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Trade-In Programme Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of the Trade-In Programme.

  • Your participation in the Trade-In programme (the "Programme") is subject to the terms and conditions stated below. This includes's general Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, and all rules and policies for the Programme included on, including rules and policies stated in Help pages.
  • To participate in the Programme, you must (a) be at least 18 years old, (b) send your products only from the United Kingdom and (c) have a billing and physical address located in the United Kingdom. Products sent from outside the United Kingdom will not be accepted or returned.
  • Items you submit for trade-in using the Programme are subject to acceptance by the merchant for the Programme, NorAm Partners Ltd., a third-party company (the "Merchant").
  • You are solely responsible for the dispatch of products to the Merchant and neither Amazon nor the Merchant accept any liability for any products damaged or lost during transit.
  • Items the Merchant accepts will be purchased from you by the Merchant and you will be paid for the items with an gift card issued for the value of your trade-in, at the time of submission, under the gift card terms and conditions for's gift card programme. We will deliver the gift card to you on behalf of the Merchant by depositing it into your account. You will not be entitled to any other payment for items you submit for trade-in using the Programme.
  • You represent and warrant that you have the legal right to sell all items you submit for trade-in using the Programme, that the items are not counterfeit or stolen and that your submission of them complies fully with the Programme requirements.
  • The items you submit must meet the Trade-In Product Eligibility requirements as determined in sole discretion by the Merchant, or such items will be rejected. Rejected items will be subject to the Additional Return Terms and Conditions for Rejected Items described below.
  • Prior to choosing a condition for your item, you must review the condition description presented to you during the trade-in submission process, inspect your item thoroughly and consider it to meet the condition criteria you choose. The Merchant will inspect your item against the same condition criteria.
  • Your choice of a Return Option during the trade-in submission process determines whether, if your item was considered to be in a lower condition than what you specified, you will be (i) paid a lower amount or (ii) receive your item back.
  • A trade-in offer for any title may be created, cease to exist or change over time at the absolute discretion of or the Merchant.
  • You authorise to provide your customer information, including name and delivery address, to the Merchant for use by the Merchant for the purpose of processing your trade-in including, where necessary, returning items to you, in accordance with the Privacy Policy
  • may revise these terms and conditions at any time and/ or may suspend or terminate the Programme at any time.
  • Amazon and the Merchant make every effort to ensure that the posted trade-in values (TIV) are accurate, but occasionally errors may result in the display of an incorrect TIV. If you attempt to trade in an item for which an incorrect TIV has been posted, the Merchant reserves the right to accept or reject the item at its discretion. If your trade-in is rejected due to an incorrect TIV, you will be sent an e-mail notification and the item will be returned to you at no additional cost. You will not receive any payment for the rejected items.