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Offered by 7TH AVENUE GB
Price: £0.97

5.0 out of 5 stars Makes all the difference, 19 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: JUMP SUEDE HEEL GRIPS (Apparel)
For someone who is an absolutely standard UK women's 5½ shoe size these heel grips are a lifesaver because I often end up having to buy a size 6 shoe, half sizes not being widely available (unless you want a wider fit as well, which I don't). It seems strange that something as small as these heel grips can make a half size difference in the fit of a shoe, but they do.

The explanation, on the back of the pack, as to how to apply the heel grips to your shoes doesn't really go far enough. I've found that the best way is to peel off the backing slip and then, holding the heel grips with the shorter side uppermost, fold them inwards at the centre. Then push the fold into the centre of the back of the shoe with your nail, a little way down from the top of the shoe. Push the fold firmly into the shoe and then smooth the rest of the heel grip onto the shoe each side, smoothing away from the centre crease. This provides a good, firm seal and the heel grip should then stay in place.

The instructions on the back of the pack do advise using a shoehorn when you put the shoes on each time, once the heel grips are attached and this seems to be good advice (or you can use your finger if you have slim fingers). This avoids catching the upper edge of the heel grip as you put the shoe on, and so pulling at the adhesive.

The grips are comfortable once they're in place, smooth against stockings etc., and last very well indeed.

Truly Ergonomic 209 Mechanical Keyboard, Printed Tactile Action 88 Key
Truly Ergonomic 209 Mechanical Keyboard, Printed Tactile Action 88 Key
Offered by The Keyboard Company
Price: £175.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Keyboard brilliant; The Keyboard Company excellent; Truly Ergonomic dire, 19 May 2015
I've had this Truly Ergonomic Keyboard (TEK) since February 2012, and it's been in daily, very heavy, use ever since. I initially had tremendous problems, as another reviewer has described here, but that was because Truly Ergonomic released the keyboard before they'd ironed out the development bugs and I was an unwitting early adopter. However I discovered that if I used the keyboard intensively (I played extremely boring typing games, for two hours at a time, days together) the problems finally resolved themselves. Very odd, but I was determined I was going to get this keyboard working - because it feels just right.

I don't have RSI, but I knew I was highly likely to develop it, given that I type every day for very long periods. I've tried virtually every ergonomic keyboard going (including a Maltron), but nothing was ever quite right. I liked the Maltron layout, but the keyboard itself felt too light and flimsy for me somehow; the Goldtouch was good, but I got through three in a very short space of time (considering the cost), and so it went on. As soon as I got the Truly Ergonomic, despite the ridiculous fact that nearly all the keys were typing different or random letters(!), it felt right. The compactness of the keyboard means that your hands are kept in front of you, near to your body, which is natural; the flatness of the keyboard means that you're not raising your hands very much at all; the alignment of the keys means that your hands are splaying in just the same way as if you rest them naturally on the desk in front of you. Finally the switches (keys) are Cherrys, which I think are the very best (my own preference is for the Cherry MX Blues, which I have on my Truly Ergonomic Keyboard, but that's probably because I started out originally using a manual typewriter).

The weight of the keyboard is another advantage because even with frantic bursts of heavy typing the keyboard stays exactly where it's put. This is extremely important because many ergonomic keyboards are too light and/or unstable and they shift in use; if you don't notice (which you don't when you're concentrating on what you're doing), then you adjust your position slightly to accommodate the keyboard - and this of course causes strain.

As the TEK is very compact your mouse is much nearer to you than is the case with 'normal' or larger ergonomic keyboards. This is another advantage as stretching your hand and arm out and manipulating the mouse at a distance can easily cause strain. My upright (Penguin) mouse has a particularly large footprint, so for me the small footprint of the TEK is definitely an advantage.

As a touch typist I like to keep my hands returning to the home keys as much as possible. As you can program keys on the TEK I've been able to change keys (most notably making the AltGr key work as another Alt key) so that I can work in this way (I also use a text expander which can launch programs by typing, which all helps to minimise mouse use). This programmable feature is excellent, as are the switches on the reverse of the keyboard which allow it, and also allow the keyboard to be used with either PCs or Macs.

With other keyboards I have always rermoved the wrist rests, but I've kept it on with the TEK. The wrist wrest is the right size and shape so that you don't find you're always resting your wrists (a Bad Thing, ergonomically speaking) or always lifting your wrists up too far to avoid resting them - the rest is just simply there when you need it. It's not too soft (as some are, allowing your wrists to sink down too far), and even when it's freezing the wrist rest never gets cold (a huge advantage for me as I live and work in an old house in the countryside).

You do, of course, have to adjust the way you type so there's a learning curve. But, as another reviewer has pointed out, it's worth it. Despite my constant typing, day in and out, I don't suffer from strain and the keyboard 'disappears' when I'm working, which is the best you can ever say about a keyboard.

I don't have a good word to say about Truly Ergonomic itself - apart from the fact that they've invented what I think is the best keyboard ever. Their customer service is absolutely appalling, as other reviewers have noted, and they answer about one in four e-mails - and that only eventually. However The Keyboard Company - which I've used for years to service and look after my keyboards, are excellent and it's this company you'll be dealing with on Amazon because this is their listing and they're nothing to do with Truly Ergonomic.

I now have three TEKs because, after threatening Truly Ergonomic with everything including court action, they sold me a second keyboard at half price. (In those days, when the TEK was new, I couldn't buy one from anywhere else and, despite the problems, I knew this build was the best so I took this offer and hoped I could resolve the problems). Then, when I recently 'dressed' my keyboard by tipping a salad drenched with oil and vinegar over it, I bought a third from The Keyboard Company because I don't ever want to have to use another type of keyboard. I'm using this new one to type this review, and it's functioning perfectly and has from the minute it arrived on 13 May. This is the type of keyboard you would receive (although not necessarily with the Cherry Blues, unless you specify this) from this Amazon listing.

This review is long because I do want to explain the problems which other reviewers have noted, and that these problems are very unlikely to exist now and with any keyboard bought from The Keyboard Company through this Amazon listing.

Yoga Full Toe Socks, 2 Pairs Value Pack Set, For Yoga, Pilates, Non Slip Skid Socks
Yoga Full Toe Socks, 2 Pairs Value Pack Set, For Yoga, Pilates, Non Slip Skid Socks
Offered by YogaAddict [UK]
Price: £24.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars Socks with benefits, 18 May 2015
I was sent these Yoga Socks (or "gloves for the feet" as other reviewers have so rightly termed them) for review - and extremely glad I was to receive them as I work from home and it's cold here in a very old cottage in the countryside.

Exercising with bare feet is the best way because there's much less danger of injury from your body being misaligned by trainers or sports shoes of any sort (however good and/or expensive) but, again as other reviewers have mentioned, the problem then is with your feet being cold. This is unpleasant and, again, also increases the danger of injury from your body being misaligned and/or your balance being affected. These socks solve the problem.

At first I found the sensation of my toes being separated slightly odd, but this soon wore off. I also stopped being wary of slipping on uncarpeted floors, as is usually the case when wearing socks or stockings. The little nodules on the base of the socks grip floors very well indeed and I was balancing - even on my balance board - almost immediately without any problems. I soon forgot my feet completely and was able to concentrate on exercising with, at last, warm feet unhindered by footwear.

The quality of the socks is good and they feel soft but strong. They washed well and, although I thought to wash them by hand, I forgot and put them on the heated airer - but they didn't shrink. They dried very quickly, so they were ready for my exercise session the next day.

These are a wonderful idea for travelling, to take instead of slippers. Many hotel room floors are slippery and uncarpeted and walking around with bare feet is generally a bad idea, but with these socks there's no problem and obviously they take up hardly any room at all in a suitcase.

I've got the S/M size; I'm a UK women's size 5½ and the socks feel absolutely right. They're stretchy, but not too much so they don't feel as if my feet are slipping inside the socks.

Another great benefit, for me, is that if I have to go outside into the garden or the fields, I can just slip my feet into my outdoor shoes or wellies without removing the YogaAddict socks. This is highly useful if I have to rush outside to get sheep out of the garden, rescue a rabbit from a cat or chase after a courier. There are more benefits to these Yoga socks than just yoga!

MONTAR Universal Car Mount For Smartphones GPS One Hand 360 Rotation Best Holder Cradle Windshield Dashboard For Samsung Apple HTC Nokia Blackberry Motorola Sony Ericsson LG iPhone 3 3GS 4 4S 5 5S 6 Galaxy Note 2 3 II Galaxy S3 S4 IV i9300 i9500 i9200 i9100 HTC One X+ The New Droid RAZR Blackberry Q10 Z10 9700 9900 Sony Xperia Z L T LG Optimus Nokia Lumia 920 820 Google Nexus 4
MONTAR Universal Car Mount For Smartphones GPS One Hand 360 Rotation Best Holder Cradle Windshield Dashboard For Samsung Apple HTC Nokia Blackberry Motorola Sony Ericsson LG iPhone 3 3GS 4 4S 5 5S 6 Galaxy Note 2 3 II Galaxy S3 S4 IV i9300 i9500 i9200 i9100 HTC One X+ The New Droid RAZR Blackberry Q10 Z10 9700 9900 Sony Xperia Z L T LG Optimus Nokia Lumia 920 820 Google Nexus 4
Offered by Go4More ( VAT Registered )
Price: £21.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Strange but true, 30 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I wasn't at all sure about this mount at first - it's rather an odd-looking thing compared to many of them, chunkier at the 'sticking' end, a 'different' shape, and in a rather startling red and black. I was also unhappy about having just had a very well recommended and not particularly cheap car mount fail completely to hold a rather precious and vital Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so, even though the Amazon reviews were overwhelmingly good, I still wasn't sure.

However from the minute the MONTAR mount was attached to the windscreen, you could tell it wasn't going to move. Also, the way the jaws locked against the edges of the phablet inspired complete confidence - and the red material is gentle on the finish of your device as well.

The 'drive' here is more like a long and uphill cart track, so the mount was put to the test straight away, but there wasn't the slightest problem.

Actually, in use the mount seems rather smart than strange - and it definitely seems much less flimsy than the Clingo which it replaced.

A definite winner, because it does eactly what it's meant to do and at a reasonable price.
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Women's Tactel Socks Plain Colour Pack of 2
Women's Tactel Socks Plain Colour Pack of 2
Offered by K.P.Schirmacher
Price: £3.65

5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn't be better., 24 April 2015
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I bought these socks for an 'adventure' short break. I needed something which was comfortable, would stay in place (and not ruck up and/or slide down in my shoes), and wouldn't go into holes or anything under pressure.

These socks passed with flying colours on all counts. They are soft and smooth (and stay that way after washing), they fit perfectly and stayed in place even when my shoes disintegrated(!). Even with a short walk back to the car in just socks over gravelly walkways and grass, they were fine.

These socks would be excellent anyway, but for the price they are marvellous.The green is good, too - just the right colour to wear with camouflage trousers.

Andrew James Digital Electric Double Induction Hob 2800 Watts
Andrew James Digital Electric Double Induction Hob 2800 Watts
Offered by Andrew James UK LTD
Price: £199.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good - but with some significant flaws, 24 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This was my first ever induction hob (so I had to spend a lot of money on new pans, which hurt somewhat!), bought when my trusty tabletop electric hob finally gave up the ghost. So I didn't write a review at the time because it wasn't easy to separate what I thought about this new way of cooking (brilliant) from my experience with the Andrew James hob itself (OK).

The hob has worked well for just over two years now. As other reviewers have noted, the instruction manual is very poor - but there's nothing particularly difficult about using this hob, so although it's not reassuring to have a poorly-written manual this drawback isn't the end of the world. Two problems, however, have become apparent over the time I've been using the hob, and neither of these are minor.

Firstly, it's not possible to use both rings at full power. The right-hand ring can always be used at full power but, if it is, then the left-hand ring won't function at full power. This isn't a problem with my particular hob, that's the way the Andrew James hob is constructed. Obviously this can be a big drawback when cooking some meals.

Secondly, the front part of the hob, where the controls are sited, is plastic and isn't covered by glass like the part of the hob where the rings are situated. This turned out to be a fatal design flaw because, inevitably, over time hot pans accidentally come into contact with the unprotected plastic panel and damage it. So now (April 2015) I've had to stop using the hob because I can hear 'hissing' noises from inside it when water gets in (just the odd drip from normal cooking processes) and the hob will sometimes cut out for a while when this happens (presumably a safety feature, but a real problem when you're halfway through cooking something).

So yes, it's a reasonable hob and it's worked OK for just over two years - but I've now bought a different make of hob (admittedly quite a bit more expensive) which has two rings which can both work at full power at the same time and which is completely glassed over, including the control panel part. Interestingly, although the new hob is of a slightly lower wattage than the Andrew James one, it's actually faster in cooking (don't ask me, I failed my Physics 'O' level...).
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5.0 out of 5 stars An elegant, magical thing, 21 April 2015
I was sent this charger for review, but this (with the full understanding of Pleson) is an unbiased review.

This little charger seems rather amazing, almost like a something magical, because it's just a little thing which charges your phone with no wires attached when you lay it down, any-old-how, on top of it! This is the first time I'd met 'Qi' (pronounced, apparently, as 'chee' - it's the classical Chinese word for a natural energy force), so I was interested to learn more about it.

Really it's so simple that there's not much to say - it just works. You don't even need to read the (clear) manual which comes included in the packaging (black thin cardboard box with the Triangular charger in a plastic bag inside), you just uncoil the micro USB cable and attach the Triangular charger to it (and to your laptop or whatever), see the light on the charger change from red to green, and charging begins. Apparently the light flashes alternately red and green if there's a problem, but I'm not sure what problem there might be and this doesn't seem to happen.

What I particularly like is that this charger is so much more elegant than others - it's really a very intriguing-looking thing, quite futuristic. You want to pick it up and handle it, like a talisman or something. Certainly it's easy to carry around with you and makes my previous chargers seem ugly, over-heavy and cumbersome.

If your mobile isn't one of the 'approved' types in the list (see the specifications here on Amazon), then you can buy a separate Wireless Charging Receiver, which is easily fitted inside the standard back for the phone and only takes a few seconds to insert. Worth doing, I think, if it means lightening the load of things you're carrying around with you.

So, with all this and such a low price, definitely recommended!

FSL Delta Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Speaker with Rechargeable Battery, 20m Range and True High Definition Audio
FSL Delta Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Speaker with Rechargeable Battery, 20m Range and True High Definition Audio
Offered by iHeadphones UK
Price: £39.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Good, well-priced, all-rounder, 21 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a good, well-priced portable speaker (which I was sent for review by FSL, but this does not influence this review, which is unbiased).

The sound quality is very good indeed, with a good range, the bass and treble both being definitely more than just acceptable (both pop and classical played with sharp quality).

Physically, as other reviewers have mentioned, the speaker is of neat, well-made construction, and has a good solid feel. The casing is all black, with buttons to control your connected media device on the upper surface which light up to the touch (this surface, again as other reviewers have mentioned, is shiny and so does show fingerprints).

Set-up was simplicity itself and the speaker connected straight away. The device used was a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and when this was placed about 18 feet away from the speaker, in a hotel bathroom; there was no degradation at all to the playback.

Given that this is a sturdy and rather stylish speaker, with a very good sound and a decent range, you can't go wrong.

Bluefinger 2.4g Wireless Keyboard mouse Suite with Numeric Section, Powered By Aaa Batteries for Pc Computer Laptop Tablet Smart Phone with USB Socket (Black)
Bluefinger 2.4g Wireless Keyboard mouse Suite with Numeric Section, Powered By Aaa Batteries for Pc Computer Laptop Tablet Smart Phone with USB Socket (Black)
Offered by Lizard Tech
Price: £20.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars Portable, usable and responsive, 21 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was sent this set for review. Any review I post on Amazon is unbiased by whether I purchased the item or was sent it, and people sending items for review accept this (or I decline gracefully!).

This set consists of a keyboard, a mouse, a small Bluetooth dongle (stored inside the mouse for travelling), a (removable) rubberised protective cover for the keyboard (which can be kept in place whilst typing if you prefer), and a manual. There are no batteries included, but the mouse requires one AAA battery and the keyboard two AAA batteries.

The manual has been very poorly translated from its original language and so it isn't easy to make any sense of it. However basically it’s not difficult to set up the set – just insert batteries into the keyboard and mouse, remove the dongle from the underside of the mouse and fit it into a USB port on your device (laptop, tablet, netbook etc.), and that's it!

The keyboard is very well made and sturdy, with good positive travel on the keys, so it’s easy and comfortable to use. Although the keyboard cover can be kept in place when you're typing, I wouldn't recommend doing so for long periods as this makes the keyboard quite tiring to use - however it's an excellent idea if you want to continue typing while you're having lunch or a snack.

The mouse, being small and extremely sensitive, takes a little getting used to, but it's impressive and works very well.

Neither the keyboard nor the mouse has an on/off switch, so you might want to take the batteries out if you’re not going to use them for long periods (or carry a few spares and/or rechargeables with you). The battery compartment of the keyboard is however - at least initially - a very tight fit, so it’s difficult to get the batteries out once they’re in place; this is likely to ease with time.

The keyboard has a Windows key, but not a context-sensitive menu key (normally in the same position as the Windows key, but to the right rather than left of the spacebar) - but then this is a mini keyboard.

All in all, this is a very good mini keyboard. Often they're either too flimsy or too cramped to be useful, or they're obviously going to be short-lived - and this keyboard has none of those drawbacks. The mouse is more than usable and it's good to have one that's *reponsive*. If you're after an easily portable keyboard/mouse set, you're unlikely to do better, particularly given the price.

LinkS Gold Plated DisplayPort to HDMI Cable in black (Adapter)
LinkS Gold Plated DisplayPort to HDMI Cable in black (Adapter)
Offered by Links Technologies
Price: £6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars An easy way of getting pictures on your computer onto a large screen, 21 April 2015
I was originally sent this item for review but, sadly, it was lost in transit when I was travelling so a friend purchased a replacement for me. Therefore, although I was asked to review this item originally and was sent it free of charge, what I'm actually reviewing here is a purchased item.

At first I wasn't sure how useful this adapter would be, and was rather wary of setting it up (these things can sometimes be too complicated to make it worth the effort...). However this adapter turns out to be genuinely 'Plug and Play' - just plug it in to your computer and then, with an HDMI cable (also available from the same seller, in varying lengths to suit whatever you need), into the display device (television, demonstration screen, etc.). Everything recognises everything else, and suddenly the picture on your computer is on the remote screen!

This little device is easy to carry around because it's only 20mm wide x 45mm long x 10mm thick maximum at one side and 18mm wide x 50mm long x 9mm thick at the other (the USB end), and weighs only a negligible amount - so it's easy to slip into a pocket or bag, adding neither bulk nor weight. This way you can be sure of always having the possibility of showing your presentation on a larger screen with something you've actually got with you (like so many people, I've suffered in the past from promises to have everything ready for me when I arrive, only to find...).

The DisplayPort is not only compact and light, it's also sturdy and properly built, so it's not likely to get damaged when you're carrying it around.

Do note that you're going to need an HDMI cable if you haven't already got one (something I didn't realise first time round). As well as LinkS supplying them here, Amazon also sells them, the Amazon 'cheap as chips' own brand, so the whole thing is an extremely economical way of getting your picture onto a larger screen.

At home this is going to be useful for showing Blinkbox etc. films on the television and - I'm hoping - will mean no longer having to get DVDs from Love Film through the post each week, which is a hassle.

There is no degradation in the picture when it transmits from the computer to the large screen, which I presume is down to the quality of the components in this adapter.

All in all this is a simple, inexpensive and easy way to set up your computer to show pictures on a larger screen - I needn't have been so wary.
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