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WD WDBLUZ0010BSL-EESN My Passport for Mac Portable External Hard Drive, USB 3.0, 1 TB
WD WDBLUZ0010BSL-EESN My Passport for Mac Portable External Hard Drive, USB 3.0, 1 TB

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5.0 out of 5 stars worked fine with, 21 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Does exactly what it is supposed to .worked fine with Mac

Jak 3: Platinum (PS2)
Jak 3: Platinum (PS2)

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5.0 out of 5 stars A platformer that works!!!, 17 July 2005
This review is from: Jak 3: Platinum (PS2) (Video Game)
This game is simply one of the best games on the planet. My sister owns the first two and I didnt like the first, but loved the second. This finally completes the series with an awesome finisher.
The whole game is packed full of features. You can do missions, or spend hours driving round the wasteland detroying raiders with vehicles you can unlock. This game has massive potential.
The unlockable features allow use of cheat-esque abilities, but are completely fair and designed into the game from the start, erasing any chance for glitches.
The new price makes this well worth a buy to fans of any sort of games!!!

The Shadow Rising: Book 4 of the Wheel of Time: 4/12
The Shadow Rising: Book 4 of the Wheel of Time: 4/12
by Robert Jordan
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £7.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Yet, 31 Aug. 2004
This book is simply brilliant. I loved it.
I always say this about Jordan's books (see my other reviews!!) but the same applies, good character and plot development, great suspense and a good overall experience. Yet this book is even better than all the others so far in the wheel of time series.
This book features more of Rand Al'Thor than the last book (a big relief) and furthers the plot a great deal. We see Rand's adventures in the waste take up a major part of this book. Yet also Perrin Ayabara has his own sub-adventure to follow and add more suspense to the plot.
A lot of people say that these subplots are simply to pad out the books and are only parts people want to get past. But i disagree as I think that they do add something to the plot and make for a good read. They can also be a bit easier going than the complex dealings with The Dragon Reborn and his work.
Perrin's part is also supported by old charcters such as Tam Al'Thor, not seen since the first book and a good character. I will not say what happens in the sub-plot as it will ruin your reading of the book but i will say that you should read this.
The second sub-plot involves Elayne, Nynaeve, Thom Merrillin and the Thief-Taker from TDR. This bit seems to be a good piece but the weakest plot arc of the book. While the characters and general story are well developed, they spend too long walking through the streets of a dangerous town for my liking. Not a major downpoint (the only one I can think of!!)
The ending of this book is as fast-paced and powerful as ever with a mighty double barrelled fight involving Perrin and Rand, both fighting seperate battles on opposite sides of the continent. Yet these battles follow one after the other to bring the close to another piece of magnificent writing by Robert Jordan.
As I always say with these books i will reccomend this but if you have not read books 1-3, read them first. This book will make absolutely no sense without the knowledge contained within the first books.

Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon (GBA)
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon (GBA)

6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Shining Force to be reckoned with!!, 22 Aug. 2004
This game is fantastic. I almost decided not to get it when i heard some revies of it being a substandard remake or the like but i decided to take the plunge when i found it on special offer in a local shop.
I have not regreted that decision since as this is a fantastic game. When i heard that it was similar to Advance Wars i was expecting a good game but with not real story (as i have not played the original shining force!!).
Yet this was a fantastic experience. The game takes the usual fantasy role playing fare and puts a new spin on it. The battles are excellent and really seem to put you into the action as the tactician.
The different character classes are different enough to make each character fun to use and also to make you seriously think about which characters to use.
Also, many fantasy games simply have you take as many mighty sword-wielding barbarians as possible with a few powerful mages and simply plow your way through the enemy until they are all dead without even damaging your group of (over-)powerful characters. Yet this game makes you tactically advacne using fast and slow moving fighters, scouts, mages and (most importantly) healers. Your party would simply be destroyed if you make a headlong charge into the enemy.
A lot of reviews on other websites say this game is not that good. Yet i think it is brilliant and would recommend it to anyone. Having a bit of fantasy role playing experience does help to keep you alive but this game is easily accessible even to the most recent convert to the way of the mage.
The story really keeps you going and there are very few games that have stories to rival this. I would really reccommend getting it to anyone who has a gba.
The game does have replay feature but i think its only downside is its shortness. This is not through lack of content (there is loads to do!!) but due to its lack of difficulty. In a lot of the battles your party always seems to be able to defeat the enemy with just a bit of planning. The harder difficulty in the replay mode should have been included from the start. But this is a minor problem and does not lessen an overwise enjoyable game.

The Dragon Reborn: Book 3 of the Wheel of Time: 3/12
The Dragon Reborn: Book 3 of the Wheel of Time: 3/12
by Robert Jordan
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Lord of the Dawn!!, 22 Aug. 2004
This book carries on from where 'The Great Hunt' leaves off. It has the same qualities as the other books that i have mentioned (good character development) and is done in an equally good fashion.
However this book has a downside. Rand Al'thor, the main character of the series and the object of this book's title is hardly in this book. He is only in the last few chapters and about 3 pages before. This means that you dont know his thoughts and can make you want to get to bits with him in it.
Yet this downside allows Jordan to work on the characters of Nynaeve, Egwene and Elayne. Most of this book is spent with them and sometimes with Perrin and Mat. We find out more of life inside the White Tower and also of the politics of the Aes Sedai that most do not know exist.
Also, when you are with Rand, you feel that the madness that has taken over his mind due to Saidin (The male half of the True Source) could become irritating if it gets any worse. But i think Rand will control the power and prevent himself going mad and therefore save us from reading any more insane ramblings on his part.
This book is only reccommended if you already own the first two books. While it is good you can only enjoy and understand it if you have read the first two books and know the story from there.

The Great Hunt: Book 2 of the Wheel of Time: 2/12
The Great Hunt: Book 2 of the Wheel of Time: 2/12
by Robert Jordan
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The Wheel weaves as the wheel wills..., 22 Aug. 2004
This book is a good book. I came to this after really enjoying the first book, 'Eye of the World.' I liked this one just as much and it continues the story in great style.
Jordan continues to develop the characters in this book and gives greater detail of their personalities. The story is lso revealed more as we begin to see more of what we must expect from the later part of the series.
Jordan manages to bring in a new enemy that is not really known in the first book and so manages to keep the plot fresh andinteresting. More is revealed about the prophisies that are hinted at in the first book and we also gain more knowledge on the mysterious and powerful Aes Sedai.
On that note i am also pleased to say we get our first look inside Tar Valon in this book. We get to get inside the minds of some of the Aes Sedai and learn more about what they have planned for the characters of the first book.
More characters are also revealed that forward the plot. These characters such as the Amyrlin Seat and the borderlands people.
The good thing about this series is that you cannot predict or even guess randomly at the ending or how the series will reach the last battle. I have read this in other reviews and i think it is a very good thing. You know Rand will win the last battle but no clue is given as to how it will happen or how he will get there.
This book is highly reccomened, but if you have already read the first book you will read this one anyway. If you haven't read 'Eye of the World' yet dont read this as you will not have a clue what is going on!!

Epic Level Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition)
Epic Level Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition)
by Andy Collins
Edition: Hardcover

5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Truly Epic!, 2 Jun. 2004
This book is one of wonder. I bought this book just after I got the core set. This became my favourite book immediately and is still today.
All the sections are brilliant. The new spells are fantastic for the creative DM. The spells I have fashioned are quite cool to use against my party.
The monsters are also great with my favourit being the great Prismatic Dragon. This monster is super-cool and is all I need to thrash my overconfidant party.
The Magic Items are great as these are a lot more powerful than those is the DM guide and so are a lot cooler. My party is currently after the 'Dice of Ollidamara' to replace their deck of many things.
The detailed section on cultures and cities of Epic Power is also very good. My party (I talk about them a lot) have recently visited Union, a great city, and loved it.
Overall this book is probably one of the best in the series. Well worth getting, it makes for a very enjoyable session of play. Highly recomended to all DMs with a bit of experience.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Two Disc Theatrical Edition) [DVD] [2003]
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Two Disc Theatrical Edition) [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Elijah Wood
Offered by Todays Great Deal
Price: £2.47

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Return of the DVD king!, 2 Jun. 2004
This DVD ends the series. These films are based on the greatest book of all time and they certainly capture the essence of Tolkein.
The film itself is dramtic, tense and beautiful. The characters are exactly as imagined and the story keeps the magic despite being cut down from the original plot.
The extras of the film also make a great watch. Each one, despite some overlaps of imformation, allow you to see into the heart of the movie and see the effort of Peter Jackson.
With the start of the trilogy I thought that no film could remake Tolkein's epic, but I have been proved wrong!

Monster Manual II (Dungeons & Dragons)
Monster Manual II (Dungeons & Dragons)
by Ed Bonny
Edition: Hardcover

10 of 21 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I sense more PC deaths..., 20 Feb. 2004
Yes!!! Another way to kill hapless PC's. Many of these monsters are the blessing of the DM and the curse of the PC. All these monsters are ace and some are even epic.
Phoenix. My favourite. My DM wanted to start again because we were "too powerful" but I made a bet that I could kill our entire party and the monster would be unharmed. The solution? A phoenixs "Re-Birth" ability.
This book is a gem in the collection of the DM and should be bought at all costs. The Hellfire Wyrm is a must for a good fight. Buy This Book!!

Dynasty Warriors 4 (PS2)
Dynasty Warriors 4 (PS2)
Offered by RAREWAVES
Price: £3.36

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!!!!!!!, 23 Jan. 2004
This is a brilliant game. No questions asked.
No really. I was a fan of the seires but this blew me away. It has more characters, battlefields and costumes than expected and is truly enjoyable.
For a frustrated person home from school or work this game offers relief in the ability to KO 1000's of men in one battle. These battles are huge and event riden.
The game contains stats and build up but you can ignore this completly if you wish. It will not ruin a game if you are not into this.
If you buy this it will take over your life. It is massive and the real storyline is fantastic. If you are still not sure buy Dynasty Warriors 3 as a test. If you think that is good, you will love this.
Choose your favourite looking character (Lu Bu all the way!!), take a deep breath and prepare to surrender your life to the greatest battler ever to exist (on ANY platform).
B U Y T H I S ! ! ! ! ! !

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