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As a seller residing outside of Germany you need to make sure that you act upon the following rules:
  1. Local laws and rules: You will need to accept our local terms & conditions, such as our local terms of the German Marketplace service as well as our local Seller Guidelines.
    Be aware that in listing an item for sale internationally, you may also have to comply with laws of the destination country, among other things, prohibitions on the sale, distribution or offering for sale of specific items and returns. You are personally responsible to make sure you only sell items that are legally allowed to be sold in a given country. Please also consult your personal legal advisor as Amazon cannot provide any advice on local laws.
  2. Local language skills You will need local language skills to complete registration, understand the Marketplace service terms, Seller Guidelines and messages from our support teams such as Seller Performance. You will also be required to provide local language customer service support for selling successfully.
  3. Differences in shipping or tax policy Details on shipping and tax will be displayed during the registration process. Your listing price must include all applicable tax and you must comply with local VAT, import and export duty obligations. Please also consult your personal tax advisor as Amazon cannot provide any advice on tax matters.
  4. Restrictions on categories that cannot be shipped internationally In some categories international shipping is not allowed, and therefore, you will not be able to register as an international seller.
  5. Permission to operate two accounts on two different platforms. We actively invite sellers to sell on our different platforms. Your accounts on different platforms need to be handled independent of each other and also cannot be held liable in case of performance difficulties on your first account. Please note that you will not be able to use your current account to register, you will need new account credentials.
  6. Local Bank Account You need a local Bank Account to open a seller account. You might want to open a local account through an international banking service like Worldfirst.
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