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FBA Textiles

Any product made of cloth or fabric that can be damaged by tearing, dirt, dust or liquid during the fulfilment process must be packaged following these guidelines. Textile products must be packaged so that the item cannot be damaged or cause unsafe conditions by the material being exposed during the fulfilment process.

The items must be wrapped in shrinkwrap or placed in a sealed poly bag. The items must be bagged or wrapped in shrink-wrap with a cardboard footprint as a backing. The cardboard or fibre board backing must have a strength of at least 24 ECT (edge crush test).

Examples of bad packaging where the items are not bagged or the bag is open at one end. Hangers are included and the items are not on a stiff backing.

The poly bags used for textiles must adhere to the same requirements as the poly bags used for plush items. 

Materials that can be damaged by a plastic bag or shrink wrap (such as leather items) should be boxed.

Hangers are NOT allowed.

Items must have a stiff backing or the item itself must be rigid.

Examples of good packaging where the item is in a sealed bag with a stiff backing. Mini-hangers are allowed as shown in the example to the right.

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