Free Game Download When You Buy a 3DS XL

Free Game Download When You Buy a 3DS XL When you buy any 3DS XL and register your device with Nintendo between now and January 15 inclusive, you can choose from selected titles and receive a code to download your free game. The code is redeemable any time between January 1 and January 31, providing the perfect follow-up present to a Christmas 3DS XL! Learn more about the terms and conditions of this brilliant deal and all the information in this PDF and enjoy the top-quality, big-screen action on one of Nintendo's best handhelds. Please note, the PDF may take some time to download.
Please Note: This offer has now ended. If you have registered with Nintendo before January 15, you will still be able to use your code to redeem your free game up to January 31. Codes will not be valid after this time.