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Street Child (Essential Modern Classics)
Street Child (Essential Modern Classics)
by Berlie Doherty
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Year 5 Reviews of 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty, 10 Feb. 2012
Street Child is a great book which gives you a great idea of the Victorian times. It is really interesting because you never know what is going to happen next. There is always something new happening every other page!
This book is about a book called Jim Jarvis, who was forced to live on the street with his family. When his sisters are gone and his mother dies Jim has to live the scary life of a Victorian child on his own.
I think the best and most exciting part was when Jim escaped from the cruel Grimy Nick after being tortured endlessly. The boring bit was when the authoress made Jim escape twice.
I would recommend this book for ages 9 and above and any class learning about the Victorians! A must-read!
Review by A

In history we have been reading a book called Street Child, written by Berlie Doherty. I like this book because it has lots of old Victorian words and I have learnt lots of interesting facts that I didn't know.
Street Child tells the story of a boy called Jim Jarvis who lived in a house then became homeless he spent time in the workhouse and worked for a monster called Grimy Nick.
I think the best bit was when Jim escaped from Grimy Nick it was very dramatic and the worst bit was when Jim was living in a on bedroom house it was a bit dull. My favorite character was Jim because he was very fun to hear all the exciting things that happened. The setting of the circus was a very good seen because Jim said he wanted to work in a circus.
I proudly recommend this book it lots of red herring in it's a very exciting but cruel book. I recommend to use when you are doing the inventive Victorians this is the best book for a history project a must read.
Review by C

Street child is a fantastic book because it has lots of description and when you read a page you want to read more and more. My favorite character is Jim Jarvis because he is the main character and goes on lots of adventures and always has hope.
Review by C

The book is set in Victorian times about a street child called Jim Jarvis. It is based on fact and is believed that Jim Jarvis inspired Dr Branardo to set up schools and charities. After Jim is orphaned he is then sent to the workhouse and the book is about his struggle to survive.
The story is well written because of the good word use. The book takes you on an adventure with interesting characters and well described scenes.
I think this is the best book ever written. So if you like learning about history this is the book for you. I give this book a rating of 10 out of 10.
Review by E

I liked this book because it was very informative but sometimes droned on a bit. Berlie Doherty is the authoress and I think she is a very good one. The book is about a Victorian boy called Jim Jarvis who is a very poor boy. After a series of unfortunate events he finds friends but then he is dragged away again. Then he escapes and finally finds good fortune. The worst thing about Jim is that he is always sad. He never sees the bright side of things. The best thing about Jim is that he is so determined.
I give this book a 7/10 you should read it if you like detailed description and Victorians. I would recommend it to years 9 and up. This book is great!!READ THIS BOOK!!!
Review by E

I don't like the beginning of the book. It is boring and the book is too long.
The book is about a boy called Jim Jarvis he has a mum and 2 sisters. His dad died when Jim was young.
The police took him and his mum to the workhouse. His mum was very ill and she died. Jim escaped and had to work for Grimy Nick.
Review by G

We read Street Child as part of our history lesson. I enjoyed this book because it is very good to read because if people who don't know about life on the streets of London in Victorian times. My favorite character is Grimy Nick because he is always busy working hard like us. My favorite part is when Jim runs away from the workhouse because the workhouse is horrible,if you don¡¯t eat properly you have to eat from a trough which pigs eat out of. I would give this book 100% and 10/10.I would recommend this book to everyone to read.
Review by H

I liked Street Child as it was both suspenseful and gripping.I really think you should read it if you like books full of tense. Its about a boy who gets kicked out of his house because they couldn't pay the rent.
Read all about Jim Jarvis and his misfortunes.
I think the best part is when Jim is made a slave for a horrible man called Grimy Nick and his dog snipe. The only reason I am giving this book a 9 out of 10 because it is dragged out a bit.
This is a brilliant novel which is good for a class book when you are studying Victorians.
Will Jim ever find a real home? Read all about who jim meets on his way to home.
That is why I am definitely recommending this book to you.
Review by J

In history year 5 have been studying the Victorians we decided to read a book called Street child.
It's about a boy named Jim Jarvis he was sent to the workhouse and even inspired Doctor Barnardo to help the homeless by giving them a home and building a school.
My opinion on street child is it is a well written book because it gives you a bit of information and makes you want to read it more and I like the fact it describes the characters well.
I dislike the fact that it uses a lot of Victorians word that we don't know.
My favorite part is when Jim traps Nick and puts a rope around Snipes neck and runs away, my least favorite part is when Jims mum dies and they get kicked out.
If you like History and your 9 - 11 I recommend you read this book and I give it 9\10 because its adventuress and interesting and about History.
Review by J

Not too long ago our class read a book called street child by Berlie Doherty. I think the book is good and bad good because it has suspense and adventure and bad because there are something that don¡¯t need to be include that's my opinion . It taught me something new tough me that people was not that nice to children in Victorian times and you could go tough things.
I won't tell you too much information about the book but it's about a boy called Jim Jarvis that has a massive adventure. Scared but determined to go on. It takes place in London and the country side read the book to find more!
There is some pretty important charters good and bad but good description but it's a bit long so age group should be ok for 8 and up if I had to choose out of 10 I would say 7 it's not the best book but it's good enough!
Review by K

In year 5 we have been learning about the Victorians so my teacher said we were going to read this book.
This book is about a boy called Jim Jarvis and it is set in the late 19 century when Queen Victoria was on the throne. He travels around London read this book to find out what happens.............
My opinion of this book is quite good because it is very good gripping and makes want to read more and more I would rate this book 9 out of 10 the reason why it does not get 10 out of 10 because I felt like there was a bit too much information about the characters.
I think the best part is Jim runs away from the workhouse and the worst part was when Jim runs but grimy nick catches him! My favorite character is shrimps because I think he is really nice to Jim. My worst character is grimy nick because he only cares about himself and snipe, and he is HORRIBLE to Jim!
I would recommend this book for ages 8-11 because I think you would enjoy it if you like history.
Review by L

I like the book street child because one boy called Jim Jarvis he is a street child and Grimy Nick and his dog Snipe they want to find to Jim. I don't like it when Jim's ma dies. I learn about ragged school. I should read because I think are a good book.
Review by M

I think that Street Child is a really good book because it has got lots of adventure in it. The book is about a poor boy called Jim Jarvis who lived with a man who called himself the stick man. Jim lived with the stick man, his sisters Emily and Lizzie and his mum. Because Jim's mum didn't pay the rent, they were kicked out.
I don't want to tell you anymore because I don't want to spoil the story. I would give this story a 10/10 because it is exciting and interesting .You must read it. I just telling you that this story is VERRY long.
Review by R

I have just read the book street child by Berlie Doherty in class. I didn't think it was very good because it was quite dull and very long. Far too much happened in it that did not need to happen. I liked it when Jim Jarvis (the main character) went to the workhouse because you never knew what would happen and whether Jim would escape. The book is about a Victorian boy called Jim Jarvis who struggles through life when being sent to the workhouse and being alone on the street. He has two sisters called Lizzie and Emilie. I would rate this book 5/10 and recommend it for 8 upwards. I would not buy this book. My worst part is when Jims mum dies. My best bit is when Jims at the workhouse. I think it's so dull because it's just about a normal poor Victorian boy, and is not very exciting.
Review by R

This book is written by Berlie Doherty, and it is set in the Victorian times. It is about a young boy called Jim. At first I thought it was a bit boring but towards the ending it became exciting.
Jim is the main character in the story. He has two sisters Lizzie and Emily.
Unfortunately he had a few misfortunes in his life and they aren't very nice ones. He still survives it even though he is in so much pain.
The best part about the story is when Jim makes a friend. They used to dance on the streets. I didn't like it when Jim was hurt all the time because it made me cry!
I would give this book 6/10 because some parts of it are a bit too emotional. I didn't enjoy it that much because not all the characters had a good part. I wouldn't read it again but I would recommend it so you can make your own decision.
Review by S

We have been learning about Victorians in history, this book taught me a lot about Victorians, this is one of the reasons why I like this book. It is very exciting and describes exactly what Jim is doing.
My favorite bit is when Jim goes to the circus; he hides there after he had run away from Grimy Nick. This bit is very exciting because he gets a job at this point.
When he ran away from the circus he went to a farm, I find it very exciting because he has to sleep with rats, that is very discussing, that's why I like it. Jim also has to steal food.
The plot is quite mind changing, a bit of the plot is when he goes back to Rosie's house; it was quite a good bit of the story. Rosie's grandma is like a crow because when you feed her she pecks at the food.
What I learnt about this book is that there was a workhouse and they were treated extremely badly in those days. I would give it a 5/5, it is fabulous!!!!!!
Review by T

The book street child was the best book I ever read in my all life .the interesting bit in the book is that I now know everything about Victorians
By T

In history we were learning about Victorians, we were reading a good book called Street Child it was an exciting book because we would want to know what will happen next. It was a adventure for Jim Jarvis, I don¡¯t really like a women called Rosie because she is boring and does not say much.
A boy called Jim Jarvis, he was with his family but unfortunately his mother could not pay the rent, they got kicked out and the adventure starts.
My worst character was Grimy Nick, he is rude by hurting people, he is called Grimy Nick because he is Grimy and always shout, he only cares about his dog and himself, he doesn't care about the child. My worst part was when the mother died because it was sad.
I think you should read Street Child because you can find out the adventure and much more, if you were learning about Victorians this is the best book you should read.

Review by Z

All reviews are written by Year 5 pupils in London, England

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