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Keifer Iceni "Iceni Son of Cunomar" (Just outside London - waiting to rise again!)

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Betrayal of Britain: How politics failed Great Britain in the early 21st Century
Betrayal of Britain: How politics failed Great Britain in the early 21st Century
Price: £1.35

5.0 out of 5 stars A well constructed arguement on modern UK politics, 18 Jan. 2016
Mr Hartigan sets out a well founded and original arguement on how Britain has been failed by modern day politics. Well researched, 'Betrayal of Britain' is a must read for anyone remotely interested in UK politics today, and in particular the Scottish question of independence and they result if Scotland did chose to leave the UK.

Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Thought to be a rival for Guns & Roses in their day, this is classic SeaHags!!!, 16 Nov. 2011
This review is from: Someday (MP3 Download)
Thought to be a rival for Guns & Roses in their day, this is a clasic SeaHags recording. Although SeaHags never really made it in the UK, they were definately one of those bands that should have made it BIG here! They were made for playing Donnington or the Marquee in London...

This rock song, "Someday", was off the self titled "SeaHags" record, and was only album released in the UK by SeaHags. Punchy and gritty, this song is now on my ipod and always gets me singing and rocking along. Reminds me of times in LA with dyed long hair, tight jeans, loud ripped t'shirts and louder music, using more hairspray than my mum, and parties that went on for days!!! Oh close your eyes, listen and remember!!!! Someday!

Recommend a download of this one, 80's sounds, still good today! If you want to listen to something a little less known, but catchy - this is the download to go for!

Foyle's War - Series 5 - Complete [2008] [DVD]
Foyle's War - Series 5 - Complete [2008] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Michael Kitchen
Price: £11.70

15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Series - Recommend, 16 Nov. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Excellent drama series, highly recommended to those who haven't seen it before or if you want to watch again.

This three DVD set runs from Apr 1944 -- May 1945

The three episodes included on this DVD set are as follows...
(Sequential Episode Numbers in brackets)

1 (17) "Plan of Attack"
Milner and DCS Meredith (Foyle's replacement) arrest a racketeer, a map-maker is found hanged in local woods, after confiding in a local German Catholic priest. Milner is the subject of an attempted assassination, and Foyle is reluctantly called back from retirement to help solve both cases.

2 (18) "Broken Souls"
Foyle's aquantance Josef Novak, a psychiatrist at a nearby military mental-health institution, meet for a chess game, and later Dr Worth is murdered at Novak's institution.
Finding a missing East End boy in the Hastings area is taken up by Sam. Meanwhile Fred Dawson, a former Prisoner of war, arrives back to find his wife and child being helped on his farm by a German POW. Suspecting his wife Rose of an affair with Johann and he resents the easy manner the German has with his wife and son.

3 (19) "All Clear"
VE Day, Foyle joins the councils' celebration committee where he meets Major John Kieffer again. ("Invasion" series "Four"). When a committee member is killed, the celebrations take a back seat, as Foyle sets out to uncover the murderer delving into dark secrets that the Allied forces wish to keep hidden.

These three episodes were originally made to be the last ones, due to the series being axed, with 'All Clear' as the last. Such was the outcry for a return, another three episodes were made and the next DVD series 6 is the result.

Be warned (UK Only):
DVD Series sequence is different from TV Series Sequence.
(Episodes do run in same order though)

DVD "Series 5" is a little misleading to UK audiences, as on TV these three episodes broadcast on ITV as Series Six. This is because ITV Broadcasted Series Four as just two episodes, and then Series Five as again just two episodes. On DVD these two series were combined onto one DVD Set "Series 4".
So this DVD "Series 5" is ITV Series Six and the next DVD set "Series 6" is ITV Series Seven. Confusing huh?

Rumour has it another Series is being made to be shown on ITV in 2012. This will be advertised as (on ITV) Series Eight, and when eventually released on DVD it will be "Series 7"...

... So be assured, you are not missing a DVD box set from your collection!!!

The Trials of Arthur: The Life and Times of a Modern-Day King
The Trials of Arthur: The Life and Times of a Modern-Day King
by Arthur Pendragon
Edition: Paperback

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Is this guy for real???, 16 July 2009
This is a self questioning book, written with help from an "eco-warrior" reporter called CJ. It ebs and flows, following the life of "a modern day king". Having met Arthur a couple of time myself, at Stonehenge, it is easy to see why people, who at first hearing of him may doubt him a king, upon speaking with him come to believe that, perhaps, he is... I can not say one way or the other - I can say that upon reading this book you can start to see the real story behind the man, the road protests, and the victory against the unbelievably (evil?) politicians and bureaucrats that closed off Stonehenge to the public.

Just reading this book has made me think that perhaps I should feel guilty for mocking the protesters who fought so hard to keep the countryside exactly that - countryside! I used the words "Tree-hugger" and "anti-establishment/anti-everything" to describe these nutters, but upon reading this and realizing that, actually, maybe they aren't all lazy rich kid proffessional protesters, actually, maybe they do care for this country.

I do realize one thing though, we, the English, owe this modern King Arthur Pendragon our respect, if nothing else, for getting Stonehenge open for free for English religious festivals. I've never been to a Druid festival, nor do I have plans to, but I have the god damn given right to celebrate religiously if I want to and Arthur stood up for me so I could do that at Stonehenge if I wanted to... and 37,000 people did this summer solstice. There was a heavy police presence outside the perimeter, but inside it was self-policed and only 37 minor arrests (yes thirty-seven - that's less than a Friday night in any small to medium sized town according to local police!).

So get this book, either on Amazon, or go to Stonehenge and meet Arthur and grab a signed copy off him (£12) - he is there most days, particulary at weekends, protesting about the non-return of some ancient bones the authorities have failed to return since removing them from their graves to carbon-date them. Sign his partition while you are there too, cause the fight goes on against those in authority who still try to step on the 'little guys' to get their way, be it for reward or simple bureaucratic madness...

This is a great read, and may change your whole conception of protest.
Meanwhile remember the ancient English battle cry..."Truth against the world!" Arthur does, aparrently...

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