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chinkyboo Girl's Lady Vogue Vintage Cute Trendy Bowler Derby Hat Billycock Cloche - Wine Red/Rose Red/Gray/Black With a chinkyboo logo bag as gift
chinkyboo Girl's Lady Vogue Vintage Cute Trendy Bowler Derby Hat Billycock Cloche - Wine Red/Rose Red/Gray/Black With a chinkyboo logo bag as gift
Price: 2.20 - 5.55

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4.0 out of 5 stars Rose Red & Grey, 14 Mar 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The hats arrived super-quick and ready to wear once it's popped back into shape.

Comfort and fit-wise it was spot on, you can wear it out and about, yet still smart enough to wear to work, you will get a lot of uses out of these hats due to their versitility (get a couple of those flower-brooches from Clare's, or a patterned/clashing ribbon if you want to liven the hat up temporarily without causing any noticeable damage).

So why only four stars for a purchase I like so much? Well, I ordered the hats in Grey and Rose Red - I have no problems with the former at all, but the Rose Red doesn't looks as vivid or as vibrant in the picture, it looks a lot like the Wine Red hat (I did check the packing label, it definitely said Rose Red)- which left me a little bit disappointed.

However, for the money paid - I can't really argue with what I have received.

The Million Pound Note [DVD]
The Million Pound Note [DVD]
Dvd ~ Gregory Peck
Price: 3.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of my All-Time Favourites!, 4 Nov 2012
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This review is from: The Million Pound Note [DVD] (DVD)
I was gutted when my family chucked out the Video player without getting a few of our favourite VHS films on DVD first - this was one of them! But no more, because I now have one of my favourite films growing up (ta, Amazon!).

Why so upset over a film with no GCIs, explosions, etc? Well the story tells of an impoverished American man, who, on the promise of a job, goes along with a bet involving a note of such high value, he becomes the toast of London society without spending a single penny of it. There is indeed a moral to the story, but as it is such a joy to watch, and so many smile along the way, it is delivered without being preachy.

As well as the legendary Gregory Peck, the film also features a who's who of 1950's English film stars, and familiar faces, even to a child in the 80's (Look out, watch out, it's Supergran!) - for a film to watch with your parents and your children, and to have everyone thoroughly entertained - this is it!

No Title Available

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not convinced..., 28 Aug 2012
As I sit here and write, with my little lady hands - on my little lady laptop, looking at lady things, because that is what ladies do - I have always struggled to write thank you notes to the milkman, invites to my chums for cucumber sandwiches, little notes to go into my yet-to-be-acquired husband's lunchbox, and complete my work in my lady-friendly workplace with MAN PENS!

Oh, I now know the feminism movement has truly succeeded when, even though there is a wage disparancy, glass ceilings, and gross under-representation in business and government, but at least we have Lady pens! I might need to go my lady psychiatrist at once, so I can go into electrotherapy, to get over the trauma of nearly 30 years of using "Manly" pens! I feel confused, deviant... I might just swoon!

Besides, how can this be a product possibly be for women, when we all know that all ladies products have wings and dry-weave topsheets? Naughty BiC!
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TASTY LITTLE NUMBERS 200 Calorie Mushroom Stroganoff Snack Pot with Creamed Button & Chestnut Mushrooms with Camargue Red Rice  175g (Box of 6)
TASTY LITTLE NUMBERS 200 Calorie Mushroom Stroganoff Snack Pot with Creamed Button & Chestnut Mushrooms with Camargue Red Rice 175g (Box of 6)
Price: 12.80

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5.0 out of 5 stars Please, put the crisps away and drop that Kit Kat!, 15 Jun 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I am a fan of Mushroom Stroganoff in general, I can happily eat it until it comes out of my ears, and while buying Tasty Little Numbers crisps at work (incidently, the Cheese and Onion crisps are lovely!), I wanted to find out more, which is how I came across these snack pots.

Now, when these pots arrived, the first thing that struck me was that I always imagined them to be a little bit bigger - I'll come back to this in a minute. Also I was surprised that there was nothing to keep these cool - again, I'll come back to this. So I tried one, expecting this 200 calorie pack to taste like skimmed milk and boiled mushrooms, instead I was given an instant, rich, dense, peppery mushroomy hit - heaven!

Regarding storage and transportability, this is ideal, the pot itself is designed to be just big enough for the food inside (plus a little shaking room) - ever been disappointed when you have bought a microwave meal, only for it to fill a third of the box? I know I have, and as a result, felt a little ripped off. Well, these are just the size to fit into a handbag/satchel, it's not overly bulky, and the method used in preparing these pots means that they do not need refrigeration - You can be stuck on the Underground, or travelling somewhere with this pot in your bag, not taking up much space, feeling reassured your lunch won't be going off. Also a nice touch is that a napkin and spork is provided for you to eat this with in every pack - you are only a microwave/oven away from a lovely, tasty bite to eat!

With less calories than a popular 4 finger chocolate wafer snack biscuit, and the price works out much cheaper than most sandwich shop wares (including the soups) - this is a great, satisfying light lunch or snack, which is pretty good value for money, considering it's not pumped full of rubbish and doesn't have an ingredients list which requires a degree in chemistry to understand. Yes, the initial outlay seems high (it works out at 2.69 per pot) - However, if you work long hours in a stressful job, like me, and breaks are at a premium, these will keep you satisfied until home time without reaching for a Kit Kat and crisps at 3pm, and Snickers at 6pm and the banana on the train home (and nowhere near the number of calories or fat)- you'll start to see why have no real problem with the price. I do feel a little naughty eating it, as it tastes like it SHOULD be calorie and fat laden, but it's not.

All in all, a great, novel way to knock habitual snacking on the head without resorting to cardboard snacks!

Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades of Grey
by E L James
Edition: Paperback
Price: 3.50

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1.0 out of 5 stars This Book has Achieved the Impossible..., 29 May 2012
This review is from: Fifty Shades of Grey (Paperback)
I was lent this book by a friend of mine, when I say friend, I mean the person who made me hate a book a few years ago when she lent me a copy of Twilight (I ended up throwing the book across the room in sheer frustration). Fast forward 4 years, and this same person lends me her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey - I really should have learnt my lesson after the first time...

I have given this book 3 hours of my life, and I want them back in inner goddess blood, sweat and tears, and not as a result of Christian's knob! It reads like a crap Twilight rip-off because, it is.

Lets see, virginal, irresistable-to-every-man-who-meets-her female lead? Oh wait, she's not perfect because she is such a klutz? Check.

Rich, supposedly good looking, with penetrating grey eyes (because of course, we can't have them yellow, that would be too similar), whose personal qualities (I don't mean the BDSM bit) would have any rational person, apart from the lead, have the police called on them in half a heartbeat? Check.

Repetitive, ill-constructed prose, which seems to stem from a deluded 16 year old fangirl's fantasy - Complete with equally poor writing which would pose as an affront to the English language? Check.

Plot absence? By jingo, it's Twilight without fangs and Vegetarian Vampire crap! Only this is crappier!

Oh yes, how this book has achieved the impossible? EL James has managed to complete the monumental task of making Stephanie Meyer look like a half decent author - that's how badly this book has been written!

Avoid, for the love of God, avoid!

Gok Cooks Chinese
Gok Cooks Chinese
by Gok Wan
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 7.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Accessible Chinese Cooking For All!, 28 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Gok Cooks Chinese (Hardcover)
I received this book a little before it's official release date (Whoops, Amazon!) - so I had the chance to try out a few recipes before reviewing (this is a cookbook after all).

Now, I own a number of cookbooks, from Chinese, to Japanese, to Thai, and the reason why I bought yet another Chinese cookbook is because I admit it, I was in a bit of a rut, and it's always good to have a wider pool of ideas to dip into. The deciding point, for me, was when I saw a sneak preview of a Dim Sum recipe or two, and I couldn't believe they were from Gok Wan - so I thought I would give this a go and see what else he could do.

Now, the book is laid out in a non-intimidating, and logical way, with Takeaway Classics to dip your toe into, progressing through to some wonderfully adventurous, and modern dishes which you can build up to when you gain more confidence. Chinese food isn't all about chow mein, don't you know?

The book also presents us with a list of cupboard essentials and equipment, which is very handy for the Chinese cooking novice, and these are things you will be using again, and again (yes, you will use Fish sauce over and over again, and Sesame Oil will quickly become your best kitchen buddy). Almost all of these items could be reasonably found in a kitchen where a wok is used a lot, and can be found in most supermarkets, or bought online if you're out in the sticks - nothing too daunting or scary, here.

One thing that's good for someone new to Chinese cooking - if you do need to buy equipment, Gok offers some handy advice, and the essential items can be bought without too much expense (unlike a certain cookbook, by a celebrity chef, which initially had a half hour time limit, and gave you list of electrical equipment which would make any bank manager cry) - there is nothing worse than trying to learn to cook, when the initial outlay is off-putting. This is not such a problem here.

Lets try the food! The recipes are rather easy to follow, and the timings are about right. Gok offers advice on what can be substituted (if something just cannot be sourced) and what really shouldn't. As much as I love Chinese takeaway classics, I am here for the family dishes and Dim Sum and party food! There are dishes that have wowed my friends when presented to them this weekend, but they were ludicrously simple to make, such as the Soy Glazed Chicken - for the love of God, try the chicken! Sesame Prawn balls are perfect for those who love their prawn toast, but want to do without the stodgy, greasy bread bit (try these, you might need to practice getting the texture right, but once you do, you will never go back!). Pork and Prawn Pot Stickers and Prawn and Scallop moneybag dumplings, was a little fiddly, but they all had a wonderful taste and "Blimey, you must have worked so hard on these" payoff! Mercifully, a lot (if not all) of the dim sum can be made in advance, so no last minute panicking - you can take your time to get these lovely bites perfect (again, a great dish for novices who want to gain confidence). I didn't get much of a chance to present the dishes as beautifully as in the book before ravenous friends descended on the food like a pack of hungry wolves - and believe me, I made plenty!

The Hot and Sour soup is divine! It is better than anything I have tried at any take-out, and I am another advocate of the Steamed Cod with Tenderstem Broccoli dish as a must-try, for something tasty, different, satisfying and healthy. All the dishes I have tried were fresh, tasty and beautiful, oh, and not a whiff of MSG in sight.

If the book is so brilliant, why the 4 stars, and not 5? Well, I am a greedy little madam, and I couldn't help but want a little more... like a dessert or two! (hint, hint), maybe there's more to come from Mr Wan's Wok if this takes off?

All in all, a very good book, with familiar and achievable (and all the more important, tasty!) dishes for novices, and ideas to stimulate and inspire more experienced Wok Wielding Warriors - just remember to provide your own pudding if you're planning on entertaining.
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The Milligan Book of Records
The Milligan Book of Records
by Spike Milligan
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars One of my all-time faves when I need a quick smile, 28 Mar 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My mum first bought this book many, many moons ago.

I was having a hard time at school, and going through some of my mum's old books, I found a dog-eared, sellotaped up copy of this book, and I kept it in my schoolbag, reading it whenever I wanted to have a giggle at some random silliness. Then the book conked out, and made a long-term trip to the great library in the sky.

So after searching and finding it again recently, I bought it, only to discover it still has that giggle-worthy silliness I've missed.

How about having photographic evidence of the world's tallest idiot? Feed youself with knowledge about the oldest spot in the Atlantic Ocean in the way only Milligan can tell you. How about an intermission half-way though?

Some of the jokes have dated pretty badly, but it still never fails to make me smile. 4 stars for the nostalgia and "Spike" Factor!

Black + Blum Box Appetit, Lime
Black + Blum Box Appetit, Lime
Price: 11.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars A pretty lunchbox? Well I never!, 28 Mar 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
What a handy, pretty lunchbox (I have the stacking pots in this range, also - I cannot rave enough about them) - and very functionally designed too!

Perfect for summertime salad weather (especially if you're partial to dressings, croutons, cheese shavings, crispy bits with your mixed leaves) - the bane of the soggy home-made lunchtime salad is over - your leaves will stay vibrant, your croutons and crispy bits still... erm... crispy when it come to lunch time!

There are removable compartments inside, if you want to fit in more of your favourite lunch stuffs without compromising on the other lunch items. Ever brought in a salad, only to realise your plums/apple/bread etc have been afflicted with eau de onion? *hand goes up* Not anymore! Ever brought in a pasta cabonara only to have the rest of your lunch smelling on pancetta/bacon? *hand goes up* This ends now!

How about cold noodle salad? You can keep the dressing in the smaller compartment to end the nightmare of the stodge, so it will still be light, zingy and fresh, just as how you would eat it at home... but wherever you are.

The fork, I need to add, is very well designed - on one side of the fork, it has a bit of an edge, so you can cut your food using the side of the fork, without the need for more cutlery. It's added function is lost if you're left-handed, though - but a good idea!

Black + Blum Lunch Pot, Lime
Black + Blum Lunch Pot, Lime
Price: 13.65

30 of 30 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Just what I was looking for!, 20 Mar 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is one very handy, very beautiful, very convenient lunch/breakfast pot!

Visualise this - It's a chilly day, and you fancy taking into work a lovely pot of soup - but you like croutons/cheesey bread on your hot soup, maybe you like a salad with your soup, perhaps you would like a fruit salad or yoghurt afterwards. Maybe you're one of those people who tend to dine al desko, or take your breakfast/lunch to a park bench, but how can you carry your cereal/porridge/muesli to work without the inevitable long queue at Tesco Express only to find there's no milk left, so you are left with a pot of dry cereal to lug around all day?

Well, this ends today!

Instead of rushing to the shop for that all important pint of milk or yoghurt you can pop it into one of the pots, with your lovely soup/cereal/salad/pasta (you get the idea)! It has a lovely little spork included, so no faffing around with cutlery rattling around, or having to rely on communal cutlery at work - all the work is done here for you.

Now, before buying this, I have read around and some people mentioned leakages and warping. Mine hasn't leaked at all (and it does get a bit of a bashing on the London Underground) the pots and spork stay put and I haven't had to chase them down escalators or train carriages. This has also survived 4 weeks of almost daily microwave use without warping or otherwise melting - this has saved me a small fortune from buying expensive soups with lovely garnishes and stuff, when I can prep it all the night before, and take it into work.

They still look immaculate, even after several servings of Chorizo and Butterbean soup, various styles of curry and singapore noodles - they still look as pretty as when I first bought them. I even bought Pitta slices and veggies stick in the larger pot and housed a decent serving of houmous in the smaller one to nibble and graze on. No smells or staining!

The best bit? It stores LOTS of food (and drink, if you like), so there's no way you are going to get hungry at work after filling these pots - Many supermarkets and soup chains sell their product in 600ml volumes, you can almost fit 2 servings of soup into the larger pot and you can comfortably fit an entire can in the larger pot!

The initial outlay may seem high for what is essentially 2 pots clamped together, but, if you consider how much money you save from buying soups, porridge and cereal from take-out places, this pays for itself very quickly.

You cannot ask for much more than that.
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Premier Housewares Oriental Wok - 24 cm
Premier Housewares Oriental Wok - 24 cm
Price: 8.64

8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very handy little wok!, 20 Mar 2012
If, like me, you have a family who love Asian food, but are not necessarily in the house at the same time - this is a godsend!

Gone are the days where I hold aloft my whopping great big wok (begrudingly) while making a stir-fry, just for me to eat when I am at home on my own, and then have the job of cleaning and oiling it afterwards.

With this, it's the perfect size to make a meal for two people or one very hungry or greedy person, like me! It's lightweight, yet still pretty sturdy. Yes, it can wobble a bit when you leave it on the gas ring, but seriously, why would you want to leave a hot wok on it's own?

For the price too, you can't ask for much more than that.

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