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Information About Universal Media Discs (UMDs)

Universal Media Discs (UMDs) can store a broad range of digital content, including games, music and films, and are playable only in the PlayStation Portable console. UMDs are not playable in DVD players.

To find a UMD title, type the title in the search box in the DVD store. Alternatively, type "UMD" in the DVD search box for a more general search of UMD titles. UMDs have the label "[UMD Mini for PSP]" in the title.

  • All UMDs are released in widescreen–comparable to the 16:9 screen ratio
  • Like DVDs, UMDs are region-coded; UMD movies sold by are encoded for UK and Europe and may not work on PSP consoles bought in other countries
  • It's not yet possible to purchase blank UMDs

Technical information

Dimensions: 65 mm x 64 mm x 4.2 mm
Weight: Approx. 10g
Disc Diameter: 60 mm
Maximum Capacity: 1.8GB
Laser wavelength: 660nm (red laser)
Encryption: AES 128bit
UMD Video: Codec MPEG4 AVC, ATRAC3plus Caption PNG
UMD Audio: Codec ATRAC3plus, PCM, (MPEG4 AVC)
UMD Box Dimensions: 178 mm x 105 mm x 15 mm Capacity: Fits 1 UMD cartridge