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No More Heroes 2 [Nintendo Wii]
No More Heroes 2 [Nintendo Wii]

5.0 out of 5 stars Great action, hugely pleasurable., 10 Jan. 2015
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Crazy action, visually unique with a well-suited sound. After playing the first game you just can't resist slicing more enemies with your devastating beam katana that gets to be double at some point in this game. No More Heroes 2 has come down to the 'bosses' only and there is no more running around the city wich was fun sometimes but kind of time-wasting in my opinion. You try to get to the top of this brutal secret contest once more while tearing apart other contestans that come to be so irrelevant, mad and fun as always. From robots to astronauts and from superheroes to anime characters you will find each one of them really enjoying with the right amount of difficulty. I can't express how inappropriate my behaviour was towards the tv each time i made the final move on a difficult fight. I would suggest the mild mode since the easy one will surely be a lot less pleasurable. All in all, NoMoreHeroes2 is more than i wanted and a great value for its price.

Price: £5.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars A huge voice is back., 14 Nov. 2012
This review is from: Lotus (Audio CD)
Well, a lot of artists made their comeback the last months after many years of abstention. This is one to remember and totally worth the wait. A woman with a sublime voice, recognized by the most important people in music and not only is returning to express once more that she's beautiful no matter what we say. The album is all about standing on your two feet, punching hard your enemies and getting over your obstacles like a fighter. On the other hand, this record is obviously made to fight its way back to the charts since the last record was commercially a failure. So she used some Max Martin magic for this. This means that we have some dance tracks and club bangers, easily 'swallowed' by the listener that will make you sing along right away. Of course she couldn't do a thing without her 'vocal sensational' ballads, so here, working partly with Sia once more, there is a set of ballads hard to describe with words. Sometimes you just have to listen. Raw emotion and vocals at their best, feelings flowing all over the place by a woman who had a lot of ups and downs in both her personal and professional life and the lyrics are picturing it beautifully. The collaborations are inevitable and came out great with CeeLo backing her in the soulful dance track 'Make the world move' while Blake Shelton showing her how pop and country can be combined to create something as beautiful as 'Just a fool'. The album could be discribed as a 'Stripped' volume 2 in lyrical and emotional terms but the music is definitely following the times and it looks like it's the first time that Christina Aguilera decided not to do only what she wants but what the radio wants to play. I assure this purchase is totally worthy and maybe the best comeback we've seen in years.
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Samsung PS43D450 43-inch Widescreen HD Ready Plasma TV with Freeview
Samsung PS43D450 43-inch Widescreen HD Ready Plasma TV with Freeview

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome quality for price, 25 Feb. 2012
This Plasma rocks. Inexpensive, designed perfectly with high picture and sound quality. A giant black jewel in the living room. I play Wii, listen to music, and watch movies in such quality that the picture gets lost in the wall behind (when the lights are turned off of course) and i feel almost like being at the cinema. So totally worth the stroke i got through when the first one the first one i got from the store was broken...

Ep' Efthini Mou
Ep' Efthini Mou
Offered by GreekLifeInn
Price: £24.99

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best..., 27 Oct. 2011
This review is from: Ep' Efthini Mou (Audio CD)
It's funny that i'm from Greece, i have all her discography from 1998 and i cannot find this one album. And i found it in the Uk!!! Natasa Theodoridou is one of the most important greek Singer of our time. She follows the path that great singers of the past have created with a wonderful, powerful voice and a raw, unrivalled talent. This album is one of her best (of all 13 albums in her career since 1998) with 'Sou vazo diskola = i make it difficult for you' and 'Ti fteo = Why am i to blame?' being her greatist hits the period of 2001 and two of her most popular and fan-beloved until now. A great fan club is following her because of the soul she puts at every live, performing much better than the studio (sometimes you can feel the pain in her expressions). She mostly sings about break-up and heartache and this way most of the greek people can relate to the songs. No doubt, the best greek folk singer of our time.

Between Two Lungs
Between Two Lungs
Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Spyros, 18 Oct. 2011
This review is from: Between Two Lungs (Audio CD)
This album has kept me creative for sooooo many hours of my life. The weird sound that Florence and her 'machine' gave to the music -happy yet sad, real yet haunted- has become a drug to me. When songs like 'Howl', 'Heavy in your arms', 'Cosmic Love' and 'Blinding' begin, i instantly vanish from this world. Her voice is so powerful and original that she got in my list of favourite artist extremely easy. I feel like the music has been waiting so long for something like that... Sadly the Deluxe i bought does NOT contain 'The hardest Of Hearts' wich is probably my favourite of Florence but it does contain rare material like 'Hospital Beds', 'Swimming' and the wonderful 'Strangeness and Charm' wich is live. She has soaked me into her parallel universe and i think i'm gonna enjoy it here while waiting for 'Ceremonials'...

Marks of Excellence: The History and Taxonomy of Trademarks
Marks of Excellence: The History and Taxonomy of Trademarks
by Per Mollerup
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars What i needed..., 18 Oct. 2011
I saw this book at the third year of my Graphic Design studies for the first time. It was recommended by my favourite tutor and i was so psyched to get that... It analyses almost every aspect of the logo creation and the logo itself as a term. It includes the most famous logos of all time and explains the reason each one is the way it is. It also refers to each of the basic shapes (square, circle, triangle - even stars, ellipses and curves...)and what it means when it gets to be a part of a logo... I read each part at a time because there is so much to learn and there is no way to keep everything in one quick reading. As a graphic designer, i've really put one more piece in my puzzle. :)

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