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Does it have MicrosoftWords/Office and Microsoft Exel (XL)
If you download the free Apps PAGES and NUMBERS from iTunes on to your iPad you can create and save documents and spreadsheets respectively. To convert these to Word and Excel, select to send the files as an email attachment and you have the option to convert the files to Word, Excel or PDF format. The files can then be opened on a standard laptop or PC with Microsoft Office (I have Version 2010) to make use of more software features. I treat this as an option to produce the draft files when I do not want to carry a laptop when I have overnight work trips and then tidy the files up when I get home. For me it's a useful option.
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Omnipresent said on 7 May 2014   Report abuse
Thanks! much appreciated.
Maria said on 7 May 2014   Report abuse
I also email Word/Excel files to myself and open them on my iPad and save to the Pages/Numbers App and to read or amend if needed. The iBOOKS App is also brilliant for storing PDF documents to view. I work in education and have lots of reference material related to a number of qualifications - I have now downloaded these docs from the website and no longer need to carry a mass of hard copies each day. The iBOOKS App is free and can be downloaded from iTunes. Also download the free KEYNOTE App to store and deliver presentations!
Omnipresent said on 7 May 2014   Report abuse
Many thanks and much appreciated too, since you have used this tablet may I ask how do you found it, also is there a Simcard Slot. Please reply ASAP. Thanks again.
Maria said on 7 May 2014   Report abuse
The iPad 2 is brilliant for my needs for work and leisure. Yes, there is a sim card slot but I do not use a SIM card. I already had a wifi modem which I used with my laptop which works well with my iPad - see my other answers for more info. And I also take advantage of free wifi in many shops, restaurants and motorway services. I hope this helps.
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