Home screen - Press the Home button.
  • Open a book - Move the 5-way controller to underline the title you want to read, and then press the 5-way controller to open it.
    Tip: To show titles not downloaded to your Kindle, press the Menu button, and then select View Archived Items. Make sure that you are connected wirelessly, and then use the 5-way controller to select a title and download it to your device.
  • Remove a book - Move the 5-way controller to underline the title, press the Left Arrow on the 5-way controller, and then select remove from device. The title is removed from your device and added to Archived Items to download again.
  • Sort books, magazines, and newspapers - Press the Up Arrow key on the 5-way controller until the current sort option is underlined (Most Recent First, Title, Author, or Collections), and then press the Right Arrow key on the 5-way controller to change sort options.
  • Search for a book, magazine, or newspaper - Press the Keyboard button, and then enter your search term using the onscreen keyboard.
    Use the 5-way controller to narrow your search results (for example, you can search for an item in your book, or widen it to Wikipedia).
  • Turn pages - Press the Next Page and Previous Page buttons.