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About Release Day Delivery

When you place a pre-order for an item offering Release Day Delivery before the applicable cut-off date and select Standard Delivery or One-Day Delivery (available for eligible postcodes only), will dispatch your order prior to the release day, with the intention that it arrives with you on the actual release day.

Release Day Delivery is only available for items displaying the Release Day Delivery offer message on their product description pages. Items that don't display the Release Day Delivery offer message aren't eligible for this service.

Where an item is eligible for Release Day Delivery, it's available to all UK postcodes by Standard Delivery and to eligible postcodes by One-Day Delivery, provided the order is placed by the applicable pre-order cutoff date. See the Terms & Conditions for further details.

Amazon Prime members are eligible for Release Day Delivery at no extra cost, as part of their annual Amazon Prime membership. If you aren't an Amazon Prime member, you'll be charged for Standard Delivery or One-Day Delivery, depending on the delivery option you select.

Release days sometimes change. If you've placed a pre-order for an item for Release Day Delivery and the release day changes, we'll notify you of this change by e-mail. Release Day Delivery will still apply to your pre-order.

Note: Payment for your pre-order is taken when your item is dispatched to you. If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, please ensure that the expiry date of your card is after the release day.

Unfortunately, sometimes unforeseen delays can occur during the dispatch and delivery process which can delay your order. If the release day has passed and your order hasn't arrived, please contact us. Some carriers make deliveries to residential addresses up to 21:00, so please allow sufficient time for the delivery.