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Live At Bush Hall 2007
Live At Bush Hall 2007
Price: £9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Long live Gary Moore., 10 Oct. 2014
This review is from: Live At Bush Hall 2007 (Audio CD)
In the top ten ever as a rock- blues guitar man. A great virtuoso. May i suggest you listen to bad for you baby, one of his latest records. He could play country, blues, anything, with a technique and soul that make him so great. Long live Gary Moore.
I do not like al the material here, but it has a good 80

Pawn Hearts
Pawn Hearts
Price: £8.38

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5.0 out of 5 stars in my top five ever, 21 May 2010
This review is from: Pawn Hearts (Audio CD)
I have listened to thousands of the best prog records along my life. Pawn hearts is definitely in my top five list ever. Its atmosphere, composition, musicianship are out of this world. Highly recommended along with all VDGG first and second era records. The new remasterin is a great improvement.

Close To The Edge [HDCD in a Miniature LP Sleeve]
Close To The Edge [HDCD in a Miniature LP Sleeve]
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £97.89

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1.0 out of 5 stars stay away from japanese close to the edge and fragile, 9 Oct. 2008
Be warned - The yes hdcd japanese replicas are gorgeous and sound incredible, but both close to the edge and fragile have sound droputs. Yes, unbelievable, but i bought them and could not believe it.
All their other replicas do not have this problem.
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Price: £8.21

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This review is from: Trisector (Audio CD)
I believed that, without saxman David Jackson, VDGG in this trio format would be below their standards, but i was wrong. Most of the songs are great, really. Banton`s organ sounds incredible, Hammill still sings devastatingly deep and guy evan`s drums are as intelligent and as ever. Really one of the most underrated drummers in rock.
Not to mention Banton, absolutely original organist. If you like his style, listen to classical composer Olivier Messiaen organ works, obscure and magnificent too. Not rock at all but spine chilling.

Most of The compositions are very well constructed with intricate tempos and deep moods.This cd is full of energy and VDGG fans will be delighted. I consider it way better than Presence. You will not be dissapointed if you are into quality prog.
80% of this record regains a prog high level and deepness. Way better than Presence.

Zinc (Green Album)
Zinc (Green Album)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Magnificent keyboard prog rock, 23 May 2008
This review is from: Zinc (Green Album) (Audio CD)
Fans of ELP, UK, etc. Eddie jobson made an excellent prog solo CD after quitting UK. Very recommended for keyboardists; on level withe emerson and wakeman, and even more, really. it has magnificent piano and synth passages. Magnificent prog drums a la terry Bozzio.

His second solo cd, Theme of secters is quite good too, buy a little more new age oriented.
. Jobson in one of the best keyboard/violin players around, on the same level as the great masters, but not very prolific. He played with Zappa, Roxy Music, Jethro Tull, and a couple of tracks with King Crimson's USA. Just check him out with UK.

There was an aborted CD called Legacy, with guests Bill Bruford and steve hackett and a european choir. In 2008 be ready for Jobsons new project called UKZ.
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The Song Remains The Same
The Song Remains The Same
Offered by MediaMerchants
Price: £8.05

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4.0 out of 5 stars It is another concert, keep your old CD version, 7 Jan. 2008
Keep well your old TRRS cd, cause this is practically another concert.
Incredibly, Jimmy Page edited or changed several songs that are way better than the ones
he put instead.
The best and non edited versions of the older cd are Celebration Day, The Song Remains The Same. Moby Dick, Whole Lotta Love and No Quarter -the incredible guitar solo is absolute killer. The new version is nowhere near it.
Listen carefully and you will notice . The new cd is great, but not like the first one.
Of course the remastered sound is better, so just enjoy both cd`s like different concerts, different day on the Madison Square Garden. Good Extra tracks count too.
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Feb 23, 2013 7:56 AM GMT

Real Time (Royal Festival Hall)
Real Time (Royal Festival Hall)
Price: £13.04

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5.0 out of 5 stars LONG LIVE VAN DER GRAAF, 16 Mar. 2007
I own all the other live vdgg records, and each one has its own 'feel'. Vital is so unique and brutal that stands on other category, and Maida vale, which is also excellent, in my opinion will be outdated by Real Time in sound quality.

This new CD has its own personality, sound and passion. These 4 musicians still play incredibly good. For VDGG fans this is a real trip, a dream come true for many of us. It is unbelievable that they still have this special musical gift and can deliver it so strongly.

FOR ME, THERE IS NO GROUP NOWADAYS THAT GETS CLOSE TO THEM MUSICALLY. THEY SHOULD HAVE MADE IT BIG TIME, but were too deep and non-commercial for their own good. Imagine, Genesis, another of the great ones, opened for them when they were struggling too in England ¡ but Genesis managed to be more melodic and finally broke through. VDGG never sold out their musical integrity.

I saw peter Hammill play live in mexico city some years ago, just him and violinist Stuart Gordon, and they blew off the stage the other italian prog groups that were supposed to be quite good. He had IT and still does. Banton, Evans and Jackson play beautifully along the record, although Hammill has announced Jackson will not play withe them any more, what a pity. David Jackson: please reconsider... Any way, LONG LIVE VAN DER GRAAF ¡

Very recommeded if you like challenging, deep, fine rock of the seventies. This concert is from 2005 or 2006, so the sound is preety good and the music is precise, spiritual, dark, fast, slow, full of light, absolutely amazing for me still.

Kiss - Alive! 1975-2000 [Box Set]
Kiss - Alive! 1975-2000 [Box Set]
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £34.67

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5.0 out of 5 stars five stars for the first two/ 2 stars for the third/ 4 for the fourth cd, 30 Nov. 2006
alive 1 and 2 are very good live stuff. packed in one cd each.

Alive 3 is quite hot, but with a few weak songs. Superb drums from E singer and sharp guitars.

Alive 4 the millenium concert with ace and peter is pretty hot, but nowhere near alive 1.

For kiss fans only.

Remastered? i can't tell the difference along the previous remasters.

preety cool packaging . Absolutely impossible to read the inner notes of the booklet. Too small, bad design.

Offered by cd_lp
Price: £18.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Too Pop oriented, 19 July 2001
This review is from: Anthology (Audio CD)
This anthology is the pop, ballad one. I do not like this sugary side of wetton There is another compilation which is 10 times better: King's Road, that includes progressive music from his era with K Crimson, UK, and some solo songs.

Pawn Hearts
Pawn Hearts
Offered by nagiry
Price: £11.78

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars one of the greatest progressive rock recors ever made, 4 April 2000
This review is from: Pawn Hearts (Audio CD)
Van der graaf is not an easy group, but once you understand and learn to appreciate it.... you get addicted to it. Never made it big like King crimson, yes, genesis, etc, but is on the same level: one of the best groups of the seventies. Pawn Hearts is a very deep masterpiece; Peter Hammill is a genius and one of the most expressive voices ever. Incredible musicians surround him. Also very recommended VDGG cd's for starters: Quiet Zone, Maida Vale, Still life, Godbluff, world record. If you are into Crimson, genesis, yes, etc, get this records, you wont regret it. Also Hammill's solo cd's are worth buying.

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