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The Banana Panorama "Cambs" (Cambridgeshire, England)

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Station To Station
Station To Station
Offered by NextDayEntertainment
Price: £4.95

7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Strength To Strength..., 24 Dec. 2006
This review is from: Station To Station (Audio CD)
"Station To Station"! What an album eh?! But, the first thing to strike you about the album isn't the classic songs you see when you read down the tracklisting. The first thing to strike you about this album when you first flip over the back of the case, or first hear about the tracklisting is that this album is only a six song LP.......SHOCKING!!! No, not shocking. It's Bowie.

Don't let the lack of tracks put you off though, as this has the same running time as many of Bowie's other projects. if anything, it's more ambitious. This is apparent from the outset with the opening track, "Station To Station" lasting over ten minutes. Changing musical direction half way through. It's superb. All the way from the delicate piano refrains to the spine-tingling vocal performance. A ten minute track could easily become boring. But not here, not with Bowie.

Next up, the timeless "Golden Years". I guess everybody over 15 years of age has heard this at some point. It's very infectious and not unlike, "Fame" off of "Young Americans". "Word On A Wing" Is absolutley lovely and is one of my favourite Bowie vocal performances. A soul gem in my opinion. You may have heard that when Bowie recorded this album, he was so high off of Cocaine. That he cannnot remember recording at all. Now, if this is true. It becomes very apparent from here on in. "TVC 15" is genius. with a piano driven rhythm and frankly, confused lyrics. Bowie sounds proper crazy on this track. He seems to be somewhere else.

"Stay" is also a beast with a most funky riff. I love this track and a real intent shines through on the lyrics. Like Bowie genuinely means what he's saying. Where he sings "Heartbreaker, Heartbreaker Make Me Delight" is simply wonderful, with his vocals pulling out all the stops on that verse. He still sounds completely off his head. Now....The big one!

"Wild Is The Wind" is the cover track on the album. Which may seem a bit of a cheek initially as its only a six track album. But wait until you hear it. Chances are you've never heard any version of this song before. It's beautifully arranged and recorded fantastically. As with the rest of the album. Bowie seems to be experimenting alot with his vocals.

This album wont be to everyones tastes. But it's certainly to mine. It saw Bowie move into an even more experimentational mode and he followed it up with the sublime "Low" album next.

This album is a classic one. But it could of been made a little better. but not much. I still don't think a six track album is the best idea in the world because if you don't like one of the tracks, then you're down to a five track album. And on and on, until you get to no tracks. But I would find it very surprising if the tracks here were disliked by anyone.

So all in all. A classic album and one well worth a purchase. But don't stop here first after experiencing "The Platinum Collection" or its like. Go for either "Hunky Dory" or "Ziggy Stardust" as you will find them far more easy to listen to on a first listen. Only stop at this station once you have gained atleast a semi-serious interest in Bowie!

Take Care People!

Price: £5.00

11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great! Buy It Or Lose Out! Simple!, 22 Sept. 2006
This review is from: Low (Audio CD)
Well what can I say!? A masterpiece. This is the first "Bowie" album I bought after being introduced to this amazing individual through the also stunning "Platinum Collection". Bowie had always been experimental with his music, but this, this was and still is, something else. It breaks down into five brilliant songs and six superb pieces of music and every one of these tracks is timeless. We have the immortal "Sound & Vision", in my opinion, one of the best songs anywhere ever. I could listen to this song an endless amount of times, it truly is an aural delight.
The manic mish-mash of guitar and piano on "Be My Wife" is brilliant and adds to the pleasure of this wonderful track. Bowie sings 'Sometimes You Get So Lonely' and a real sense of emotion is added in an unusual way. A perfect track.
The 1min 52secs oddity that is "Breaking Glass" is always welcome and is just so strange it's great!
"Always Crashing In The Same Car' is a slow paced song and yet another perfect track on this album. Vocally, Bowie sounds really great on this track too.
Now if we move to the pieces of music. This is how to experiment people!. All of the tracks sound very 'Alien' in their sound. They still sound modern and innovative now, nearly thirty years on, so I can't even start to imagine what they would of sounded like all those years ago. I find "Weeping Wall" and "Art Decade" kind of frightening in some ways but a total pleasure. While the real treats for me are "Warszawa" and "Subterraneans" with their odd spouts of vocal gibberish off of "Bowie" in various places, I mean this is really good stuff!! If you just shut your eys and listen it really will take you somewhere else.

So I would say that this is probably my most listened to album in recent times. While not being as accessible as the likes of "Hunky Dory" or the dance filled fetish that is "Lets Dance", you really can't go wrong here. As a first "Bowie" album, It is a challenging listen and you may not grasp the concept straight away, but if you give it a couple of listens, you will have no option but to give in to the effortless charm of this LP!

Please go and buy this album and indulge in not only one of the best albums ever, but possibly, this genius' finest moment!

Black Holes and Revelations
Black Holes and Revelations
Price: £32.53

13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Other Bands....Take A Bow Please!, 5 Sept. 2006
This is a very hard album to review. I am approaching this LP on a completely unbiased position. This is the first 'Muse' album I have purchased, so my review won't be comparing this to any other 'Muse' album.

As other reviewers have touched upon, after the opening track (Take A Bow), this could easily become an album you will be listening to for years to come, or an overrated shocker praised far more than its worth by the lying and stinking press....but.....thankfully 'Starlight' comes on and smacks us around the chops for even thinking of anything negative. While this track does nothing that hasn't been done before, it does it with such style and grace that it's the best it's ever been done and Matt Bellamy's vocals are full of raw emotion. Simply fantastic.
Then just as we may feel that the next track has to be a filler, 'Supermassive Black Hole' storms on and delivers the most funky guitar riffs alive and is even perhaps flirting with the Dance genre kind of sound, i mean, if you don't air guitar to this you are just wrong!

By now we should be in the right frame of mind to expect anything, but again, you are ripped from your listening position and placed into a 'sci-fi' journey of epic preportions. The track I am talking about is 'Map Of The Problematique', it is such an amazing piece of music and the lyrics and the way they are delivered is just too amazing. Another emotional beast of a song, wait, actually, it's more of an experience.
'Soldier's Poem' is an odd track, I feel that while it is a good song, it doesn't quite fit in as a slow piece of music in amongst all of this wonderful noise.
'Invincible' on the other hand, is a slow song but is executed alot better and you just have to dig the guitar solo at about the 4.00 minute mark. So yet another great track.

Then the fast and frantic pace of 'Assassin' kicks you very hard and is timed just rightly after a couple of slower tracks. This is a very political track, which Isn't my favourite kind of music, but here it is done so sublimely I care very little about whats wrong or right in my mind. 'Exo-Politics' is in the same political box as the previous track, possibily even more controversial in its lyrics, but it is yet another standout on this absolutely great album.

Things take yet another turn now, with two tracks that sound similar somewhat, they are 'City Of Delusion' and 'Hoodoo', they both have a sound to them that I can only describe as 'alien' not necessarily in the traditional 'Sci-fi' kind of way, as demonstrated on 'Map Of The Problematique', but a more unique musical theme. It all sounds very fresh and new. The band seem to blend this 'Alien' sound with a kind of 'Indian' perhaps theme. I'm sorry to be so vague but it's hard to explain, but whatever is going on it works.

Then, I start yet another new paragraph as we stride along to the phenomenol conclusion, which is know in these parts as 'Knights Of Cyndonia'. It all plays out as some sort or 6 minute mini epic. This album has managed to sustain an amount of belief to this 'Alien' music concept that the band has put together and this track is a perfect way to end it. This one song is nothing short of musical perfection. It actually feels like you're listening to history as you play this track.

Well......And so the album ends, what do you do now, well, you stick it on again and make sure it was actually as good as you thought? Answer? It most definitely was!
If I am to be honest, on my first listen I only found half of the album stunning, but another listen cemented it in my mind. I simply love this album and i hope that you do to. I would say so far, this is in my top 10 LP's this year, which is no easy boast as we have seen the likes of 'Razorlight' and 'Placebo' on top form and let us not forget the behemoth which is the 'Arctic Monkeys', while not to everybodies taste, they have certainly made more friends than foes.

I must note thought that I purchased this 'Special Edition' as it was the same price as the 'Standard' version, I thought brill, snap it up quickly. Please don't do the same. There is nothing 'Special', except that it is in a silly cardboard flip case, that is easy to ruin I imagine, compared to a CD case!

But let's not end on a sour note, this is an experience not to be missed, this is just an amazing album and one you shouldn't be disappointed with. This band is a beyond greatness and Matt Bellamy is a musical genius. They place their targets very high and they very rarely miss them.

Please enjoy!

Once More With Feeling: Singles 1996-2004/Remix Bonus Disc
Once More With Feeling: Singles 1996-2004/Remix Bonus Disc

5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Place To Start...., 31 Aug. 2006
After hearing 'The Bitter End' on a videogame I was compelled by how simple the song was and yet how it was so catchy and so unique, then, I made my first stop to this sublime collection of singles, to do otherwise would of been foolish since this is without a doubt one of the best purchases anyone can make and will almost certainly make you a Placebo fan. This is the perfect intro to this amazing and individual band!

I have to say that there isn't a single dud on this beast of a CD. While the always welcome experimental side of things is left on the studio albums, the collection of songs released and featured here is just wonderful, it is probably the most listened to CD in my large bunch of music! While the whole collection is from another world in the sense of the quality, there are several songs that are just immortal and never deserve to be forgotten. As another reviewer has said the bonus CD of 'Remixes' is not at all of the same quailty, but if you find this edition of the collection next to the 'Normal' one for a similar price you haven't really got much to lose and the 'Remix' of 'Taste In Men' I actually really enjoyed!!

If you would like my opinions on their albums, simply click on the link above as it will save me much time rather than individually reviewing each song here.

Needless to say, since buying this I have bought all of their albums and DVD's and am now a solid gold Brian Molko stalker. The pain of sitting and waiting for the months to pass before the release of their fifth album 'Meds' almost killed me, but it was more than worth it and from the singles so far released off of that album it can only indicate that 'Placebo' will have in years to come, yet another stunning collection of singles on their fantastic hands!!

So people take care and I beg of you to try this collection of singles, as I will be very surprised to find you disappointed in the slightest!

Offered by Todays Great Deal
Price: £1.75

6 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Why The Negative Reviews!?, 17 Aug. 2006
This review is from: Razorlight (Audio CD)
Let's get something straight before I begin this review, I'm no Razorlight fanboy. I thought 'Up All Night' (their debut album) was an album that was just about an average effort, they had personality, whopping ego's and a good energy coming from their songs, but I thought they were to be yet another band to appear, then vanish almost as quickly. But I am glad to say that they have proved me more than just wrong....

The first track 'In The Morning' comes on, it's as catchy as anything and has a faint sense of 'Up All Night' in its sound, but is miles better than anything off of that album and shows us the sound they were heading toward with the single 'somewhere Else', what your hearing is the sound of a band that have found their own musical style and have perfected it!!

Second song, 'Who Needs Love?' is a fantastic, happy, bouncy tune that you just have to sing along to and is perfect radio Pop/rock, a completely inoffensive song that is as modern in its sound as it is old fashioned. 'Hold On' follows, again simply sublime, music hasn't sounded this toe-tappingly great in ages and it is refreshing and original.

The next song 'America' retains classic Razorlight sound, but travels into new territory musically, a more emotional song, that is superb and even comes complete with o-oo-ooo-ooooo's, I would say it's a standout track but the whole album is a standout rarity. Then we have 'Before I Fall To Pieces', it's hard to say what this track does differently to the last four, they have a winning formula, why change it!? Just apply all the above complements!
Then we have my favourite track, 'I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got', it is just.......ahhhhh....I can't explain, you will know after you hear it, but what does standout is the arrangement of the instruments and the order they are played, I can see them now, wanting to dominate the music industry and trying out different methods until they reach musical paradise!!

'Pop Song 2006' lasts little over 2mins and 40secs and is another brilliant track, you would have to really nitpick to find fault here.

'Kirby's House' is a great and simple little track and the fine rhythm of the song is carried over by the tone of Johnny Borrell's vocals, this works fantastically well and is yet more proof (if needed) that this band has evolved tenfold!

Then we have the last two tracks, 'Back To The Start' (another personal favourite) which retains the bouncy energy of 'Up All Night' but this time amounts to a song rather than just gleeful noise and 'Los Angeles Waltz' which is a song with lyrics to reflect upon and a perfect end to a stunning album, it has the most simple of Choruses but one which works better than it should. I do feel though, that the expletive wasn't needed and feels slightly out of place on this otherwise sweet sounding bunch of hits.

So there you have it and clocking in at about 35mins it proves that sometimes, less is more. We have a band which have stunned me and probably many others, I don't know if this is a 'grower' or not, as it grabbed me instantly and has refused to let go ever since. Every track could be a possible single and every track amazes. The fact that something this simple has caught so many imaginations, there are surely bands kicking themselves that they hadn't done it first. Certainly one of the best albums of the year and I am sure THE best to some people, but, the question is, can they do it again??!
For now, take a chance and enjoy this masterpiece!!

Panic Room [DVD] [2002]
Panic Room [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ Jodie Foster
Offered by Bee-Entertained
Price: £2.49

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A Panic To Reach The Forth Star..... Just Fails!!, 30 July 2006
This review is from: Panic Room [DVD] [2002] (DVD)
I watched this last night as I was suffering from serious boredom and any DVD from my collection would of done, since I hadn't seen this for a while, I decided to give it a go!!

I was more impressed this time round than I was the last, very pleasently surprised infact.

The film has more than capable talent at its disposal and each character holds up well; I found it particularly nice to find that one of the thieves was "Forest Whitaker", he is a very decent actor and one who usually doesn't get as much screen time as he deserves, but is part of the glue that holds this film together so well!!

What is very striking is the pace of the film, you would expect a movie where a couple of people are stuck in a room to move at an OAP's pace, however, things are always going on and the film chucks up believable folds in the plot, rather than just nonsense!!

This film really does make the most out of the plot, it seems hard to think how they got this far with such a restrictive idea, but the movie really gets away with it and it never feels forced or boring, some scenes are genuinely tense and does mostly keep you on your toes. I Can't really think of any "In your face negatives", so let's just leave it at that. While a 4Star rating is probably down to your personal opinion, to me, it is certainly worth 3stars and probably another half a star too!!

I don't really know what else to say, while it is never classic material or a film that will go down in history, it is a great movie to sit down and watch on a rainy day and not one that will leave a sour taste in your mouth!!

Take Care and don't relocate to a big house with a Panic Room!!

Creep [DVD]
Creep [DVD]
Dvd ~ Franka Potente
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.30

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Creep Around To Another DVD In This Section!!, 23 July 2006
This review is from: Creep [DVD] (DVD)
This flick is a by the numbers 'Horror' movie, It chucks out almost every cliche in the 'Horror' movie book, but still ends up mostly welcome. The characters are fun and different and the setting of a Tube Station is something new. The 'Creep' character is quite a disturbing figure and something different.

This film has quite an odd 'vibe' to it, while it is never extremely frightening, it does make you feel uncomfortable in places and it is generous in its doses of gore, so young eyes would be advised to look away! If what you want is a fantastic, classic horror movie, look elsewhere, if what your after is some mindless 'fun' to add to your DVD collection which probably contains such 'Classics' as 'Cabin Fever' and 'Resident Evil', I would advise you to look no furthur! Thank you and goodnight!!

Green Wing Series 1 [DVD]
Green Wing Series 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Tamsin Greig
Price: £9.00

8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The Best Thing Since Sliced Father Ted!!, 22 July 2006
This review is from: Green Wing Series 1 [DVD] (DVD)
Not since 'Father Ted' and 'Peep Show' has a comedy made me laugh so much, this is a comedy where every character is essential and the visual jokes are just as good as the verbal ones.

One day I saw advertised in a magazine, that the first series of 'Green Wing' was coming to DVD, I knew that I had watched this on Channel4 when it had first been aired, so I thought back and came to the conclusion that I had enjoyed it very much, then, one day, as you do, I made a quick decision purchase, now being honest, I got through every episode and felt a little disappointed, however, when you watch it for the second time and then the third time, it just keeps getting better and better and ends up being simply hilarious, it is without a doubt, one of those programs you either like or dont like. You have to 'get' the concept of 'Green Wing' to enjoy it and after viewing it several times, you will most likely of grasped the wacky genius of this program, so it is worth giving up your time, for what is, one of the best comedies of recent years!!

Now, the characters, so many to choose from and you will no doubt have your favourites, since there is such a wide selection to choose from; each character really does bring something individual to the show. My faves include DR. Secretan, the half Swiss, womanising, nasty creep that is always extracting massive laughs from the viewer, or, we have the character of Sue White, who people go to with their problems, she has to be one of the most random characters ever, rely on nothing and expect everything and you may just be ok!!

While the above mentioned chracters and many more have enough funny stuff to say, the visual jokes are nearly always more entertaining, whether its DR. Secretan, wearing what is basically an upside down basket on his head and him making an effort to tell DR. Mac that it's used in a Swiss sport; or we have the nervous, stuttering Consultant (of Radiology), Alan Statham, jumping out of a cupboard and playing a his pants, everything is always unexpected and seeing each new gag is always a delight and before one has finished the next one would have started!

The only thing which is less than amazing is the DVD extras, which are there, but are thin on the ground, but since all of the nine episodes last about 50mins, this is still great value for money!!

So there you go, i cannot recommend this enough and if you don't 'get' the idea of this program straight away, it is worth persisting with, you should know by now, good things come to those who wait!!

Take care people!!

Black (Xbox)
Black (Xbox)

9 of 17 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Black is turning into Gold!, 22 July 2006
This review is from: Black (Xbox) (Video Game)
Since selling my gamecube, I have found it very difficult to buy either an original game or a game that does things different; this was my first purchase in a long time and I sure wasn't disappointed!!

Firstly let me correct the error on the review below, you don't have to watch the 'Intro' every time, you may have to watch it if you log off of your profile before turning off the console, but why would you do that?? On my game I simply have to push 'A' or 'Start' and the 'Intro' is skipped, as long as you have viewed it already!!

Back to the game; the visuals are usually great, occasionally stunning and the developers have put a lot of effort into the destructible scenery, and it shows, whether you are taking cover behind gravestones, lobbing grenades into buildings or shooting the various vehicles, the result is always explosive and highly entertaining, whether it's realistic or not, is another matter, but you wont be thinking of that since you'll be having too much fun!!

The gameplay is simple, shoot everything that moves and everything that doesn't, it really is one set-piece after another and this game mechanic doesn't wear thin at all during the games lifespan. The enemy AI ranges from dumb on the easier modes to a medium challenge on the harder modes; on 'Normal' mode you will often see enemies hiding next to obviously signposted explosives, but since this game is all about destruction it rarely matters!!

The controls are smooth and precise and are easy to customise and 'Inverted' control rules, you should know this by now!!

Now The first of the games two downfalls........The length...This game has only eight levels and each one will take roughly 30-50 mins on 'Normal' mode, except the first level which is exeptionally short; this is unexcusable really, I know it must of taken ages to make just these eight levels destructable but I am sick and tired of games lasting no longer than 10hours max anymore, it really does get on my nerves, thank you casual gamers (It's your fault), but the saving grace is that the game is so much fun, it is inevitable that you will play each level more than once right through to the end and you'll be having bucket loads of fun while you do so!!

Second downfall, no multiplayer, a deadly sin for a 'Shoot 'em up' and this game suffers bacause of it, it is just the kick in the testes you didn't need after a short 'Campaign' mode, usually I would put some redeeming feature here, but I can't think of one......sorry.....!!

Overall though, it would be sad to finish on a sour note, since this really is the most fun I have had with a game since 'Resident Evil 4' came out in the March of 2005! While things may look disappointing in the long run, the fun and surprise you have at the game mechanics while the game lasts is tremendous and this game is an abosolute blast from start to finish!! I do recommend you rent the game for a weekend though, unless you can find it for under £25, due to the length of the game!!

A very worthy purchase (If the price is right) and one I hope you enjoy!!

Father Ted - The Complete 3rd Series [1995] [DVD]
Father Ted - The Complete 3rd Series [1995] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Dermot Morgan
Price: £3.14

15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Go On Customer, Go On, Please Have A Cup Of DVD!, 20 July 2006
Ok, let's get something clear, Father Ted is the ultimate comedy, not a bad episode was ever aired, all the characters are superbly portrayed and each episode has a mental plot which not even the deepest crevice of you brain could muster up! Most of the episodes featured here, in series 3, are some of the best Father Ted episodes anywhere. I mean, who could forget the hilarious Hitler scene in the first episode here, it sticks with you and is something you will not ever forget; or how about when they all go to the mainland and the obnoxious, but always loveable Father Jack has a run in with a non-drinking committee and anyone who watches the program will be aware of his drinking addiction, anyway you cut it, this is pure T.V. gold and a strong contender for best comedy ever. For anyone who hasn't seen this program before I cannot recommend it enough, it is side splittingly funny and series 3 is an excellent place to start! Seriously though, I envy all of you out there who have never seen this show, because unlike you, I will never have the pleasure of viewing any given episode for the first time ever again!

Take Care and enjoy!
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