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Cancel Items or Orders

You can cancel items or orders by visiting the Order section in Your Account.

To cancel an item or an entire order:
  1. Go to Your Orders.
  2. Click Cancel Items.


    • If the order is sold by a Marketplace Seller, you'll only have 30 minutes to make any changes.
    • If the order has already entered the dispatch process, this option won't be available. However, you can still cancel for a period of 14 days from receipt of the goods. Visit our Help page for more information.

  3. Select the check box next to each item you wish to remove from the order. If you want to cancel the entire order, select all of the items.
  4. Click Cancel checked items when finished.

After submitting the cancellation, we'll send you a confirmation message to the e-mail address on your account.

You can also confirm that the order was cancelled by visiting Your Account. If you see the order in the Cancelled Orders section, it was successfully cancelled.

If your order was dispatched directly from and can't be modified, you can refuse the parcel or return it using our Online Returns Centre.

If your order dispatched directly from a Seller and can't be modified, please contact the Seller for instructions. For more information on how to contact the Seller, go to Communicating with Marketplace Sellers.