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After you connect to a wireless network, you can buy and download books, magazines and newspapers from the Kindle Store and download them directly to your Kindle Fire.

Make sure your Kindle Fire HD 7" is connected wirelessly. If you are not sure, go to Check the Status of Your Wireless Connection.

  1. To visit the Kindle Store, tap Books or Newsstand, and then tap Store.
  2. When you are ready to purchase a title:
    • Tap the Buy button to purchase a book or single newspaper or magazine issue.
    • Tap the Subscribe button to subscribe to a newspaper or magazine.
    Tip: Tap Try a Sample to download the beginning of the book for free. At the end of the sample, tap Buy for... to purchase the book. When you purchase a book from a sample, the book begins at the last page you were on.
    After you purchase a book, magazine, or newspaper, it automatically downloads to your Kindle Fire. The content is also stored in Your Content Library so you can download it to other Kindle devices or Kindle reading apps registered to the same account.
  3. Tap the Home icon to view and open your new Kindle content.

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