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J. Winterflood "loves quotation marks" (UK)

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Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3)
Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3)
Offered by APE-GAMES
Price: £3.18

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Is it any good?, 17 Nov. 2013
Is it any good?

Well, that depends.

If you are after a great campaign game, this aint it. 3 2-hour sessions and the main game was complete for me, and worse than any of the Modern Warfare ones or Black ops 1 (didnt have the second one). Certainly not as good, on any count. Story, gameplay or graphics.

Having just played The Last Of Us, for the first time on PS3 I thought the graphics looked terrible. TLOU looked great, and I was expecting this to come closish. Not really an issue as we arent here for graphics. I have gone back to MW2 and there is a huge improvement but you really hope for a bit more from such a blockbuster release.

Squads and extinction don't really appeal to me. They seem like filler for the lack of campaign. But if you like that kind of thing then theyre fine.

Now to the meat of the game. I could overlook all of the previous for the multiplayer. It's the only reason I buy the games. So, again, is it any good?

Well the short answer is yes, if you only like camping and sniping.

If you don't, then you are in for a tough time. The maps are huge, dense, complex and suited to hiding. You can run around for ages and not find someone, only to be sniped.

I don't suck at the game. I'm decent at this one, but really dont enjoy it. Im pretty damn good at MW2/3 (usually one of the best players in every match). This is just so people don't accuse me of being rubbish.

The problem is, that this game is not suited to how I play. I enjoy tight battles, lots of shooting and I have no problem in being killed 10-15 times a game if I can get 20-25 kills. Give me a mid-range gun, red dot sight and I can run around for hours getting in the heart of a battle and getting a few nice long distant kills.

Thats a real struggle in this game. I cant use the red dot sight any more. I have to use a scope because I cant get close enough to the players to get them with the red dot. It has changed how I play the game, and it has changed it for the worst.

Ive given it some time, but this morning decided to go back to MW2 just to compare. That game is so much more fun.

So how good the game is depends on how you use it. If you like to play lots of different games, modes, etc (I dont, I stick with team deathmatch) then theres lots to do. If you like long range, slower, big maps, camping and sniping then this game is for you.

It's almost as if the makers know they can have bigger maps, 3 story buildings, more games and they want to cram it all in, especially going into the next gen - but they have forgotten what made the MW games so good. Thats the problem when technology advances, it is far too tempting to take the simplicity of what works so well and try and add to it.

I didn't even like black ops because it was only slightly different. This has gone even further than that. A shame really.

Argo (Blu-ray) [2013] [Region Free]
Argo (Blu-ray) [2013] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Ben Affleck
Price: £6.35

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Hollywood nonsense., 31 July 2013
The real story behind the film is so banal and dull it makes you wonder why they even took it on in the first place. The only interesting element in it at all is the movie side of it, so for that to have such a minimal role in the film is pointless. Arkin and Goodman are by far the best things to happen in the film and they barely feature, and are almost forgotten about once Affleck leaves the country. Then they are given phone duty, which they abandon right at the crucial moment as soon as they get hungry.

The real story involved the Americans being holed up in the canadian embassy for weeks, pretty safely. 2 CIA agents turned up, walked them through the airport and they all went home. So easy and so dull.

They had to invent so much fake tension for this film just to get it going. But even then it was so cliche it made it worse.

Goodman and Arkin - will they cross the road in time to answer the phone? Gasp!

Will the guy at CIA issue the tickets in time for Affleck to check in? Oh the tension!

All the tension in the film is made up, none of it (save the opening) taken from real life. No being chased through the market, no housekeeper who might or might not give them up, no security checks at the airport, no visa fakes, no child putting together shredded documents just in time, the list goes on.

I didn't know anything about the story beforehand, but every single time something with tension happened I couldnt believe it had happened because of the way it was so perfectly timed and cheesy. It was absolutely no surprise to me at all upon checking out the true story afterwards that none of it happened. Not once during the film did I think any details were true. They were all so predictable. Everything went to the wire and they all just manage to get away in time, every time.

They dotted the film with so many of these fake aspects that it just makes the whole thing laughable. Which is summed up perfectly in the Die Hard 2 style ending of production line terrorists chasing a plane up a runway. It takes itself far too seriously for what it actually is. That's why no one cars when Die Hard is cheesy, thats part of the charm. It just doesn't work when you are trying to portray history.

It's almost as if the writers had been commissioned to write this story, realised there was absolutely nothing to play with and just had to cram in as many faked tension moments as they could just to keep the thing bobbing above water.

If you want a standard Hollywood popcorn film then you are in the right place, but there is nothing that rises this above the rest of the output Hollywood produces year in year out.

This is one of those Oscar winners that will be forgotten in history. Hopefully future generations will be confused at its success. Everyone should go and watch Zero Dark Thirty instead.

Zero Dark Thirty (Blu-ray + UV Copy) [2012] [Region Free]
Zero Dark Thirty (Blu-ray + UV Copy) [2012] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Chris Pratt
Price: £7.00

7 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Over your head?, 20 Mar. 2013
I needed to pipe up in support for this film because there are too many negative reviews where people haven't appreciated the film, as I think they have missed the point.

This is a film that has sacrificed much for the sake of events and it's message. In the same way Maya sacrifices her personal life, friendships and relationships, the film decides to ignore all of that too, as the film and Maya just concentrate on their goal. If Maya is more interested in finding OSB then that is all the film concentrates on too.

Once you realise this you can understand the sadness that underlines the film, and the ending becomes much more profound. About halfway through we think we are going to get a scene where Maya finally gets some personal time to have a meal with her colleague in a restaurant, but Bigelow is tricking us, using this moment to clearly say "no, she has no personal life". I won't spoil the scene, but when you see it you will realise exactly what Bigelow is saying about this character.

Many here have talked about how it is long and slow paced, but that is all part of de-glamorising the process. The torture is crucial to this story, not because it is glorified, but precisely because it hinders the process. This is a criticism of the torture policy that supposedly took precedence during this period. The film also takes place over many years, and in the end it is a fairly mundane method that lead to the whereabouts of OBL being found. That is why the film is presented the way it is. We can all turn on Channel 5 and get some overblown and badly staged drama over these events, but film deserves a more thought provoking story. And we get that.

If you want action, and Hollywood moments go and watch Argo. That was a real life story that was actually fairly mundane and boring, but they inserted lots of cliched Hollywood tension moments to make it a bit like Die Hard 2. In ZDT we have a story that could be told fairly accurately in full blown Hollywood mode, but Bigelow went the other way and downplayed it, even though the compound scene is exciting and tense.

The comparison I just made with Argo is exactly why I was totally shocked when BAFTA and the Academy decided to give Affleck all the awards, despite Argo feeling more like a Hollywood genre popcorn flick. I think ZDT should have at least got Best Director, if not Best Film. But then when do they ever get it right?

And just for the record, I hated The Hurt Locker, and I haven't liked a Bigelow film since Near Dark. So if you want an intelligent, gripping drama about important real life events watch ZDT. If you want Hollywood tension, and planes being chased up runways by jeeps watch Argo.
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Greg Davies Live - Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog [DVD]
Greg Davies Live - Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog [DVD]
Offered by Attic Clearout
Price: £20.00

36 of 37 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The best stand-up from this years Xmas batch, 24 Nov. 2011
Once again its that time of year where all the panel-show-comedians get their latest tour into the shops the make their christmas bonus - good luck to them, stand-up (and panel shows) have never been as popular - but it does mean that the market has become very saturated.

We get the same old format (cant really fault them but it can get tiring), the same old performers (lee evans still going strong), the mock the week crew all with their offerings (not another russell howard dvd, hes got a box set now dont you know), some very good newcomers like micky flanagan and stephen merchant and the usual rehashing of old shows and repackaging (russell brands "new" new york live show dvd complete with years old material), but greg davies' stands out by a country mile.

Not only is it good to see someone new getting their dvd on, but it is also a huge bonus when someone youve liked on their various appearances and shows comes out with a fresh, hilarious and original show. I havent laughed this hard during a stand-up for years, it caught me off guard and it kept me hooked every second of the way through.

What greg has done here isnt vastly unique (gone is the one man and his microphone routine), with a flip chart and little book of short stories being the props used but it just helps things along a bit - and considering plenty of the material is about greg during his teaching days the flipchart doesnt feel out of place. Everyone seems to be trying to use a little gimmick to make their show a bit more visually entertaining (stephen merchants encore is an ingenious example) but this is used subtly and acts as a small visual aid to what is central to the show - storytelling.

Greg davies is one of the people, to me, that can make reading (or shouting) the phone book funny, but he also has a wonderful storytelling ability and some great responses, jokes and observations. alot will depend on whether you find him funny to start with, but even if its only a small bit you need to take the chance here. there are some genuinely brilliant stories (the cheeseballs and the dog starts us off well) and even better characters (I wish I was one of Greg's pupils in his drama lessons) and it all thunders along towards the wonderful conclusion.

So if you are looking for your annual stand-up fix for christmas then look no further, it blows the rest out of the water. Sometimes a comedian with 40+ years of stories, adventures and events gets their chance to tell it all, here is that show. Truly excellent.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Cheapest on amazon - and works perfectly, 7 Sept. 2011
What more do you want really?

2tb, no problems with is, set up is easy and does the job.

Product gets slightly warm while its constantly plugged in, but not overheated.

It is silent. Copying speed is excellent, i transfered about

It gets a 5 star review from me as I wanted a safe, error free drive with lots of space for backups and extra storage and it does all of this. Ive had it for about 2 months and have not had a single problem with it. It is the cheapest product in this range and if it works perfectly why spend more.
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LM Technologies Wireless USB 2.0 Wifi Adaptor 802.11(b/g/n) Compatible - 300 Mbps - Class 1 (280mtr) Vista Ready.
LM Technologies Wireless USB 2.0 Wifi Adaptor 802.11(b/g/n) Compatible - 300 Mbps - Class 1 (280mtr) Vista Ready.

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Beware Windows 7 users., 27 Jun. 2010
Firstly the product is great with vista.

But i bought this for me new windows 7 pc and the internet connection speeds are very very slow. basically ive tried everything (inclducing installing the LM technologies own windows 7 drivers) and the download speed is about 1mbps (on a 48mbps connection) compared to the adequate 3mbps i get on vista.

basically i think windows 7 users need to find a better product.

note: i have a 802.11g connection so cant comment on the 'n' speeds.
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We Fell to Earth
We Fell to Earth

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best albums in a long time, 16 Oct. 2009
This review is from: We Fell to Earth (Audio CD)
Im going to assume that you have already listened to the samples of this album. if you havent then i would suggest you do. those samples, as teasing as they may be, are an accurate taster of the quality of this album throughout. Each track holds its own, and the album is consitantly strong.

The best comparison has to be to massive attacks mezzanine, both dark albums. and we fell to earth nearly match that amazing album. the twin vocals over dark undertones with smooth beats are an excellent mix and the elements that richard file brought to unkle can also been heard.

'burn away' sounds like a track from clint mansell's soundtrack The Fountain OST (an excellent album in a similar vein to this one) and 'careful what you wish for' and 'spin this town' just about peak out as standout tracks on a very strong album.

this is the first album i have bought in a long time, one of very few releases that has actually got me excited in recent times. well worth every penny and every star ive given it.

The Hawk Is Howling
The Hawk Is Howling
Price: £5.99

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars mogwai's best album to date, 12 Oct. 2008
This review is from: The Hawk Is Howling (Audio CD)
as a fan of mogwai for years now i always anticipate their albums release. although the cover scares me alot i still had no hesitation in buying it. this album, simply, is the best mogwai release, it is perfect in every single way. every single track on this album is fantastic, as another reviewer said there is no track that you would want to skip. im jim morrison, im dead goes on par with killing all the flies as my favorite mogwai song of all time, and there are other songs on this album that near the top of that list.

each song is a masterpiece in composition, phrasing and execution and each song delivers beautiful moments. sometimes in the past i have been put off by some of the heavier moments in mogwai songs, but they have honed the balance between the heavy parts and the softer.

this album has rejuvenated my love for mogwai that went a tiny bit stale after mr beast. any new mogwai fans might as well start here and any old mogwai fans unsure should not even hestitate at this purchase.

Price: £7.13

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Ocean enter the big time..., 22 Jan. 2008
This review is from: Precambrian (Audio CD)
Having been a fan of earlier music by The Ocean (a proud owner of fluxion) i was looking forward to the new album and to see how, and if, they had progressed and settled musically.

i was not dissapointed, this album improves the metal elements with excellent heavy riffs and beats with brutal vocals and licks whilst the softer elements have great sounds with wonderful melodies. even a touch of dillinger escape plan has entered with guitar licks adventurous and exciting.

stand out tracks are Ectasian, Rhyacian and Stenian which all combine the heavy style that has been greatly improved from Aeloian and the softer melodic post-rock rythms to great effect.

in my mind they are an exciting and new (i say new as this album i feel is their first comfortable and competant album of this quality) entry into the genre that has become a little repetitve. Isis remain at the head but The Ocean ahev surely overtaken some old favorites like Cult of Luna or Neurosis.

A fantastic album to revitalise the genre and look out for new albums by Rosetta and Russian Circles in 2008 who i hope live up to path set down by The Ocean.

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