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The Outsider
The Outsider
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4.0 out of 5 stars It's not genius, but my God it's intelligent, 1 Oct 2008
This review is from: The Outsider (Audio CD)
I bought "The Outsider" on the strength of DJ Shadow's previous work, which is not the way to do it. DJ Shadow seems to pride himself by trying his hands at all genres and at the same time creating his own unique genre. This means you can't judge one album based on how you felt about the other ones; you have to judge DJ Shadow's work on its musicality, not its style.
To be honest I slid the album into my player and was disappointed hugely by the first few songs. I left it at that for a while, and presumed that would be the end of it; however I thought I owed it to 'Shadow to give him another go, and the next track I tried was "Broken Levee Blues". A beautiful blues with amazing guitar work that Jimmy Page himself could have been proud of. It surged immediately to one of my favourite ever songs. It forced me to take a closer look at the album, and I found myself loving it.
Some songs are always going to miss the mark with some individuals because of the massively wide scope of genres 'Shadow draws from. The album has to be taken as a whole, listened to, and listened to again; and I promise, you will find its beauty and it's intelligence, even in music you usually would never listen to. 'Shadow takes genres you'd never listen to, spins them with his own style, and leaves you loving him for such good music, and hating him because you swore you'd never like hip-hop.

Creative Zen Touch 20GB MP3 Player
Creative Zen Touch 20GB MP3 Player

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stop O Ye of iPod Searching! The Answer is Here!, 17 Jan 2006
Anyone seriously looking for a large mp3 player should look no further. It amazes me how many people have iPods when so few have a creative touch. I have owned one myself for some time now and can safely say that the sound quality is brilliant, the ease of use is fantastic, creative organizer (the software that manages files on the creative touch) is far superior to iTunes (the iPod version) and in fact this mp3 player is far more reliable. Many of my friends have iPods and it would be easlily fair to say that 90% of them have needed repairs at some time or another. My creative hasn't even frozen on me once let alone broken down. Also the creative will play WMA files as well as mp3's which the iPod will predjudicely refuse to do, on the shakey Apple/Windows relationship.
The only bad point is that it may not look as good as the iPod, but that's simply a matter of choice. I myself find that iPods do look a little too feminine for my liking (sorry girls) and there's nothing distasteful in my eyes about the creative. However there are no choices of colours like there are for the iPod so this may be a downside.
If you want my opinion, I would buy this, and leave the iPod. You'll be going against the flow, but hey - that's what music's all about!

Driving Test Success Practical
Driving Test Success Practical

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great for learning- but did it have to be quite so annoying?, 6 Jan 2006
Although this software is great for learning the basics (and especially the sequences) of driving, it is so hideously annoying that I can't stomach more than half an hour of being told that I "moved into the path of oncoming traffic" when I really haven't or the car's seemingly done it by itself. The irritating thing is that the virtual lessons offer no leeway and demand nothing short of complete perfection. Also the virtual test at the end is next to impossible and infact I have only been able to finish it once without quitting in sobbing frustration (and even then I'd failed). Also the pre-drive check questions at the beginning are mind-numbingly repetative and being told to "raise the clutch to the biting point" by clicking on an icon really doesn't actually help your clutch control when you get behind the wheel of a real car (despite doing it on the CD at least 1000 times).
However, I do believe that with the patience of a saint this can actually get you through your driving test faster than you would without - and in the end, that's the main thing.

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