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City Of Evil [Pa Version]
City Of Evil [Pa Version]
Price: £6.11

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5.0 out of 5 stars Avenged Sevenfold on top form, 3 July 2005
Ok to all you people moaning about Shadows lack of screaming on this album let me explain something to you: He can't scream anymore, he burst a blood vessle in his throat and he was told he had to stop screaming or otherwise he would be unable to sing ok so stop moaning about it because now you now, but you Avenged Sevenfold "fans" should of known that but obviously you didn't.
Now to to talk about the album. The first track I heard was 'The Beast and the Harlot" and wow this blew me away then I listend to trashed and scatterd and thought wow even more. Then I got hold of the album and from start to finish I just loved this album. I was glad there was no screaming it made the album sound a bit more deep. I like bands who scream but this just sounds good without it. It sounds very old school which I really really like, I love old metal bands such as iron maiden and Mettalica and this let's me relive those bands with a new edge and style. My favourite tracks are Bat Country, Seize The Day and Strength of the world. If you haven't heard this album you really don't know what your missing it is an amazing album and should well be the album of the year. Buy it, stick it in your cd player, relax and enjoy also I reccomend you have a beer with it too

They Liked You Better When You Were Dead Ep
They Liked You Better When You Were Dead Ep
Offered by Buks4less
Price: £39.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing In every sense, 12 Mar 2005
At first I thought this band would be bad, it's got Charlie from Busted in it but Busted is Busted and Charlie is Charlie. Charlies new band Fightstar are something amazing. It's great to see someone come from a very popular pop band to a very difficult genre to make it big in and succeed. This band are going to be huge, this EP is only a taster of what's to come. All the tracks are amazing. Me and some friends describe some or their riffs as Slayer-esk with a hint of metal that Ozzy Osbourne would be proud of. Forget Charlie was ever in Busted and give this thing a listen, you won't regret it and Charlie's screams are amazing as is his singing.
Palahniuk's laughter - Wow what a great beginning this song is heavy and amazing sets the mood for the EP, something heavy, something soft and something different 9/10
Speak Up - Another great track with some amazing screams and vocals from Charlie, it's fast it's heavy and it's what I love about music 9/10
Mono - A slow, melodic song. This is also a great song, it slowly builds up to a very heavy climax at the end. A great song 9/10
Lost Like Tears In Rain - The first song I heard by this band and the first time I heard it I fell in love with it. Yes it is quite poppy but I love it anyway it also has some amazing screams in it too. This is my favourite track off of the EP 10/10
Amethyst - It seems people didn't enjoy this song that much, I thought this song was fantastic may not of ended the way you would of wanted it too but it is a great way to end this cd. The second guitarist sings the verses whilst Charlie delivers the heavy and fantastic chorus. This is the best way to end this CD 9/10
Overall give this band a try, you will be very suprised at how good it really is

The End Of Heartache
The End Of Heartache
Price: £6.84

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5.0 out of 5 stars Killswitch are better than ever, 4 May 2004
This review is from: The End Of Heartache (Audio CD)
I've had the pleasure of listening to this album several times and it rules. The new singer (Howard Jones) is far better than Jesse. He has more style and depth in his voice.
1. A bid farewell - This song is one of the best on the album and it shows how good Howard is
2. Take this oath - This song isn't as good as ABF but it does feature Jesse and it still kicks ass
3. When Darness Falls - My favourite track on this album, from start to finish I was gripped
4. Rose of Sharyon - The first single from this album and it is also another favourite, it is a beatuiful track
5. Inhale - This is the first intermission track it's very melow and relaxing
6. Breathe Life - This song features the only guitar solo on the album but it kicks ass and this song kicks ass
7. The end of heartache - This is a very melodic song and it is also another favourite. This really shows off Howards vocal talents
8. Declaration - This song is short but sweet and it is quite heavy
9. World Ablaze - This song is very meaningful and is a brilliant track true Killswitch
10. And Embers Rise - This is the second intermission and is a brilliant one at that
11. Wasted Sacrifice - For some reason this song stands out to me and I love it, it an amzing track
12. Hope is... - This is a great way to end the album and the song is great
Overall this album has amzing riffs and vocals and they're brilliant live so buy this record and I promise you will love it

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