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Potty training is a major milestone in your toddler's life, another step on the road to independence. There are many different products available to help; which ones you choose will depend on your approach to potty training. Here's a quick list of the most commonly-used potty training tools.

• Before you start, it's a good idea to plan your approach. You might want to ask your health visitor for advice, or even check out the many books on the subject. Children's books about potty training can help to introduce your child to the idea of using the toilet before you start.

• There's a huge range of potties available, from minimalist models that match your decor to fun, character-shaped potties. Some experts advise having a potty or two around the place so your toddler can get used to them before you start training in earnest. They come in all shapes and sizes--some with backrests, some with storage for toys and loo roll. If you're potty training a boy, look out for a decent splashguard. Reading customer reviews to find out about the experiences of other parents might help you make your choice.

• Some parents forgo a potty altogether and choose a trainer seat. A trainer seat sits on your toilet, decreasing the size of the opening to make sitting on the toilet less scary for a toddler. You could also move to a trainer seat once your child is largely toilet trained on the potty.

• If you use a trainer seat you'll probably need a step stool to allow your child to get on the toilet then steady themselves as they go. Step stools are useful for getting to the sink and other places your toddler can't reach.

• Potty training continues on holiday and even at the park, so check out travel accessories for potty training.

• Many children wear training pants while potty training. Training pants have similar absorbency to nappies, but can be pulled up and down by your child, helping them to feel more grown-up and in control of the process of potty training.

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