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5.0 out of 5 stars Recommended buy - be careful of sizing, 29 Dec. 2012
Great pair of trousers and recommended. Very tough wearing, good fit and look good. Deep pockets at the front which is good. Only note of caution is that they come up a little big on the sizing - I normally take a 34" waist and in this size they felt a little big whereas the 32' waist was just right - so if you can try them on before you buy then I would do so. Would be good for outdoor activities but would equally look good around town in the daytime or even for a casual evening out.

Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab, Playbook, Xoom, Toshiba, Acer, Nook and Other Tablets
Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab, Playbook, Xoom, Toshiba, Acer, Nook and Other Tablets
Offered by mobileFDL
Price: £3.80

5.0 out of 5 stars As good as it says!, 17 Sept. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this from Amazon a couple of weeks back and have been using it at work and at home since. I can confirm it is lightweight and small so no problems feeling like you'll be lugging around extra weight with your iPad, it is simple to use so no problems trying to work out how the hell it goes, but most importantly can confirm it does the job of holding your iPad well. The pivot points stay secure and allow you to tilt your iPad at a number of different angles to suit your taste both in portrait and landscape mode and the notches at the bottom hold the iPad well so it doesn't slip out. I'm using the iPad 1 with the original Apple cover on it and while the notches will hold it with the cover in place, I've noticed it's much better with the cover off - not the easiest of jobs to remove the cover but I can live with it and the iPad looks a lot better as well!

In short, I'd recommend this stand.

Philips SBCHE590/00 In-Ear Headphones
Philips SBCHE590/00 In-Ear Headphones

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5.0 out of 5 stars Think these are actually very good, 26 April 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I too feel a little out of synch with some of the other reviewers, and certainly these earphones never seem to figure much in any hi-fi reviews, but I actually think they are very good. I had a pair of them for several years and from the word go loved the effect the 'surround sound' gave, so much better then the Sony ones I'd been using and makes you want to go through all your CDs on your ipod to see how good the tracks sounded.

In time I decided to move up the expense chain with some Sennheisers CX300s, Grado SR60s and am even still thinking about some Shure or Ultimate Ears earphones. So I decided to cut down on the amount of earphones I had hanging around and in the end decided to get rid of the Philips ones. I reasoned - seeing how they didn't feature in any hi-fi reviews and they are only £10 - that they must be the least good of my growing collection. But it was a wrench letting them go and after I recently listened to the same model of Philips earphones that I'd bought my girlfriend a few months back, I decided I just had to get some more - which I have!

You'd have to try it to understand but there is something about them (the virtual surround effect of course) that makes them sound so much better than others. Maybe a real hi-fi buff would say there's something about them that's flawed or connecting them up to some gadget would show up why you'd spend much more on earphones than the £10 for these, but I'm fussy about sound quality and to me these sound great. I'll keep the more expensive ones I've already bought but can tell again that, with my ipod at least, it's these Philips ones which will get used more.

In all the years I used them as well I never had a problem with them falling out or losing the small rubber covers. I can't say that they would be good for running or the gym as they might fall out and as they don't go right into the ear canal like other earphones, you don't get any noise isolation (but then neither do you hear yourself eating or moving!). But for the beach, the garden or the sofa I can testify that they are fine. Put it this way, if you can afford to risk the £10 on these then I would at least try them as I still think they are probably the best I've heard and they are now the last ones that I'd part with.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere Speaker Dock - Black
Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere Speaker Dock - Black

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5.0 out of 5 stars Buy with confidence, 2 April 2008
I seemed to have spent an unhealthy amount of time trying to find a portable ipod dock and kept looking up reviews over and over again on the Pure-Fi Anywhere, Klipsch igroove and Bose Portable Soundock. I was tempted by the Bose because 'surely it must be good', despite some negative reviews, and anyway I just liked the idea of it (the emotional thing isn't to be underestimated!). I'd never previously heard about the Klipsch but the amount of 5 star reviews it's been given can't make it a bad choice. I liked the Logitech because What Hi-Fi rated it as the best choice for 2007 and the price was better than the others. But still I went round and around, especially as I'd just been disappointed with the JBL Micro I'd bought and then given to my girlfriend (quite tinny and distorted sound - the JBL, not my girlfriend!).

In the end what clinched it was going into a Comet store and trying them. I realised that while the Bose and Klipsch are described as portable, they're portable in the sense that you can pick them up and carry them from one room to the next. But pick them up and imagine trying to take them with you in a weekend bag and you'll see things differently. The reason for me in buying portable ipod speakers was to take away with me on holiday, hotel rooms or going away for the weekend, not as a main ipod dock that's only intended to stay in the house. And so the Pure-Fi Anywhere was the only real choice.

It's true the sound from the Bose or Klipsch might be better but that's like saying a Mercedes SL55 AMG is better than an SL500 - it might be but you'll still be more than happy having the latter! And so it is with the Logitech. The sound is more than adequate. No, it won't be your main system nor be your first choice to host a party, but it will more than adequately fill an average lounge or hotel room with sound that is distortion free, clear and with enough bass to keep you happy - especially if you put it on something solid and near to a wall. The normal sound is good and then XL (stereo widening) button makes it better, with a surround sound effect. The Pure-Fi Anywhere comes in a nice semi-rigid case that will house it, power adaptor (which nicely has European and UK plug attachments), remote and your ipod. It also comes with a range of insert adaptors for various ipod models - not sure about the new ipod Touch though. On the back is a socket to plug in an additional 3.5mm lead (not included) for other MP3 players. The remote works well and while it doesn't have a click wheel, it still controls all the ipod functions and works from across the room - though you'll need binoculars (not supplied either!) for seeing what you're selecting.

So, if you really want some portable ipod speakers that you CAN put into a weekend bag and also sound really good then these are the best choice I have found out there. If you just want ipod speakers for the house then these will still do more than an adequate job. If your budget allows then you might want to go for the Bose or B&W Zeppelin, but you still wouldn't be unhappy with the Logitechs. And don't be put off either that Logitech are mostly makers of computer peripherals - they clearly do very good portable ipod speakers as well. So buy with confidence and then get on with the job of enjoying the music rather than worrying about the system!
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TomTom One v3 3.5" Sat Nav with UK Maps
TomTom One v3 3.5" Sat Nav with UK Maps

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not infallible . . . but definitely invaluable, 31 Mar. 2008
I've had the Tom Tom One (GB) now for about 6 months and having avoided buying one for so long I'm so glad I did. Even despite it's (small) flaws it has to be one of the best things I've ever bought.

Probably like others, I'd avoided a SatNav as I thought it was just something else that marketeers were convincing us we needed when in truth 95% of the journeys we make are the ones we know like the backs of our hands anyway. This is all true but this is still a great purchase. For one, it does what it says it will - you can take it from it's box, put the sucker on your windscreen (which has so far never fallen off, unlike the larger XL I've heard), put the adaptor into your lighter socket, turn it on, type in an address or postcode and it will then take you there. If you go wrong, it will recalculate a route within a few seconds and start taking you there again. Sometimes, if you're as sad as I am, you'll deliberately go off track knowing that this thing will guide you back - Brilliant! You can also take it off your windscreen, jump into a friend's car and it will still do the same (though with only about 2 hours battery life when off the adaptor you won't want to go too far). The Tom Tom can also be set up to work if you are on foot - great if you are trying to navigate across a city somewhere.

As well as doing exactly what it's intended for - i.e., getting you from A to B, the Tom Tom also has another big bonus - easing your stress and adding to your safety. You don't have to keep looking at a map or routeplan instructions as you go to an unfamiliar place, as the Tom Tom visually and verbally tells you what to do and when (it doesn't say anything when it doesn't need to and you can turn the sound off easily). And if you go wrong, it will guide you to your destination by another way - not easy with a map and impossible with routeplanning instructions. The other thing which eases stress is that it tells you when you are likely to get to a place - accurately I've found - which means if you can see you are in good time you won't get worked up thinking you'll be late.

There's a couple of slight downsides. First the mapping isn't infallible and once or twice I've come to a set of bollards dividing two parts of the same road where the Tom Tom thinks I should be able to carry straight on. It's also taken me up someone's driveway where the house backed on to and shared the same postcode as the leisure centre I was going to! (so sometimes, it's best to find a place by the street, not the postcode). It's also sometimes difficult to know exactly which road you are supposed to take when for example there's two or three roads close together - the Tom Tom knows which one, but it's not always easy to interpret it quickly enough when you are trying to decide with a lorry up your backside. And as it's only accurate to a couple of metres, it can take the device a few seconds to tell you you've actually taken the wrong road. Doesn't sound like an issue until you've been there. This also leads on to a more subtle problem in that you start letting the SatNav take precedence over common sense - if you just looked at the roadsigns they would probably tell you exactly which road the Axxx is amongst the 3 choices in front of you even if it's not clear from the Tom Tom display. And if I let the Tom Tom literally guide me to my home I'd probably be sharing dinner with the neighbours most nights.

So, not infallible but so, so useful.
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Pure EVOKE-1S, Luxury Portable DAB/FM Radio - Cherry
Pure EVOKE-1S, Luxury Portable DAB/FM Radio - Cherry

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very, Very Good!, 31 Mar. 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a great little radio! First it looks fantastic (every one who's seen it likes it), feels exteremly well made and most importantly sounds excellent. It is of course possible to buy the additional speaker for this if you want to get a stereo sound but personally I haven't bothered. The quality and volume of the sound as it is is excellent and one of the radio's key features is how neat it looks on it's own.

The radio can be powered by AC or a separately available rechargeable battery and can receive Digital or FM broadcasts. It also has a line in socket (for plugging an ipod/MP3 player into) and a line out socket for plugging into a hi-fi as well as a headphone socket. There's also more features on it than I had expected e.g., various display options you can get when in digital mode.

I'd read up quite a bit on digital before I plumped for this and what I'd read had stalled me a bit. First that, surprisingly, the digital broadcast was supposed to be of lesser quality than a normal FM broadcast (if you know about bitrates then FM is equivalent to about 192kbps whereas digital is usually at best 128kbps). The other more worrying thing was that although digital radio has been pushed heavily of late, in fact the UK is out on a limb a bit in that we are using an old digital format (DAB) and most of the rest of the world have gone with the newer DAB+ format which allows a higher broadcasting quality. This may not sound too much of a problem but, yes, you've guessed it, the current DAB radios won't be able to pick up DAB+! It's not clear yet though when the government will decide when we go with the new format, considering how many people have now bought radios on the old format!!

I can however still very much recommend that you buy one of these despite the points above because 1.) to me the DAB audio still sounds better than the FM audio (and I'm fussy about these things) and 2.) the digital formats aren't likely to change for some time and until they do you'll enjoy a very good radio!
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JBL On Stage Micro Black Mac/Win
JBL On Stage Micro Black Mac/Win

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3.0 out of 5 stars Sorry to spoil the party but . . . it sounds 'mushy', 31 Mar. 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm not as impressed with the JBL Micro as much as I wanted to be. As with many things, your view on this will depend on how it ranks against your expectations. I wasn't expecting it to pump out sound like a good hi-fi - it's only small and, depending where and when you buy it, it's only £50. But, that's still £50 and therefore you are expecting something.

There are some real plus points - it looks great, is very neat and feels well-built and substantial without being unduly heavy. The remote also works very well with an ipod and it can sound pretty good (Joss Stone's 'The Soul Sessions' sounds great for example). The volume of sound easily fills an average room. Added to that it comes with a range of inserts for cradling different ipods, runs on AC or batteries and has a good soft case supplied.

This all sounds good but the downsides for me were that there's little bass - though that can be improved by 1.) placing it on a solid/dense base, rather than for example a coffee table and 2.) using the bass boost EQ setting. A bigger downside was that even some non-bassy tracks sounded 'mushy' at normal volumes when referenced against headphones or a normal hi-fi set up. This was a problem as although the JBL Micro is only ever intended to be used for a kitchen, study bedroom or hotel room, for me it still needs to sound okay. I can forgive it not being able to blare out at high volume; can probably forgive the lack of bass, but even for occassional use at normal volume I'd want it to sound okay otherwise I'd just end up avoiding using it - which means even £50 is too much.

My girlfriend though thinks it's great . . . which is why she is now the proud owner of it and I've gone for the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere as a portable ipod speaker system!

Rocky Balboa [DVD] [2007]
Rocky Balboa [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ Sylvester Stallone
Offered by 247dvd
Price: £2.98

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3.0 out of 5 stars Okay for the collection but adds little, 31 Mar. 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Rocky Balboa [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
If you've got the other Rockys then you'll need to watch and buy this one. It's not bad but not great and the only thing it really adds is that Rocky is now older and stages a comeback. I love the Rocky films even if they aren't great and I like Sly Stallone, even if in this one he does look a little odd. Other than that the film is largely just re-running the same formula of the other films - slow, mostly a lot of dialogue where Rocky goes through 'I can't do it, I haven't got it anymore, I gotta do it, I gotta do it for me, hey, I did it!', the training sequence which is usually good and then an all too short fight scene. So, you'll know what to expect but it's worth buying anyhow.

Price: £15.76

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5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth buying, 31 Mar. 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Coco (Audio CD)
Thought about buying this for a while, kept listening and re-listening to the 30sec excerpts on itunes and then eventually took the plunge. Glad I did as it's actually much better and with more depth to it than the excerpts would suggest. Very pleasant to listen to, very Californian and very 'beach'. A very good 'summer Saturday morning after a good Friday night before' type of CD - goes well with coffee and toast!

Simply Salsa
Simply Salsa
Price: £8.42

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4.0 out of 5 stars Actually, not bad stuff!, 30 Sept. 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Simply Salsa (Audio CD)
Have to disagree with the other reviewer, as this isn't actually that bad. There's 4 CDs of Salsa/Cuban/Latin music of slightly differing moods (Latin Cool, Late night Latin, Latin for Lovers and Salsa Dance Classics) and although it sounds a bit cheesy and some of the tracks are by the same artist (presumably as a commercial cover band) which does make you tend to avoid these CDs, actually they are quite good and each of the CDs are great to put on. Admittedly this wouldn't be a CD you'd recommend as your only entree into the world of Salsa and it's not going to cut the mustard in a London club, but it's great to stick on for an evening or Sunday afternoon just to put a bit of latin background to your house - and for that it does the job well. I've danced, taught and DJed Salsa for 12 years now and also travelled extensively around South America and Cuba and I still think it's okay - especially for the price!

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