Sound & Video Samples offers sound and video samples to help you find what you're looking (and listening) for.

  • Music clips are indicated by the musical note icon to the right of individual track listings. To hear clips, click the note or the speaker.
  • To watch a video game or Books clip, click the connection speed link. If there's more than one connection speed and you're not sure which to choose, try 56K.

Real website

Most of our sound and video clips require RealOne Player in order to work. If you use a Windows-based PC (95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP) you can download RealOne Player. Make sure you download the basic free version of the player.

If you use a different operating system, go to the Real website to find the player suitable for your computer.

Answers to questions about installing and using RealOne can be found on the RealOne Customer Support page.

Alternatively, you can download Windows Media Player for free. Answers to questions about installing and using Windows Media Player can be found in the Windows Media Player Support Center.