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    Amazon Cloud Drive is your personal hard drive in the cloud where you can store your photos, videos, documents, and more on Amazon's secure servers.

    Amazon Cloud Drive is supported on Internet Explorer version 8 or greater, as well as the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Upgrade to the latest version of your favourite browser to take advantage of the full features of Amazon Cloud Drive.

    Your computer must also have Adobe Flash Player and JavaScript installed and be configured to support both Adobe Flash and Javascript.

    Signing Up for Cloud Drive

    Amazon customers have access to 5 GB of free storage with Amazon Cloud Drive. All you need to do is accept the Cloud Drive Terms of Use to start using your Cloud Drive account. If you don't already have an Amazon account, when you visit the Cloud Drive page you will be directed to the Amazon sign-in page where you can set up your user account.

    Using Cloud Drive Features

    Amazon Cloud Drive is divided into three areas: Files, Lists and Folders.


    The Files area displays details on all your purchased or uploaded files, organised into Folders. To delete, copy, move or rename files, click the check box next to the file name.

    Cloud Drive files

    To open a file, click on the title. If the file can be opened through Amazon Cloud Drive, such as photos, Cloud Drive will automatically open the file for you. Other files will begin downloading immediately and will open in a new browser window, or a pop-up window will prompt with further download instructions.


    The lists feature provides a shortcut to filter access certain files.

    Cloud Drive lists
    • All Files: Provides a view of all the files in your Cloud Drive. By default, this list is sorted to show your most recent files first, but you can sort by any field by clicking on the column header.
    • Deleted Items: This is your Cloud Drive's recycle bin. Any items deleted from your Cloud Drive folders are placed here. You can restore these files to their original folders, move them to another folder, or permanently delete them to free up storage space.


    Folders allow you to organise your files in logical, hierarchical groups. You can navigate your folder structure by clicking on the folders within the Folders pane or by clicking on folders in the Files Pane.

    cloud drive folders

    Folders can be collapsed or expanded by clicking on the + or - icon next to the folder name. You can move or copy your files into these folders and you can create new folders or subfolders as necessary.

    Action Buttons

    The Action Buttons above the Files area indicate actions that can be taken on one or more selected files.

    action buttons

    Actions include deleting, copying, moving, and renaming.

    Using Cloud Drive Internationally

    The 5 GB free Cloud Drive storage plan is available to all UK residents. Some customers residing outside the UK can visit our partner site to set up an account.


    Amazon Cloud Drive uses icons from Silk Icons, a free icon set created by Mark James and made available through a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

    Amazon Cloud Drive is only for individual use and use that complies with our Terms of Use. If you need further help, please contact customer support by clicking on the "Contact Us" button on this page.

    This page will show you how to sign up to Amazon Cloud Drive, what features are included and information about international use of Amazon Cloud Drive.