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Add a Product is a means of listing a new product on that is not currently found there. New products will appear alongside products offered by merchants and by itself. Pages become a permanent part of our catalogue, and you, along with other sellers, can list copies of the product for sale through Marketplace.

Benefits include the following:

  • Customers can find pages through searches within related stores, and --for some stores-- via browse.
  • Buyers can purchase these new products through Marketplace, adding copies to the shopping cart.
  • Products can be added to Wish Lists.

Eligible Stores

Currently, only the following stores are eligible for this service:

  • Electronics & Photo
  • Books
  • Music
  • Video
  • DVD
  • Home & Garden
  • Toys 

Products in our other stores are restricted, and pages cannot be created for them at this time. We do have plans to extend this service to other stores in days to come, and we ask sellers not to list restricted products until the appropriate store is available. Listing restricted products is prohibited, and we will remove product pages found to be in violation; we may also take steps to close a seller's account. As long as the product is not associated with one of our restricted stores, you can go ahead and make a page for your product.

Product Restrictions

Sellers must adhere to rules for the creation of new product detail pages. You can review our content prohibitions and rules under Prohibited content and Listing rules.

Duplicate product pages are not allowed. This includes products listed on our other Amazon websites. When you submit product details, will check to see if a matching page already exists in our catalogues. If it does, that product will not be eligible for new page creation. Sellers should determine whether we already offer a product before attempting to make a new page.

Product Identifiers

We require standard product identifiers for certain stores. For Music, Video, DVD, Electronics, Home & Garden and Toys your product must have an EAN.

Creating a Page

The steps for creating a new product detail page are outlined below.

Please note: The following volume listing tools are available to create new pages: Book Loader, Video Loader, Music Loader

Step1: Searching for a Product

You must first determine whether a product already exists. Duplicate product listings are not allowed. You can reach a product search page by visiting your seller account and clicking on Add a Product to our catalogue. The search form on the next page will let you check for a matching product. If the feature finds a match in our catalogue and if the product you wish to list has variations, click the "Show Variations" button for this item. This will allow you to select the exact version (size, colour etc.) of the product that corresponds to your item. If your search doesn't locate a match, you may continue on to begin creating a new product page.

Step2: Classifying a Product

In this step, you'll choose your product's category, subcategory, and the type of product it is. As with other steps, the page-creation form will prompt you through this process. Choose carefully: it will not be possible to edit these elements of a product after it is fully created.

Please note: If you are having trouble determining which category your item falls in, you may want to use the category search option, which appears above the category list. Simply enter keywords for your product into the search box, and our system will provide a category suggestion.

The rest of the tabs allow you to add general product information and upload images.

Step3: Adding Product Details

In this step, you will enter the product name, manufacturer or publisher, and a description. Required information will vary depending on the product type. If you need help or examples, each field in the form provides a link to such information.

The product detail page description is not the place to add a personalised description about the item you have. If your item has a scratch or lacks a box, for example, this is the wrong place to mention it. You will do that later, when you list your item for sale on Marketplace. Please remember that the product detail page will be used not just by you, but by other sellers.

The description field is limited to 2000 characters. Shorter descriptions of fewer than 500 characters will typically appear online within minutes. Longer descriptions will take 1-2 business days to appear online.

After you submit your product details, we will evaluate your contribution. If you've supplied all of the required information and we determine your product is unique, it will be added to the catalogue at this point. You will then have the opportunity to add an optional image and review your submission.

After your product is submitted, you will receive a success page with a summary of basic details, including your ASIN or ISBN. You may immediately proceed to list your copy in Marketplace. Other sellers offering the same product will also be able to contribute to the product information.

Creation Time Frame

All product detail pages should be created within just a few minutes. However, it may take 1 to 4 days for products to become searchable. Images may take up to 24 hours to appear.

Sell your product

Here you will enter details about your inventory for this product. You will select the product's condition, add condition notes, set your shipping options, and set your price. These pages may look familiar; the listing process for inventory on new product pages and existing product pages is the same.

Editing Product Pages

After you have created a product page, you may need to edit certain information about it or add additional details and images. Sellers can use the 'Edit details' link in Manage Inventory to submit new page contributions.

If you have a listing for a product, start from the View your current inventory link in your Seller Account. Locate your listing and click Edit details.

You can also submit new product information to a page when you create a listing by matching to existing detail page, or when you edit your exiting listings.

The product page you see on may reflect details you provide as well as those of others who contribute to that product's information. Your contributions, as shown in the editing page view within your seller account, may not always appear for buyers.

Contributing Product Information

If you are making your first contribution to an ASIN, the product information page that appears will be empty. Sellers cannot overwrite existing information in the Amazon catalogue directly. Instead, your product information page holds only the content that you submit.
The options for information needed to identify a product as well as recommended and optional product details will vary across product lines. To learn more about preparing product image submissions, see Adding Images.

Note: It is not possible to edit the category or product type associated with a product detail page. These classifications are set in the first step of page creation.


When you add a product, you have the option of adding up to eight images to your page. You can do this when you first create the page, or you can later. You may also contribute images to detail pages of other products you are selling. Images are intended to represent the general characteristics of the product, and not your particular copy. It is not appropriate to use copyrighted images of other individuals or companies for a product detail page.

When formatting your photograph:

  • Images must be free of borders.
  • Images must not have text or typeset.
  • Images must be submitted in .jpg or .tif format only.
  • Products must be recognizable in image and photographed at an angle contributing towards a buying decision.
  • Products must be in focus and well-lit.
  • Detailed images must remain visible in both the highlights and shadows.
  • Items must be outside of any packaging in the main image. Packaging can be shown in secondary images.
  • The entire product must be depicted in the image (no part of the product may be cropped out).
  • Product must occupy 80% to 90% of the image area.
  • Only the product and accessories shipping with the product may be shown.

If possible, your image background should be 100% white. If this is not possible, please make sure the background is simple and clean and does not distract from the product being sold.

Common Format and Content Errors

The following are some of the more common errors our content review team sees when correcting pages:

  1. Listing-specific details. Information specific to your copy of an item should not be included in a catalogue page. Instead, it should be included in your Marketplace listing.
  2. Long titles. Titles should include the product name only, not descriptive details.
  3. All caps or all lower-case. It is not appropriate to use all caps or all lower-case lettering in titles or descriptions. Pages should be visually consistent with the rest of our catalogue.
  4. Multiple detail pages for the same product. You should make only one page per ASIN.
  5. Wrong category. Please work to find the category that most logically represents your product. If your product absolutely does not fit a category, please do not list it now. In the future, a suitable store may be made eligible for detail-page creation.
  6. Prohibited items. If an item is prohibited, we will delete the page. Please review our guidelines for prohibited content.

Amazon Catalogue Information

The Amazon Catalogue view reflects the information most likely to be on the product's page on

Because we have many contributors to our product pages, our system combines all the information provided into the best possible product page. This information may be drawn from multiple contributions from sellers, including In order to determine which title, description, image, and other product information is displayed, an automated business logic takes various factors into account, for example: a seller's sales volume, refund rate, buyer feedback and A-to-z Guarantee claims. This process is regularly repeated and product information updated automatically by the system.

Deleting a Page

Sellers cannot delete product detail pages. These pages are intended to be a permanent feature in our catalogue, available at any point in the future to buyers and to other sellers. If you have an error you're not able to edit, or you believe that a page should be removed, use the Contact Us form. Under Inventory, select "Wrong information on product pages". Your request will be sent to our catalogue support staff for review.

You can, of course, always close your Marketplace listing.

Customer Feedback

As the creator of a product detail page, you are responsible for its initial content. You will not be identified as the page owner on our site, however, and there is no means by which buyers can report errors directly to you. Please ensure that the information you enter is accurate and presentable. All customers will be able to submit updates to

If we update a page for any reason, editing permissions will be reassigned to If this occurs, you will receive an error when trying to make further edits. Please use the Contact Us form (Inventory > Wrong information on product pages) to submit updates if this occurs.

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