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Sell on amazon

Individual Seller

  • For individual sellers who want to sell occasionally
  • Optional Fulfilment Services
  • £0.75 + per-item seller fees (VAT-exclusive)
  • No monthly commitment, pay only when you sell
1 month subscription free*

PRO Seller

  • For Professional sellers who want to sell their goods
  • Optional Fulfilment Services
  • £25/month subscription (cancel anytime) + per-item seller fees (VAT-exclusive)
  • Create new products
  • Load and track inventory in bulk
  • Eligible for featured seller status
  • Reach millions of shoppers

    Amazon helps customers make quick, easy and worry-free purchases.

  • Let us pick, pack and ship for you

    Take advantage of our optional fulfilment services.

  • No per-item listing fees

    Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

  • Sell in over 20 categories

    From electronics to personal care to toys and wireless.

Available Categories

  • Automotive
  • Home
  • MusicalInstruments
  • Sports
  • Baby
  • HomeImprovement
  • OfficeProducts
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Kitchen
  • PC
  • VideoDVD
  • Electronics
  • Lawn&Garden
  • Shoes
  • Video
  • Health&PersonalCare
  • Music
  • Software
  • VideoGames
  • Apparel *
  • Beauty *
  • Grocery *
  • Jewellery *

* These catagories are not available under the Individual selling program. For the PRO selling program, these categories require approval before selling on Contact us to request approval.

*Terms and conditions for three months of Pro Selling free

  1. The promotion is valid till 11:59PM GMT on 31 January 2013 and open only to sellers who have not previously registered as a ProSeller (Sell a Lot) on the relevant;,, or (the “Amazon Site(s)”).
  2. To qualify for the one month subscription-free promotion the seller must complete registration as a ProSeller on an Amazon Site(s) for which they have not previously registered as a ProSeller (Sell a Lot) by 11.59pm GMT on 31 December 2012. If the seller qualifies for the promotion, Amazon will waive the seller's first month's subscription fee for the ProSeller account on the applicable Amazon Site.
  3. To qualify for the full three months' subscription-free promotion (the above 1 month plus the next 2 months), the seller must ALSO list for live sale the first product offering on the applicable Amazon Site within 14 days of the day that they complete their registration, in which case Amazon will waive the seller's second and third month's subscription fee to the ProSeller account on the applicable Amazon Site. This is not available to sellers who are upgrading.
  4. The seller will remain liable for all referral and transaction fees and other costs. If the seller breaches any term of the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement within three months of registration, the Promotion will be withdrawn and the seller shall be liable for any subscription fees Amazon has waived.
  5. The promotion is not available to new registered sellers who are connected or affiliated to an existing ProSeller on the relevant Amazon site(s)

Seller Support

Please use the e-mail address associated with your Seller account.