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Back To The Blues
Back To The Blues

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5.0 out of 5 stars Back to Basics and Back on Form, 25 Mar 2009
This review is from: Back To The Blues (Audio CD)
Moore back on form with this slapping down the critics and crunching out a powered/rock blues album that all thought he had moved away from. Very good own penned songs, covers and instrumentals and even a Lizzy cover of the never released cold black night. Drowning in tears is just so special, deep-dark and resonates through your sole as Moore's melancholy words of torment and heartbreak and layered onto guitar work so well balanced with tone and feedback on the edge. It really is shearclass and captures the mood of a desparate heartbreak - effortless.
A real classy affair.

Still Dangerous: Live at Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977
Still Dangerous: Live at Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977
Price: £10.24

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5.0 out of 5 stars Treasure This -Yes-- They really were this Good., 24 Mar 2009
LIve and dangerous was and is remains one of the best Live Albums ever. Having seen Lizzy on several tours with the late great Phil Lynott I always knew how good they were and so recent forums where questions on Live and Dangerous's accuracy as a live recording because of overdubbing and re-recorded studio parts really riled me up. Lizzy were'nt just great they were awesome and this is a live recording with no overdubs etc and will hopefully finally put pain to the myth of Lizzy not been as good live as L&D may portray.

Listen to this - Yes they were that good and No!. Nobody since has ever been as charismatic as the Late Great Philo.

This may be the last of the Lizzy releases and I hope it is because after all the recent barrel scraping and overmarketed trite of the latter stages of lizzy career this really is what they were like and how the should be remembered. Sit this with recent Live Dangerous c/w Hitchin 83 Sights and Sounds warm up and you've got what Lizzy should be remembered by beyond Life(Live)

Respect Philo - RIP.
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Victims Of The Future
Victims Of The Future
Price: £10.96

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4.0 out of 5 stars Moores Power Rock Era - Blistering Guitar work, 14 Mar 2009
This review is from: Victims Of The Future (Audio CD)
I give this album only 4 stars because there are several songs which are dire :

All I want and Law of the Jungle are so poor but the latter can be forgiven as Ozzy Osbourne was supposed to have sung it but failed to show.

Anyway.. The rest of the Album is what Gary Moore stood for in the eighties absolute power house of a rock guitarist throwing out some of the best Anti-war rock anthems produced. These are real Belters :

Victims of the Future,Shapes of Things,Teenage Idol, Murder in the skies, devil in her heart, blinder.

Moores energy on this album is so fierce it's awesome and balanced beautifully with the timeless Empty Rooms which showcases Moores melodic style which confirms his place as the real deal.

Never could have competed with the Corridors of Power entry but 4 songs on this album are his best work in the rock era.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Dark-Deep-Moving-5Stars, 14 Mar 2009
This review is from: Insurgentes (Audio CD)
This is a very textured-layered dark and moving Album for the intriguing Steve Wilson. Up there with the best stuff of PT but different in it's own right. GH percussion is up there again with intricacy like Neal Peart brings to table in rush.

Very Deep-Dark-Moving as good Rock music should be.

PT fans will not be disappointed. This guys has so much talent totally uncompromising and has such volume of output and energy he really is something special.

Snakes And Arrows Live [DVD] [2008]
Snakes And Arrows Live [DVD] [2008]
Dvd ~ Rush
Offered by Hardliner-music
Price: £8.29

5.0 out of 5 stars Another Rush DVD - And Why Not!, 28 Feb 2009
Here we go again with another Rush DVD of the latest tour. Yes the power trio are still as good, the production is superb and new tracks to the others are added. The Atlanta bootleg is also fine quality and a further treat with Ghost of a Chance played effortlessly.

Like R30 this will never capture the crowd atmosphere of Live in RIO because by even Rush's own admission that was a one off special.. but this is very very well produced, great footage and the musicianship does not even need commenting on because we know the standard set by the 3.

The only thing disappointing about RUSH DVD's are the complexity of the music and the quality of the musicianship is made to look effortless. I have air-drummed to many, many peart solos but seeing just how perfectly he drives them through is humbling to say the least.

I'll see Rush on every tour and a momento of the tour on DVD for each concert???-Yes Please.

Awesome work but effortless prowess. 10/10.

The Ballad Of John Henry
The Ballad Of John Henry
Price: £14.34

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4.0 out of 5 stars JBM stepping stone into BIG TIME!, 28 Feb 2009
Many Bands produce their best work in the early days - U2/Bon Jovi/Clapton etc but we think that they'll then progress further which is often not the case. However to play the blues with such maturity of tone and texture must come through time yet with JBM he seems have torn the rule book up here. This is whats makes it so refreshing that we have a young head who still has the bite for creativity and daring to not conform but with the class of an elder blues statesmen.

His own tracks and covers are well put together and the album has very deep gritty feel to it with JBM throwing himself 100% into tracks you thought no one would dabble with. His voice and music complement each other very well.

The feel of the album feels so natural and is not overworked. Jockey Full of Bourbon and the soulful happier times to me are the stand out tracks but generally there all up there.

The blues just flaws effortlessly and the guitar work sways from moody deep chords throught to blistering licks.Never overworked or overstated.

We've been blessed with 2 greats this year with albums and tours JBM and Gary Moore however....Been Honest - This will give the technically brilliant Gary Moore (but becoming predictable)more than a good run for his money and will hopefully drag him out of his comfort zone and get him to become creative (again)as this is the type album I have craved from him for some time.

A very good album and... if this guy can perform live... this album/tour will put JBM in the arenas next time around...Watch this space.
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Voyage 34: The Complete Trip
Voyage 34: The Complete Trip
Offered by FastMedia "Ships From USA"
Price: £30.17

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very Weird,Complex Original and Very good- A true Concept Album, 25 Oct 2008
I bought this after hearing Phase 1 live.

This is what progressive rock and music is all about doing something totally different with utter conviction and just going for it.

This album is a musical journey about an LSD trip with the initial ingestion, journey into euphoria,the fear as the drug bites into the victim and the chaos that follows then ebbing out out into an almost trance like state of repitition and confusion and then the end.The music is first class and extremely powerful and the narration of some American expert throughout gives the sense of this is being watched by us looking in on someones private world.Sampled and repeated outtakes from stoned people interwoven with the music is also very effective in that there perspectives and their frazzeled mind are so out of touch .

A great concept album and years infront of it's time (recorded in 1992).
A great album for the car as you need to hear it all the way through for full effect.

The album does have Floyds (A brick in the wall pt2 to the guitar riff - admitted) but this a first class progressive rock album - very dark, poweful and the moods flow effortlessly from one stage to the next.

This to me shows just how good PT are and as others have said this is the best pink floyd album that floyd never made.

Just buy it - Enjoy
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Porcupine  Tree - Arriving Somewhere [2DVD] [2011]
Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere [2DVD] [2011]
Dvd ~ Porcupine Tree
Price: £12.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning, 25 Sep 2008
Not many people are aware of this band, so those that read this review may be like I was.After discovering this band thinking they really are one of the best progressive rock bands I have heard in absolute years so I the went out and bought several of their back catalogue to be amazed yet again how consistently good and original PT are.I pondered about buying this thinking that I may be disappointed that they could not produce this sound or experience that you get from the CD ---- How Wrong. PT are great musicians and sound and production are first class. Everyone I introduce to this band think they are great and I cannot believe how I've missed these guys for so long. This DVD is everything that Rock Musicianship is about. Great sound, great production and very dark and moody with top class musicians. If you like PT just buy this... 11/10.

Bad For You Baby
Bad For You Baby
Offered by Hardliner-music
Price: £9.59

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4.0 out of 5 stars Moore puts the Bite Back in, 24 Sep 2008
This review is from: Bad For You Baby (Audio CD)
OH Yes - A stronger Album from Gary Moore this time around. Standard Blues Riffs with interwoven guitar licks with a more heavier gritter sound differentiates this from the last 2 albums. Just as I thought Moore was mellowing he puts the venom back in and delivers a very good blues/Rock powered album. This album to me is a refined 'scars' sound , more controlled and polished yet very punchy and controlled distortion. Moores own penned songs are the stronger for me here as the covers have to much of the heard it all before factor.

The Guitar Geeks, Rock Fans and Blues purists will not be disappointed and this album will tour very well.


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2.0 out of 5 stars Poor By Steve Overland Standards, 12 Jun 2008
This review is from: Breakaway (Audio CD)
To say Steve Overland has over the last few years been involved in 4 Albums with Shadowman and The Ladder, 3 of which are up there with best material of FM, I find it difficult to understand why this Album has been heralded as Steve Overlands debut Solo Album as it's so weak.

The Album is heavier than I expected but the songs are so weak and over produced often with Steve Overlands voice been almost in the back of what can only be said a very busy and often irratating keyboard and Guitar backing section.

Steve Overland is a class act and this is album is no doubt a blip as he has been so consistent of the his 20+ year career and probably peaked in my opinion on the last few albums mentioned above.

No doubt a return to form will be round the corner.

Sorry Steve...

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