Location Based Services

This page contains information about Location Based Services on Kindle Fire devices.

What Location Data Does Amazon Collect?

When you enable location-based services, you provide location data about your Kindle that Amazon and third-party apps and websites can use to provide you location-based services.

If you enable location-based services, we determine the approximate location of your Kindle by collecting information including:

  • For all devices, the networks detected by your Kindle (like Wi-Fi routers, their signal strengths, and the type of security they use).

  • For cellular-enabled devices (like a 4G Kindle), the cellular networks detected by your Kindle (like the signal strengths of cell towers).

  • For devices with a GPS feature, latitude and longitude, altitude, direction and speed of travel, and the accuracy of these readings.

We may also use the information we collect to monitor the performance and accuracy of our location-based services. All location data we collect is subject to the Amazon.co.uk Privacy Notice Amazon.co.uk Privacy Notice (Amazon.co.uk full site) .

You'll see the icon in the upper right corner of your device (near the battery life icon) when an app or website is accessing your location information. A wide range of apps and websites may access your location information, including, for instance, those that provide directions, weather information, or information on local attractions or restaurants. You can tell if an app from the Amazon Appstore has access to location data by checking whether the "permissions" listed on the app's detail page in the Amazon Appstore include access to location information.

Third-party apps and websites may collect, use, and share your location data in different ways depending on the type of location-based services they provide. Any location data and other information collected by a third-party app or website are subject to that app's or website's privacy policy and other terms, not the Amazon.co.uk Privacy Notice. You should carefully review the privacy policies and other terms for third-party apps and websites before using or accessing them on your Kindle to understand how they work and how each app or website provider will use your information (including whether they directly access or use the Wi-Fi, GPS, or other Kindle features to gather information for other purposes).

You can turn off location-based services at any time by going into the Settings menu of your Kindle and disabling the feature. For information about how to disable specific devices, click here. If you disable location-based services, you may not be able to access or use certain apps or features on your Kindle that require those services.