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Pickup Locations provide you with an alternative delivery location where you can collect your parcels. Pickup locations include Amazon Lockers and Collect+ stores, and are currently available in certain areas of mainland UK.

The Pickup Location Eligibility Help page provides information about the items that can be delivered to an Amazon Locker or Collect+ Store. For pickup locations, you can select First Class delivery or One-Day delivery as delivery options. Depending on the pickup locations availability, we'll display the delivery options that apply to your order. If your preferred delivery option isn't available, you should select a different address for your order.

Once your parcel is delivered to the Pickup location, you'll receive an e-mail notification with a unique pick-up code. If your order has been delivered to an Amazon Locker at the pickup location you'll find a set of lockers, one of which will contain your parcel. You'll enter your pick-up code and the locker with your parcel will open. If your order has been delivered to a Collect+ store you'll need to give your pick-up code and identification to the store keeper who'll retrieve your package for you.

During checkout, you'll see the option to Search for a Pickup Location if all items in your shopping basket are eligible for delivery to one of these locations. To learn more about pickup location eligibility, please click here.

We're adding new Amazon Locker locations every week and will be delivering to additional Collect+ stores across the UK over the coming months. If there are no pickup locations currently available in your area, you'll see a message that says No Pickup Locations were found matching your search criteria when you search for a pickup location, and you'll need to select an alternative address to place your order. Next time you place an order, we recommend you search again to see if we've added a new location in your area.

Pickup Locations provide you with an alternative delivery location to pick up your parcels. Instead of delivering a parcel to your home or business address, you can select a pickup location and collect your parcel at a time that's convenient for you.
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