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View Transactions

This page in your Payments Report displays a summary of account transactions that have occurred since the last settlement period, up until the most recent report update. The report is updated periodically throughout the day.

A transaction can be an order, a refund, or an Amazon-initiated charge or credit. Recent transactions may not be included in the list displayed on the page. To check for recent orders, use the Manage Your Orders area in your Seller Account.

You can modify the transaction summary view using the filter and search options.

Filter view by: Use this option to choose the type of transactions to display:

  • All transaction types: This is the default.
  • Order Payment
  • Refund
  • Other: This includes service-related fees such as subscription fees, and other Amazon-initiated credits and charges.
  • Chargeback Refund: A buyer initiates a refund through their credit card company.
  • A-to-z Guarantee Refund: For more information see the A-to-z Guarantee Help page.
  • Repayment: The amount paid to Amazon to offset a negative balance at the end of the last settlement period.

Within: Use this option to choose the date range of transactions to display:

  • Statement period: This is the default. It includes all transactions from the settlement period.
  • Past number of days: Choose from pre-set numbers of days.
  • Custom date range: Choose your own date range.

Click Update after choosing new options.

Search for a transaction: Click this option, enter an order number, and press Enter to display transactions for that specific order.

To download order and payment information from the View Transaction page, including listing and line item details not displayed directly on this page, use the Download button. Learn More about Payments Report Downloads.

To view transaction details, click the amount in the Total column on the right side of the page.

Transaction Details

This page displays specific details for one transaction, and lists any related transactions such as refunds related to an order transaction.

Please note: Transaction Details pages display payment and fees information only. To view order details or to create a refund, go to the Manage Orders page by clicking the "view details of this order" link.

Seller Support

Please use the e-mail address associated with your Seller account.