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Vibe FLI On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with In-Line Microphone - Black
Vibe FLI On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with In-Line Microphone - Black
Price: £69.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Fli onwards to my ears for a bass party, 22 Aug 2014
I was provided these headphones to give you the reader an unbiased review and here it goes the first one I have done like this!

Unboxing these Vibe headphones is very understated compared to opening Beats. It almost makes these insignificant, the headphone tray was split in a few places and very thin with the felt effect included which did not help at all. The box is designed nicely but it is always going to be let down by the tray inside. The accessories just fell out the back of the box (be careful of this happening to you) when pulling the tray out which is a tad too big for the box to handle.

The headphones themselves are designed nicely poorly executed on this occasion. The soft touch is missing in a few places which is noticeable like missing a spot on the wall with paint it glares at you.... The velvet ear cups wear very quickly and have started moulting. There are some mysterious solid lumps on top of the edging too. This just does nothing for the quality. I am also surprised at the underside of the headband being hardened instead of cushioned. Why no volume controls have been added to the headset is a big negative. Bluetooth is extremely choppy and cuts out several times during a single song.... NFC worked on the 3rd try?

Sound quality is aimed at just bass and only bass. Be prepared to tweak your EQ cause it is flat and muddy to the point of putting me off my music after I have had the displeasure of changing the EQ for the 10th time...

I gave these headphones several attempts to improve with bedding in but it just never happened. The bass and muddiness just became so noticeable I gave up trying and the EQ changing left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

If you only care for drum and bass music pick these otherwise move along in your search... 3 stars for the effort but room for a lot of improvement and not a good show of British audio engineering

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 On-Ear Headphones - Red
Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 On-Ear Headphones - Red
Price: £169.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Never gonna stop music, it's like air to me., 23 Jun 2014
Construction and Packaging
The packaging builds your expectation of getting to the contents within the box, thick cellophane wrapper, robust slide out box in half revealing an embossed message "Change the way you hear sound" delve deeper to reveal the neoprene bag containing the goodies....

The hinged enclosed earpieces break the headphones down to a collapsible state for transit in the bag (special instructions are included at the bottom of the box beautifully presented in a gated sleeve). Unfurled and unhinged the headphones feel sturdy; the headband is formed from a thick plastic encasing a steel sprung strip, the hinged ear pieces extend on a rigid steel runner with ample extension potential, this also encases the cable through to the right headphone cup. The full ear phone cup is supported on the ear with medium but comfortable padding separating the provision of an air space between the ear and the headphone driver which in turn is covered and protected by a taught cloth cover.

The headphone triple-way jack and cable along with the care documentation require deeper diving into the packaging and are retrieved from the bottom of the box; fear not, they are not missing! The headphone cable is certainly tougher and thicker than most at around 4mm thickness, tangling and knotting will not be an issue. The triple jacks are embedded into thick rubber casing reducing the risk of stress on the copper connectivity carrying the crucial bit, sound, to the ear pieces from the device...

N.B. Nice feature having a replaceable cable between device and ear phone

The Playback Experience
The comfy headphones suitably positioned, EQ set to off on the iPod select "Tomorrow Belongs to Nobody" and in the words of the song "let's go".... First thing you notice is the guitar positioning, the stereo field sounds fresh and although you have played the tune before it does sound fuller than you would expect compressed sound to be. The detail is crisp; high hat taps are discernable from crunchy guitar high distorted tones... The punchy bass drums sound awesome with that crispy click discernable on the intricate treble kicks. The bass guitars break into and through the mix with root note undertones to give a full and rewarding spectrum of expressive but clear crisp and concise tones. After the first few tracks you hardly notice that you have headphones on as you are emerged in the music experience, the outside is no longer audibly discernable; the silence between tracks is eerie whilst eagerly waiting to hear the next awesome sound delivery...

Then onto something slightly gentler, "Level 42", there is plinkity plonk in there I never noticed before, crisp synth stabs that punch in you almost look left and right taken by surprise, guitar riffs that really fell into the mix overwhelmed by the slap and pop bass line shine through to give a fresh and rewarding listening experience, moving onto another track, the familiar tracks are taking on a completely new and complex arrangement of detailed complimentary sounds and tones, I am really impressed....

I have had good quality headphones before and use Sennheiser cans in studios, I must admit I was sceptical when seeing "Change the way you hear sound" on the box, but for me, this headset provides listening pleasure that is highly detailed, refreshing and invigorating. As Dr. Dre said "I'm never gunna stop music, it's like air to me." Well in this case these Solo2's are an absolute juggernaut.

KitSound Audio Beenie With Bobble for iPhone, iPod and MP3 -  Black Snowflake
KitSound Audio Beenie With Bobble for iPhone, iPod and MP3 - Black Snowflake
Price: £14.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Bob your head back and forth, 31 Jan 2014
I have been looking for a winter solution to my problem; wearing a beanie hat and in ear headphones do not go together and this was what I found.

So when they arrived I tried them on the very next morning for on the walk to work. My head was kept warm and I had my music on without the hassle of my headphones falling out every few metres. I was glad with the choice of style and the bobble on the top suits my quirky sense of fashion!

As these have on the ear drivers keeping the starting position can be a bit of a fiddle if the velcro doesn't take but it is easier to fix than having to let out all the heat built up to put a bud back in your ear! The sound itself is encompassing and allows you to really hear some loud music with clarity. The bass is lacking but that is mostly due to the on-ear experience these produce.

This beanie is washable and the speakers are removable too just in case you accidently get this beanie dirty or drop it in some mud. It doesn’t take very long to put the speakers and cabling back into the beanie so again it is all about ease of access and saving you time.

I would say this was an impulse buy that will certainly make my walk to work less hassled and uninterrupted for my music on the cold winter mornings. If you had the same problem as me this combo beanie is definitely worth the purchase! 4 Stars!!

KitSound Boom Evolution 2.1 Sound System Speakers with Bluetooth Connectivity Compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C, iPad 2/3/4/Mini, Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4, BlackBerry, Nokia and HTC Devices - Black
KitSound Boom Evolution 2.1 Sound System Speakers with Bluetooth Connectivity Compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C, iPad 2/3/4/Mini, Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4, BlackBerry, Nokia and HTC Devices - Black
Price: £199.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Natural Selection for Evolution, 22 Jan 2014
As an avid new fan of the KitSound range and having bought several products available already, I have added the Evolution to this collection.

The Evolution packaging is very smart and details everything you need to know about the product, it is well packaged inside so you can be sure it won't be damaged in anyway. Other brands in the past I have had this problem looks nice on the outside completely destroyed on the inside.

Looking at the original Boomdock and this new Evolution you can see why KitSound has kept its basic but successful formula Sound, Functionality and Looks come first. This has certainly been achieved and then some, everything about the Evolution oozes a not so quiet confidence.

Using the Evolution is very simple and effective compared to other brands where you have to sometimes press 5 buttons before you can play your music. The Evolution on the other hand is 2 clicks on the sleek and smart looking controller and your music is ready to play straight away! There isn't a dock for iPhones but there is a useful 1A USB to which you can connect your device and recharge it to your heart's content whilst playing music. Using the dial on the front for the volume can be tricky to get the level you want at times as a small turn can get you to max volume on occasions or complete silence. It would be nice to have it gauged better but in this instance I used the controller more than the dial for volume changes.

The sound produced in my opinion is on par with more expensive sound systems. I have used B&W, Harman, JBL and more so saving myself 200 quid for a sound this good is always a bonus! I used my Android with the Evolution on Bluetooth and had no problems with signal dropouts or choppy audio during the 4 hours of use on the first go round, the longer it was on the better the clarity came through so be patient it does sort of dawn on you that the sound is actually excellent. Try playing Welcome to the Jungle and listen for the word spoken at the start of the song you will be surprised you never heard it before now! You can connect it to your DVD/BluRay player and have it pump out the incredible explosions on your favourite action movie which is a bonus not many again are able to do that!

There is no distortion on max volume a massive surprise for me and a first. Several times I have been disappointed that I can't max out the volume to enjoy a stinging solo. Don't forget to lower the bass and treble down to normal, I think it may be a configuration fault but it isn't a problem it just showcases the maximum ability straight away if you did think it was too much straight away. The clarity and quality of the highs are sublime and crispy, the bass is attacking and encompassing and unlike most works with the highs instead of trying to overpower them and vice versa. You can tell the time has been taken to make sure the Evolution sounds better than what you expect for the amount you pay for.

Overall the Evolution is something special for me it has given new life to old music in my large collection, nothing says rock you like a hurricane like an Evolution on max volume! 5 stars even with the couple of minor things I mentioned it is that good and you save a packet compared to the rest of the market. Start your Evolution now!
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180's Unisex Bluetooth HD High-Definition Audio Ear Warmer Headphones - Black
180's Unisex Bluetooth HD High-Definition Audio Ear Warmer Headphones - Black
Price: £39.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Dual Purpose All The Way!, 17 Dec 2013
I bought these 180's Bluetooth Ear Warmers for my wife as it is starting to get colder and she likes to listen to music whilst walking the dog so these fit the needs easily.

The style I would say is more geared to the ladies rather than unisex especially when I tried them on and they didn't suit me at all. Let alone fit on my ears properly! I found the extending part of the ear warmers did not extend enough for my head; again they are more geared to the ladies side of the scale. They fit perfectly on and didn't need extending to the maximum it can go for my wife.

They definitely keep your ears warm and dissipate any moisture build up with no problems at all especially when you just step into the house after being in the cold weather outside!

The Bluetooth was very quick to connect to both an Android and iPhone without much strain or searching. The streaming quality I would recommend you keep your device on the side of the buttons as it didn't seem to like being in the opposite side and picked up interference very easily.
The battery power of the 180's is not the quickest to recharge but they do last the distance of 8 hours worth of dog walking!

The quality of sound is encompassing and loud enough to not be disturbed by any winds or the rolling of the waves on a walk by the seaside. The HD sound could do with some tweaking as the EQ is very much geared towards the highs.

All in all an excellent buy for a multi-purpose easy to use set of ear warmers / headphones. More for the ladies though but do not hesitate to try as my head is above average in size! 4 stars as they may not have fit my head they were a perfect buy for my wife!

Gear It Dancing Dog Speaker Compatible with iPhone 3/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C and iPad 2/3/4/Mini
Gear It Dancing Dog Speaker Compatible with iPhone 3/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C and iPad 2/3/4/Mini
Price: £24.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars It's a maniac on the dance floor!, 12 Dec 2013
I was looking for something fun and different for a birthday present for my mum who is very much into quirky things. I was browsing through Amazon not having much luck when I suddenly came across the Gear It Dancing Dog. As my mum is a big dog lover too, I thought why not and with the money off currently I was very happy with the price!

When it arrived naturally I had to try it out, the dog itself is very cuddly surprising as it's a speaker. It was also very easy to set up with its 3.5 mm jack hidden in the back of the leg and once I had put the batteries in it was ready to go.

The sound is not amazingly loud but still gives off good quality plenty loud enough for my mum. Once you have chosen an upbeat song from your iPod you can sit back relax and watch your dog's funky dance moves also when you want to browse your iPod for a different song the dog automatically stops dancing until you have picked your new track. Also I liked the fact that you can change its arms into different positions so you can create different moves with each track. There is also a button on his hand that stops him from dancing but lets the music still play. As it is battery operated you can easily transport the dancing dog anywhere you want to in the house or outside.

Great product all round would definitely recommend it to friends and family for the pure fun and enjoyment!

KitSound PocketBoom XB (Extra Bass) Universal Rechargeable Bluetooth Portable Speaker Compatible with iPhone 3/3G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C, iPad 2/3/4/Mini/Air, iPod Touch 5th Generation, Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4, Galaxy Tab 2/3 and Nexus 7 - Black
KitSound PocketBoom XB (Extra Bass) Universal Rechargeable Bluetooth Portable Speaker Compatible with iPhone 3/3G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C, iPad 2/3/4/Mini/Air, iPod Touch 5th Generation, Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4, Galaxy Tab 2/3 and Nexus 7 - Black
Price: £29.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Small Package, Big Sound, 17 Nov 2013
I bought this to have a small form speaker to use whilst I read or next to me in the kitchen when I am cooking. This fulfilled my requirements and for what it costs the versatility is priceless.

The boxing is very smartly designed, it gives the speaker the look that it is actually more expensive than it is.

The PocketBoom was smaller and lighter than I first expected but judging from the size of the box it is slightly misleading! The gloss of the casing is smooth but leaves your finger prints on the side with great ease! It would be nice if it came with a KitSound cloth to keep it clean or a handy bag? It was quick to charge for me 1hr on my Sammy charger which was a bonus, I then had some slight problems getting the bluetooth to pair so I switched it on and off and I got it to instantly pair up on the second attempt.

I saw that it is a pistonic speaker which means you can stick it onto any surface this is helped by the gummy base it has and it will produce a deep base so I stuck it onto my kitchen window and it did make the bass sound deeper and louder but I did worry a little when it slipped downwards after a couple of minutes of "Joyenergizer" kicking out the bass beats faster than this could handle it would seem! But no distortion effecting the high end which was good. I did put it to 100% volume and it started wheezing under the pressure so it performs best at 90% so keep that in mind when you crank it all the way up!

I then put it onto a wooden surface and I could feel the bass under my feet which I did not expect. Turning the volume down I put Ecotone on by Volbeat and it was crispy clear the sound produced was exceptional, not too loud that it would interrupt my reading but enough punch I could enjoy both at the same time. Overall this little speaker punches above it's weight and has enough resolve to reign it in when it is turned down for quieter reflection.

I give it 4 stars for it's overall exceptional sound, versatility to literally be stuck anywhere and play sound (glass surfaces are best) value for money! 5 stars if it came with a branded bag or cloth to keep it clean!

KitSound Ace In-Ear Headphones Compatible with Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia and Samsung Devices - Black
KitSound Ace In-Ear Headphones Compatible with Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia and Samsung Devices - Black
Price: £11.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars Four Aces are onto a winner, 28 Oct 2013
Construction and Packaging

The headphones break free from the packaging with greater ease than the KS Ribbons I recently bought, if you need the headphone quick, this is a big bonus and the default medium size ear piece buds are already to "plug n go".
The earpiece is constructed in a single robust black metal casing with the mounted driver and chrome sound spout protruding on which the buds are attached. The sound delivery cables are encased in a slightly more viscous cable sheath than normal; this has the positive effect of reducing tangling, which, if used in the gym, reduces the twisted cable effect resulting in the shortening of the cable and dislodging the ear buds from a comfortable listening position.

The mini jack has an extra short tail wrap, this highly effective addition stops the earphone cable from stressing and wearing, nice feature.

The Playback Experience

Having flattened the EQ on the I-Phone I selected "Piece is Broken" from the play list and pressed play, nice, a tight but intricate sound, the "Noise Isolation Technology" kicks in, external sounds are non-discernible leaving the listener to fully immerse in the music of choice. The bass and mid tones are separated with clarity and power, double take guitar riffs sound fantastic with a cutting defined edge, the thumping bass triples drum beats pulsing underneath. Incredibly loud playback, not for the faint hearted, but at higher volumes they do seem to lose some of the top treble feel, which is probably a positive and saves the early onset of tinnitus for another day...
Start up I-Player, the spoken word is excellent; the good separation of the stereo field enhances the playback, watching the content on a small screen becomes a more rewarding experience.


Nice touches, great sound quality, robust and well thought through design and construction. Four stars for the Ace Headphones!

KitSound Ribbons In-Ear Earphones with Microphone and Pole Adapter - Black
KitSound Ribbons In-Ear Earphones with Microphone and Pole Adapter - Black
Offered by AP-Direct
Price: £4.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Love Rears its Ugly Head, 17 Sep 2013
I bought these as a present for my Father-in-law, I was sadly let down by the Ribbons...

Getting the headphones free from the packaging is a slight challenge; the buds need to be removed on each earpiece first before they can be used. The ear pieces are fitted with the medium bud as default; on first attempt with medium buds they did not feel too secure in the ear. The bud sizes are quite discernible and the larger size was attached. I would recommend not trying to carry out this operation in a shop car park, the initial fitting of the buds is fairly tricky if you are all fingers and thumbs.....

The "ribbon" is well constructed and offers good protection for the inner audio cables. The split point in the cable is a toggle construction with microphone and a mute function feature which resembles a ball bearing which is pressed to mute; from there the same width cable splits to left and right to the headphone. The earpiece is constructed in a two part casing (I know this because it separated when adjusting the earphone position!) with the driver and sound spout protruding on which the buds are attached. If there is a criticism of the design, the split toggle is at a fixed point, the length of ribbon to the ear piece may not be to everybody's liking, secondly, with the triple jack solution only being provided it would have been a nice touch to include a 3 to 2 ring adapter to increase the flexibility of possible uses. Thirdly, the earpiece construction needs to be more robust, I may have been unlucky with this particular set, but it is tricky, with the chamfered edge of the earpiece, to move and adjust the earphone position once in the ear.

Having flattened the EQ on the I-Phone I selected "Love Rears its Ugly Head" from the play list and pressed play, then turned the volume down immediately as the speaker db efficiency is far superior to the similar Sony set I normally use. The bass and mid tones are separated with clarity and power, the treble punches through with definition. Next tune, Dread Zeppelin and Heartbreaker, awesome, the phone volume is still at half and it is stonking, fills the head with forceful diverse tones.

Fire up ITV Player, even the adverts sound good, the spoken word is excellent, the good channel separation enhances the playback, even watching the content on a small screen is no longer a last resort.... But, during low volume passages there is an audible level of cross chat interference....

2 stars sadly on this occasion. Great sound quality, nice headphone cable but let down by poor earphone design and construction. 4 stars if the construction was better

Edit: I received my replacement pair of Ribbons and I can give these 4 stars now.
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KitSound Ignite Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker - Black
KitSound Ignite Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker - Black
Price: £64.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Igniting Sound Through Quality, 18 Aug 2013
I bought the Ignite with lofty expectations as I already have a KitSound Hive and I was not let down.

The boxing of the Ignite is on par if not even better than what the speaker giants provide for their products. The black and silver boxing gives it a mysterious yet commanding feel to it, once opened you see two sleek compartments that separate the speaker and the extras that come with it. The bag supplied is made up of a nylon that seems to be splash proof on the outside and it would be nice if KitSound not only included their logo but had Ignite on the side with it's own product logo maybe? From a distance I can't tell the difference between my Hive and Ignite!

On first inspection of the Ignite it feels like the Hive but then you see the difference in quality where the Hive starts off the Ignite continues on. The graphite backing gives it a smoother finish, the front grill looks very retro and the gap that runs through all the way shows the passive radiator off and if you look at the right angle it looks like there are two passive radiators. The attention to detail almost creates an illusion and gives it the feel that there is more than there actually is which is not a negative at all.

On the back all the connections are neatly in the middle and look robust especially the on/off switch which at times can be a little too robust and can be difficult to switch on but I like that, personally loose switches make me very wary of quality. The micro usb port shows the same robust nature, my Hive has started showing signs of use and wiggles a little but all in all, the Ignite is better in this aspect.

The three buttons on the top of the Ignite almost don't look like buttons at all. The upgrade to touch buttons rather than push buttons helps to achieve this and they are very responsive when you use them. The mic which is also located on the top is very good for taking hands free calls and depending on how far your phone is to the Ignite you might get a delay but it is minimal and I was able to have a full phone call conversation without the caller knowing I was using my speaker for it.

Turning the Ignite on you receive a jazzy sound tone to let you know it is turned on better than the monotone beep you get with most speakers, the Bluetooth is started up from switching it on or using the play button which is always useful to have more than one way to connect nowadays, I was able to connect fairly quickly by either way and it remembers six devices so very useful!

Getting on to the "does it hold it's own in the sound department"? Yes, is the simple answer far superior to what I have available to me in portable speakers. The bass goes hard on the paint, the mid-range is present and gives it depth, the highs are magnificent to the point it almost out shines the bass too much but if you set your EQ up on your device you can keep it in check and enjoy the sound immersion that it produces, I tried all types of genre but I did run into problems when I played low bit rate tracks - it did not enjoy them and you do get a massive difference in sound quality, because of this you should aim for 320kbps as this is the only way to go!

I enjoyed the Ignite and I will be looking to get a second one to unlock the pairing ability the Ignite has, as two Ignites must be better than one for sure and I look forward to the wireless stereo sound they will produce together! All in all 5 stars for the Ignite it is impressive and sounds like a giant killer for it's size.

UPDATE: I took the plunge and bought a second Ignite. I have to say the stereo sound produced was flawless and definitely worth the investment as the sound split between two Ignites seems to improve it beyond my original expectations that I posted here and then some! The sound on full managed to be heard throughout the house clearly and the bass response was exceptional as both speakers produced the same amount of uncompromising bass sound. So in my experience, two Ignites is better than one!

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