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Store Settings

The "Store Settings" page allows you to edit information that appears in your Seller Profile. The Branding section allows you to upload a seller logo that will be displayed on your Seller Profile page. Your Info & Policies section includes your "About Me" statement.

Seller Profile Information
Buyers can access your Seller Profile when they click your seller name next to your listings. Your Seller Profile will display your listings, a listing search feature, information about your business, your feedback ratings and comments, policies and links to further information.

Certain information on the Seller Profile page is provided by Amazon. This includes delivery rates, delivery times, A-to-z Guarantee information, and links to Amazon Marketplace policy for buyers and sellers. Buyers are also given a link to the Communication Manager tool, enabling them to contact a seller in advance of making a purchase.

Your Seller Logo

You can go to the Store Settings page to upload a logo that will be displayed on your Seller Profile. Seller logos are not displayed on the offering page.

To upload your seller logo, follow these steps:

  1. On the Settings link select Store Settings.
  2. In the Branding section, click the Add or Edit button to open the image-upload page.
  3. Click the Browse button and select the logo image file from where you've saved it on your computer.
  4. Click the Upload Image button to upload the image file you selected.

Your logo image must have the following characteristics:   

  • Size: 120 pixels (width) x 30 pixels (height)
  • File format: JPEG(.jpg) or GIF(.gif)

Info & Policies

The Info & Policies section on the Store Settings page allows you to provide information to buyers about their business. The information entered in this section is published on your Seller Profile page, which is accessible to buyers through links on product detail pages.

Sellers are not required to enter information in this section. However, you should keep the following guidelines in mind if you choose to enter information in the Info & Policies section.

  • You may provide as much information as you choose in the About Me area.
  • You are not required to provide buyers with a telephone number. The contact forms in our Communication Manager tool allow buyers and sellers to correspond about their transactions.
  • Links and email addresses are not accepted on this page.

Returns and Refunds for Amazon-Fulfilled Orders
If you list products on the website, you will indicate in your customer return and refund policies displayed on the site that the Amazon Retail Policies published at the time of the applicable order apply to such products.

"Amazon Retail Policies" means the return and refund policies published on the site and applicable to products sold via the site by an affiliate of Amazon EU S.à r.l.

Seller Support

Please use the e-mail address associated with your Seller account.