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Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'em
Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'em
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Price: 3.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Turn back the Clock to Hammertime!, 23 Sep 2004
When these mega grooves rushed the stores back in '90 every clock turned to HAMMERTIME. This Champion MC lays down the beats with crazy rhythms and slick lyrical harmony. Granted every genuiron homeboy (and homegirl) knows that "U Can't Touch This" is the greatest song ever written but that's not the only get out of towner from this ghettoblaster. In "Pray" Hammer big ups Big G from the 'hood in the sky and rips "All my life I wanted to make it to the top," - this shows the prophetic power of the MC both in his own life and that of hip hop generally. But Hammer can look back as well as forward or should I say black?! He reminds us on "Black is Black" that despite the integration of the hip hop nation into popular culture vultures "Black is (still) Black." "Help the Children" is a flowback to Marvin Gaye's "Save the Children" but with snappier chorusicity and overall is a great improvement. Hammer brings comparison to MG's "What's Going On" but his album release is far more important and has more longevity. Lots of new hip hop talent has hit the shelves since Hammer was juicing the sets like Russian roulette but when I bassed this out of my hooked stereo I was impressed with its freshness. The MC says he is "A super dope homeboy from the Oaktown" on "U Can't Touch This" and on the evidence of this LP, nobody can diss on that claim! I hope next year a 15th year memorial of this great release will include a DVD so we can see "The Greatest Dancer" in 2D action. MC is "2 Legit 2 Quit" and I am jacked at the news he will return. Word!

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Price: 8.51

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4.0 out of 5 stars Perhaps the Most Entertaining PS2 Game Yet, 2 Sep 2002
This review is from: Stuntman (Video Game)
Stuntman is a great concept for a videogame. Thankfully it comes from Reflections who are capable of making a game of a quality deserving of the idea. To begin with the missions are very easy, you star on a low budget copy of Lock Stock (although there aren't any car stunts in Lock Stock or Snatch!) Here you have to hit boxes do u-turns i.e simple things and the missions are short. With each mission more intricate stunts are added and the missions get longer, making it harder to complete them all. You must get a certain level of accuracy, I think its 75% for the first film and then 5% more for the next film, the final film is 90%. At the end of each film you see a trailer with a few stunts incorporated, Toothless in Wapping (the first) is probably the 3rd. best trailer. Before you start the next film you do a stuntshow which get increasingly more difficult. The Films are:
Toothless in Wapping (Snatch) * Difficulty
A Whoopin' and A Hollerin' (Dukes of Hazzard) ** Difficulty
Blood Oath (Romeo Must Die) **** Difficulty
Conspiracy (Tom Clancy Film) ** Difficulty
Scarab of Lost Souls (Indiana Jones) **** Difficulty
Live Twice for Tomorrow (James Bons) ***** Difficulty
I have only completed up to the start of the Bond film so have only seen 5 of the 6 trailers, the best being Indiana Jones and Snatch. I expect the Bond will be the best, though.
There are some stunts copied directly from films eg. James Bond's corkscrew jump off the rickety bridge in Live and Let Die is in A Whoopin' and a Hollerin'. Others are in many films eg. jumping between two trains, crashing into another car and exploding. For special stunts like barrel rolls or big jumps special tricks are activated with L1.
The Stunt Contructor is a nice mode but there is an annoying stunt limit meaning that you cannot create your most complicated ideas. Also things available in the normal missions eg. nitro boost for big jumps can not be found in the Constructor. It would be mind blowing to be able to create a mission of your won so this seems a slightly rushed addition.
On the DVD there are some extras, mainly trailers for other games eg. Driver 3 but also the Making of Stuntman, the longest film on the disk.
Overall Stuntman is an excellent game,intensely frustating but very rewarding. You will watch your trailers again and again with pride and delight. Its faults are sometimes long loading times and a high level of difficulty at later levels. But this does not detract from what is a truly excellent PS2 game.
Graphics 8/10
Gameplay 10/10
Sound 8/10
Replay Value 9/10
Overall 9/10

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