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Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Thank god for that..., 22 Sept. 2009
This review is from: Backspacer (Audio CD)
You know what? Ten was made a long time ago, these guys are fast approaching 50 and to expect them to make a shoegazing plaid clad 90s anthem album is a something of a joke.

Take this album for what it is. A collection of great, melodic, intelligent tracks. The thing that hooked all of us fans in the first place was the big melodies, the "singalongability", for all their punk posturing, at heart PJ are a no nonsense melodic rock band, so why is everyone so upset when they release an album of great tunes?

For me "Amongst the Waves" is one of the best songs they've ever written, the Fixer gets better with every listen. Unknown Thought sounds incredible up loud on a decent system and The End is beautiful...yes, it's got strings on it...who cares it sounds fantastic. Just breathe is beautiful, in fact they're all good tracks, even the throwaway pop punky ones. They got my toes tapping anyway.

Look, I used to be an ardent PJ fan and lost interest in their angsty sound in recent years as I got older , but the positive vibe on this record is something that really suits them.

Huge Choruses, no widdly solos, just good old fashioned songwriting. They actually sound like they're having a great time recording this.

Love it. More Please guys....
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Chinese Democracy
Chinese Democracy
Offered by Direct Entertainment UK
Price: £3.24

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Mad Frankenstein curiosity of an album., 21 Nov. 2008
This review is from: Chinese Democracy (Audio CD)
So, rewind to the early 90s, I was in the 6th form at school, Use your illusion 1 and 2 had just come out and everyone I knew was freaking out about being the first to hear it. Headphones were shared over cigarettes in the bike sheds and we all wanted it to rock as hard as Appetite, but it was a different record altogether.

Fast forward a century, I'm 33, I cut all my hair off and got a "proper job" I have a kid and a mortgage. I became a DJ, got into Techno and dance music and pretty much forgot about Guns N Roses.

A lot has changed since I was in that bike shed and to expect the new album to sound anything like the old one would be folly, even if the original line up was in place. People change, tastes change and so forth.

So I thought I would check this out "for a laugh" to see if it was a bad as everyone expected.

To my absolute shock and suprise, this is a rather good record. Yes, it's dense, there are some awkward rhythm changes and melody shifts, but nothing out of the ordinary by todays cut and paste production standards.

The thing that got me is that despite the albums heavy production and the use of loops, bitcrushers on backing vocals and some realtively quaint stereo panning effects, every song has at least one section with a decent melody in it.

Take Shacklers Revenge, it starts off like Ministry, but the chorus is pure 80s era Bon Jovi. I can't stand Bon jovi myself, but the odd marriage of production and melody left me chuckling to myself and reaching for the rewind button.

The best song on the album by far in my opinion is Better, I'm not sure if it's intentional but on each replay it gets, well....better and better.

There are way too many guitar solos on there, but as a guitarist that suits me fine, and it's nice to hear different players on the same song. I can see that if you're not into solos, it would be a bit hard to swallow but hey, come on....sweet child of mine had more guitar riffs and solos in it than a mixtape at a biker convention.

So, to get to the point. It sounds like guns n roses, but only snippets here and there, it takes at least 3 listens to get to the songs underneath all the layers of sound and there are a couple of really great tunes on there.

The real reason you should buy this album though is that no matter what you think of the tunes, production, lyrics, time it took to make etc. It really does sound like nothing else.

In an age where everything is directed at selling a single song on itunes for 80p it is refreshing to hear someone put together a monstrous sprawling rock opus. Even if it leaves you smiling tongue firmly in cheek.

My advice, listen to Better on the GNR website, and if you like that, buy the album. If not, don't bother.
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Dark Side of the Moon
Dark Side of the Moon
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £12.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Benchmark, 18 May 2007
This review is from: Dark Side of the Moon (Audio CD)
This is quite simply a fantastic album. From the adventurous proto techno of on the run, to the lyrical concepts, people still find this album as relevant today as it was in the 1970's. The music is well written combining rock, pop, jazz (yes jazz, check the chord sheets) and some of the best production of the last 30 years, it is hard to fault. There are people who will not like it, or won't find the music to their taste but as a piece of work it really is up there with the greats. 30 million people may not be right, but there must be something in it to make them part with their cash.

Atom Heart Mother
Atom Heart Mother
Offered by the_record_factory
Price: £11.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Beuatifully Bonkers, 18 May 2007
This review is from: Atom Heart Mother (Audio CD)
I think that people judge this album a little too harshly in general. There are some interesting ideas on here and some rather lovely "proper" songs . It is very different from the later output so at the risk of offending anyone, it's not for the mullet and denim jacket floyd brigade in general, but I personally love it. Equal parts playful (Alan's pscyhedelic Breakfast) and lush (fat old sun) it serves as something of a curio in it's disjointed layout. Famously the band themselves have dismissed it as rubbish, but perhaps that has more to do with the fact that they are now in their 60's and, like anyone of advancing years, may be slightly embarrased about their more adventurous youthful experimentation. It is also David Gilmour's first really overt contribution to the Floyd sound. I can quite happily listen to this album from beginning to end which is not something you can say about many albums being churned out at the moment, and fat old sun never fails to put a smile on my face. In a word....interesting. Suck it and see.
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The Theory of Everything
The Theory of Everything
Offered by Renegade Sports Group Limited
Price: £2.48

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3.0 out of 5 stars Be warned - not techno!, 7 Feb. 2007
This album got a pretty unfair slating when released. No it is not a techno album, so perhaps the brothers Durden shot themselves in the foot slightly releasing this under the Octave One monicker.

Yes, it is quite commercial, but it is still a good album. The melodies are good, the vocalists fit the tunes and the production is crisp and funky. I think that rather than being moaned at for not bringing out a collection of banging techno, they should be commended for trying something different and, in my opinion, pulling it off.

Pieces Of The People We Love
Pieces Of The People We Love
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £5.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Faultless, 19 Sept. 2006
Echoes was such a good album, it would have been very easy for the Rapture to rest on their laurels.

Not a bit of it. This album is more together than Echoes, more funky, more pschedelic and dare I say it .... better produced.

I know the blasphemy I just uttered might upset the DFA fans out there (of which I am one), but Ewan Pearson et al do a fantastic job. The mix is clean fat and punchy, the only really flat sounding tune is the title track which is produced by Danger Mouse (lay off the compressors a bit!). Fortunately his style of production fits this particular song so it doesn't take anything away.

The guitar parts are fresh, jagged and interesting, there are some very melodic slow tunes and really interesting beats and lyrics. The bass lines go from crazy twanged out noises to full on pumping disco.

All in all a good mixed bag of tunes, played with a healthy spoonful of funky enthusiasm with some top drawer production, so much so that my toes are sore from tapping along to it.

In fact if you don't like a single song on it...I'll eat my hat.

Album of the year. Long live The Rapture!

10,000 Days
10,000 Days
Price: £7.34

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5.0 out of 5 stars Difficult, 5 May 2006
This review is from: 10,000 Days (Audio CD)
Before we go any further, this is an entirely different beast to the other Tool albums, with the exception of Vicarious(the album's opener), which smacks of Lateralus and serves as a nice bridge between the two albums. Jambi continues the theme but feels more tribal, mainly due to Adam Jones's insteresting triplet based riff.
Fans expecting Lateralus II may be disappointed. Anyone with no preconceptions of what this album *should* sound like will be rewarded with one of the finest pieces of music to be released this decade.
Tool once again display absolute mastery of their craft. Polyrhtyhmic, dense, atmospheric, painfully personal lyrics healthily mixed with trademark cynicism.
Tool sound like an army rather than a band, the production is first rate and while Maynard's voice is less prominent in the mix this time around, the quality of his voice is staggering. His range seems to have improved as well (espec. on "The Pot")
I bought this cd, put it in my player and thought "not sure".
5 listens later and I have to say it is one of the most intense and complete musical "trips" I have encountered since....oh I don't know.....the last Tool album ;)Buy it.

( )
( )
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational, 22 Nov. 2002
This review is from: ( ) (Audio CD)
Sigur Ros are one of the greatest bands on the face of the planet. They do their own thing and they do it well. The amount of craftsmanship that has gone into the production, melodies and surreal atmosphere is simply staggering. Obviously personal taste is a major factor when reviewing an album, but let me put it this way, I play 4 instruments, DJ and record my own stuff on a mac at home, and I would give my right arm to be able to walk out of a studio with something like this under my belt.
Jonsi's amazing bowed-guitar sonic soundscapes are worth the cover price alone.
It's lush, it's majestic, it's moving in places (almost to tears) and it's an amazing album to put on in the early hours, close your eyes and just drift off to.
Part classical, part psychedelic, part ethereal, if you;re anything like me it's the missing soundtrack to the movie playing in your head.
And the last album was just as good in case you didn't know :)

Welcome to Discovery Park
Welcome to Discovery Park
Price: £6.46

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sublime, 15 Aug. 2002
I waited for ages for this album to come out, it arrived this morning in the post and I put it in my walkman, at first I thought...hmmmm and...aah, the second listen made more sense. By the 3rd listen I loved it.
There are a couple of rockers a la Secret Girl (off Interiors LP)but mainly this album is a much more mellow affair, somewhere between Shawn Smith's solo work and a lost Satchel album. The songs are beautifully atmospheric and full of the usual positive messages about love and friendships. Shawn's voice is sounding better than ever and Mike Berg has brought some of the Satchel sound into Brad, which can only be a good thing.
Some people have said this is closer to Shame than Interiors, I would say it's neither of the above. It's the kind of record you could put on and chill out to with a friend or girlfriend.
Beautifully played, sung and written.
Lovely heart-warming stuff, long live Brad.

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