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Mystery Men [DVD] [1999]
Mystery Men [DVD] [1999]
Dvd ~ Ben Stiller
Offered by WorldCinema
Price: 5.27

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1.0 out of 5 stars Worst. Film. Ever., 16 Feb 2006
This review is from: Mystery Men [DVD] [1999] (DVD)
This ranks among the poorest films I have ever seen. It's so utterly pathetic. And not even pathetic in the patheticly funny sense, just a pathetic failure. They were obviously going for complete silliness with this movie, but that does not make it good. The dialogue is awful, the plot is awful, the acting is awful. I had only seen Ben Stiller in one film before this, which was There's Something About Mary, which is still one of, if not my favourite film ever, and yet since witnessing this "film", have not seen him in any films that didn't make me want to shoot myself (or at least leave the cinema). Please, do not torture yourself with this piece of rubbish.
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Creative Zen Micro 5GB - Light Blue
Creative Zen Micro 5GB - Light Blue

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5.0 out of 5 stars Everything I need, 30 Dec 2004
If your music collection doesn't exceed 5gb, then this is pretty much the perfect player for you. The funcionality is great, everything is easily accessible, especially as you can set the main menu to include only the sub-menu headings you use a lot. The touch pad is also very good, you can set the sensitivity to high medium or low, and once you've got the hang of it it's simple and easy to use. I've had it since christmas eve and have already put 85 albums on it, and I think i'll be able to get around about 175 on it, as all my tracks are recoreded at 64kbps. The display is good and clear, as is the sound quality, I really can't find any faults with this player. It's also much much smaller than I expected it to be. For people with a relatively small music collection like me, or people who just don't feel the need to have every single one of their CDs with them at all times, it's basically a choice between this and the i-pod mini at the moment. I've had a go with an i-pod mini and I personally prefer the Micro. The mini is by far less attractive, with its "subtler" colours, and sharp edges compared to the minis bright and bold colours, which is also curved to fit your hand. Also, the minis are known for their problems regarding their batteries, which then require the player to be sent back, cause you can't get to the battery yourself, which I'd imagine must be very aggrivating. I received a spare battery with my player, although I think that offer is now over, but still, you can easily access the battery in this player much like most mobiles phones, so if theres a problem, or when the battery eventually reaches the end of it's life, you don't have to go without your player for weeks, you simply slip in a new battery. I say if you're looking for a player of this size memory, then this is definitely the one should you go for.

Sons of Destiny (The Saga of Darren Shan, Book 12)
Sons of Destiny (The Saga of Darren Shan, Book 12)
by Darren Shan
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.24

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Grande Finale, 6 Oct 2004
The Saga of Darren Shan is one of my all time favourite stories, and the end of this book, and indeed the series was very bitersweet. I couldn't think of a better way to end this story, except maybe with a little more participation from Darren's friends, and a final goodbye scene. Harkat for example, as many people will know is one of the few characters who has been in these books almost as much as the main character, Darren, and I was sad to see that he had only one line in this book. Vancha is the other main supporting character and I found that again, although he had a larger part than Harkat, he could have had a more major role. I think the way Darren's character was rounded off was probably the best way possible, but I can't helping thinking about what more books would be like, without the main character, focusing on finishing the supporting characters stories, as I felt this was what let this book down. But all in all, another excellent book from Darren Shan, and I wish there could be more.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 5 [DVD] [1998]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 5 [DVD] [1998]
Dvd ~ Sarah Michelle Gellar
Offered by WorldCinema
Price: 19.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The peak of Buffy, 11 Aug 2004
This is the season that got me watching this excellent show, I only caught the tiniest bit of a single episode, but was so eager to find out more that I ended up watching it every week. You MUST buy this DVD, it is the best season of this great show, which is saying a lot. It contains some of the best written, and well acted episodes ever on TV, Fool for Love, The Body, and The Gift, to name but a few. The story arc of this season is so expertly written that it unfolds at exactly the right pace, keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats all the way through. Despite what other reviews say about the season opener, Buffy vs Dracula, this episode is hilarious. It is by far the best season opener of the show, as others attempt to jump staight into the season arc, or concentrate too hard on tying up loose ends from the previous season quickly so they can get on with the main story. This episode is simply a very good stand-alone episode, which simply provides Buffy-style entertainment at its best, taking a cliched story, and twisting it hilariously and stylishly to fit a contemporary audience. It also offers one of the last comedy centred episodes before the main arc of this season takes hold.
The final five episodes of this season are possibly the best end to a season ever, and highlight subtle character developments that have occurred throughtout the season, such as Spikes attempts to get Buffy to trust and appreciate him, turning into real care for her, and Willow's growing power as a witch.
This season also covers issues that can't be solved by simple force, which is how Buffy usually solves things, her mother dying, her boyfriend leaving her, and the fact that she is simply not strong enough to fight this seasons Big Bad, Glory, eventually leading to her fleeing the town in a desperate attempt to escape what she can't fight.
This season also deals with where the Slayers power comes from, and what she actually is. While Buffy assumes the message "Death is your gift" to mean that a Slayer really is just a killer, she learns the true meaning in the shows amazingly tense and dramatic finale, which in my opinion, is the best hour of TV ever made.
Even if you have never watched this show before (which is unlikely if you're reading this review) you should still buy this, it is well worth it, as it will open your eyes a simply great TV show, that will be glad you didn't miss.
However, if you are an avid fan of this show, you will probably want to buy this to simply complete your collection if nothing else, but this boxset is far more than that, in my opinion, the best of the whole series.

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