Kindle Return Policies

Returning Kindle

You can return any Kindle or Kindle accessory you purchased directly from for a full refund within 30 days of the day you received it as long as it is in new condition and in accordance with our return policy. Your Kindle or Kindle accessory is not eligible for return and refund after the 30-day return period has expired.

After the 30 days have passed, you will no longer be entitled to return your Kindle, unless it is defective. See Warranty Service below if you need to return your Kindle for service. This does not affect your consumer rights. For more information please click here.


If you want to return your Kindle for a refund and you purchased your Kindle from a third-party retail store, you must return your Kindle to the retailer where you made the purchase according to the retailer's return policies.

Need help with your Kindle? See Warranty Service below if you need to return your Kindle for service.

To return your Kindle within 30 days of receipt if purchased from

  1. Prepare Kindle for return: Please place your Kindle in the original packaging. You may still return the Kindle if the box has been opened. It is not necessary to include the manual or accessories.
  2. Print a mailing label: Visit the Returns Support CentreReturns Support Centre ( full site) on or contact Kindle Support for assistance with your return. Your Kindle must be returned to using a traceable method. If you pay for return postage, please see About Your Refund below.
  3. Give return package to the carrier: Please wrap the package securely, attach the return label you printed to the package, and follow the instructions provided to arrange a collection with the carrier or bring to your local post office.

About Your Refund

When we have received and processed your return, our returns department will request the appropriate refund to the payment method used for the original order. View completed refunds by visiting the Order Summary in Your Account (

Note about pre-paid mailing labels and shipping cost refunds: Return postage costs are only reimbursed if the return is due to Amazon error. If a pre-paid label is not convenient in your location, indicate the cost of shipping you paid with your return (either on the packing slip inside of the box or written on the return label outside of the box). You may be reimbursed for your shipping costs according to our Returns and Refunds policy.

Returning Kindle Books

Books you purchase from the Kindle Store are eligible for return and refund if we receive your request within 14 days of the date of purchase. Once a refund is issued, you will no longer have access to the book.

To request a refund and return, visit the Manage Your Content and Devices page. Click the Actions tab for the title you'd like to return, and select "Return for refund".

Cancelling Kindle Subscriptions

Subscriptions (magazines, newspapers, and blogs) can be cancelled at any time. You can update, cancel, or reactivate subscriptions in Manage Your Content and Devices

. For more information and instructions, see Change Subscription Settings and choose your device.

Warranty Service

Your Kindle is covered by a One-Year Limited Warranty.

Your Kindle is covered by a One-Year Limited Warranty. If you are a consumer, you will also have consumer rights and this warranty is provided to you in addition to these rights and does not jeopardise your consumer rights in any way. This means that if your Kindle is faulty, you may be entitled to a repair or replacement from the retailer. For more information on your consumer rights for faulty goods, please click here. The use of the Kindle is also subject to the Kindle License Agreement and Terms of Use. If you need service under the warranty or would prefer some personal assistance, please contact us so we can help determine how best to help you. We'll gladly provide assistance or a replacement according to the warranty guidelines or in accordance with your consumer rights.