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Return a Gift

The Online Returns Centre allows gift recipients and gift givers to return items fulfilled by, even if the order wasn't marked as a gift when it was purchased. The type of refund or credit you receive depends on how the gift was purchased and how it's returned. If you need to return an item to us please

Important: Gift returns are confidential.

To return a gift:

  1. Go to the Online Returns Centre, and then click Return a gift.
  2. If prompted, log in to your Amazon account. If you don't have an account you'll need to create an account.
  3. Enter the order number for the item you want to return.
    Note: Your 17-digit order number (or "Order ID") is found on the left side of your packing slip. If you don't have the packing slip, you can Contact Us. We'll ask for information to help us locate the order, such as the sender's name, their e-mail address, their phone number, and information about the item you wish to return.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Select the items you want to return from the order, enter the quantity of items you want to return, and then select a return reason from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select your preferred return method.
    Note: If the return is not the result of our error, return costs will be deducted from your refund. If you choose to return via Amazon Locker, you'll be prompted to select a Locker location at this time. For more information about returning an item to an Amazon Locker, go to Amazon Locker Returns.
  7. Click Print all return labels to print the return authorisation and return label.
  8. Put the return authorisation inside your package and attach the label to the outside of it.
  • If you're the gift recipient, Amazon will process your refund as an Gift Card after your return is received. The Gift Card will be sent to the e-mail address associated with the account you use to generate your return from the Online Returns Centre. If you're the gift giver, you'll receive a refund to the original payment method. All refunds are subject to our refund policies outlined in About Refunds.
  • Gift recipients won't be offered an exchange or instant refund option.
  • If you're offered a pre-paid return label, please be aware that each of these labels is assigned to a specific return. To make sure that you receive the correct refund, please don't include items from multiple orders or shipments in the same box.
  • If you return items in which you've saved personal information, such as laptops, cameras or other electronic devices, you must erase this information completely before sending the product back to us.
If you've received a gift that was bought from and you want to return it to us, here's how.